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Check Out Tom Hardy’s ‘Warrior’ Workout

(Hardy’s traps are big enough to catch a whale.)

If you’ve seen “Warrior,” you’ve no doubt noticed that Tom Hardy put on some serious muscle, especially in his monster traps, ┬áto play the role of emo brother Tommy Conlon in the film. According to Men’s Health UK, the British-born actor actually put on about 30 pounds of lean mass by doing four strength workouts per day on top of his cardio, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and boxing workouts. Show off.

Although the movie was filmed nearly two years ago, Hardy has kept on most of his mass and even added some additional size for his upcoming role as “Bane” in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Check out his unique workout, which was developed by former U.S. Marine Patrick “P-Nut” Monroe, after the jump.


Video: Check Out Another Cool Scene From ‘Warrior’

(Video courtesy of Warrior/Yahoo)

Lionsgate released another clip from “Warrior” this week and the MMA-themed film still looks awesome.

In the latest preview, Tommy, played by Inception’s Tom Hardy, who will also be playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, steps in to work with the big dog at the gym who has knocked out all of his apt training partners. Hilarity ensues.