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Technique Video of the Day: How to Mangle A Leg in Ten Seconds or Less

Happy Friday, Nation. For today’s tech vid, we’ve selected one of our favorite submission coaches, Erik Paulson. The catch wrestling guru has been torquing and pulling on limbs for a long time, and seeing him in one of his early DVDs looking all young and svelte is good for some of you damn TUF n00bs. (Just kidding, guys, we love you, too.)

Watch as Paulson walks you through the first few techniques from his Quick Kills instructional, focusing on quick submission setups directly from the free-movement phase of fighting. Paulson closes the distance quickly, takes his opponent down, and moves swiftly through submission chains targeting toes, ankles, and knees — pretty much all the stuff that you want to keep functional not just for athletic competition, but for quality of life. You know, like walking the dog, or supporting your own weight without assistance.

What we enjoy about Paulson’s work is how well he explains what he’s doing, and how well it’s illustrated. With leg submissions, it’s not always easy to follow what’s being attacked and how to maximize the potential of the hold. Not so here; when Paulson applies a toe hold, he articulates exactly how to twist and tweak that foot until the bad guy is ready to cry uncle (or lose a toe).

Watch this video three times, then go Palhares somebody. Not some random somebody, though — make sure they were asking for it. We’re speaking of that one guy at the bar with the shirt and the tattoo. You know the one.



Vomit-Inducing Video of the Day: Dude Nearly Gets His Toe Ripped Off During Jiu-Jitsu Class

Dude Nearly Gets Toe Ripped Off Doing Jiu-Jitsu – Watch more Funny Videos

Considering the plethora of horrific injuries we have witnessed in MMA over the years from Corey Hill’s grisly broken leg to Marcus Davis’ Sloth-like hematoma, until today we were pretty sure we had seen just about the worst injuries possible. Then someone sent us a link to this cringeworthy video of a guy who nearly got his toe ripped off while training jiu-jitsu and we changed our minds.

If you pass out at the sight of blood and projectile vomit whenever your significant other ropes you into watching an amateur cyst dissection, then you might not want to click the play button. 

On the bright side, at least it didn’t happen to us.


Hot Potatoes: Bodog Girls “Toe Hold”


BodogFight‘s latest Bodog Girls photoset features two lovely models sort-of-but-not-really demonstrating a toe hold. Carlos Gracie is rolling in his grave right now — with an uncomfortable boner. Check out the rest of the set after the jump, and more photos and videos of the Bodog hotties here. Have at ‘em, gents.


Fight of the Day: Frank Mir vs. Tank Abbott

Five years before Frank Mir disposed of Brock Lesnar via kneebar, he put away Tank Abbott with an ankle-lock at UFC 41: Onslaught (2/28/03). The fight marked Tank’s first professional match since 1998, and Mir’s sixth overall. Though Tank showed some nimble movement on the ground, Mir displayed his ability to keep calm against an aggressive opponent while expertly working toward a submission. Following this fight, Mir won two victories over Wes Sims (the first by illegal-stomp DQ, the second by KO) then faced Tim Sylvia for the title. Abbott would close out 2003 by losing to Kimo Leopoldo and Wesley Correira, then leaving the UFC.