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Koscheck/Daley Winner Official for ‘TUF 12′ Coaching Gig; Plus, UFC 113 Weigh-In Results

Tom Lawlor Dan Severn UFC 113
Tom Lawlor Dan Severn UFC 113 weigh-ins
(We’re assuming he couldn’t find a big enough cross to do Kimo Leopoldo. Top pic courtesy of seandiesel.)

The rumors are true, folks. Not only will the winner of tomorrow night’s welterweight co-headliner between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley earn a shot at Georges St. Pierre’s belt, but that fighter will also get to do a tour of duty opposite GSP on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Dana White confirmed the news today before the UFC 113 weigh-ins at the Bell Centre in Montreal. TUF 12 will begin filming in a few weeks, and is slated to premiere on September 15th. 

As for the results of today’s weigh-ins, the numbers are after the jump. No real surprises, although the weight differences in both heavyweight bouts were close to 30 pounds. Plus, Tom Lawlor showed up to the weigh-ins as Dan Severn, following previous weigh-in tributes to Just Bleed Guy and Harold Howard.


Exclusive: ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor Talks UFC 113 Opponent Switch, Ring Entrances, Pro Wrasslin’ + More

Following his controversial split-decision loss to Aaron Simpson at UFC Fight Night 20, Tom "The Filthy Mauler" Lawlor was ready to bounce back to the W column against fellow TUF vet Tim Credeur at UFC 113 (May 8th, Montreal). But an injury has forced "Crazy" Tim off the card, and now Filthy Tom will be facing Dirty Joe — Joe Doerksen, who has a 1-5 lifetime record in the UFC, but is getting another shot after racking up five straight wins in promotions like Sengoku and King of the Cage. We sent our friend "Skanky" Remington Reed to track down Lawlor at his gym in Orlando, The Jungle MMA & Fitness, and discuss how he copes with tough losses, the method behind his memorable cage entrances, the runaway success of his "Lawlormania" t-shirt, his weather-based prediction for Machida vs. Rua II, and the question everyone else has been afraid to ask: Between him and Seth Petruzelli, who’s gayer? Enjoy… 


Tom Lawlor’s Hulkster-Themed T-Shirt: Awesome or Not Awesome?

($19.99?! Well, now it’s just not financially practical for me to tear it off my body every time I wear it, so what’s the point? Props: Cagewriter)

One of the many great things about the era of the internet is the ability of one moment or idea to take off and become a force all its own, no matter how fleeting or trivial it might have been. I’m not just talking about ghost riding the whip here, either. Take Tom Lawlor’s most recent UFC entrance where he channeled Hulk Hogan at Fight Night 20 in an effort to let the audience know that he was a) a real American, who b) fights for the rights of every man. Pretty sweet, right? In homage to that entrance, Tri-Coasta is offering up this t-shirt so all you Lawlormaniacs can show your support.

But after checking out the shirt and thinking through the possible ramifications of buying/wearing it, we are once again forced to ask ourselves, is this awesome or not awesome? Join us after the jump.


Video: Tom Lawlor’s UFC Fight Night 20 Entrance

(Via Tom Lawlor’s Twitter)

Looks like we gave Seth Petruzelli too much credit for being clever enough to deceive us.  Tom Lawlor did indeed make a Hulk Hogan-esque entrance at UFC Fight Night 20 on Monday night, complete with a feather boa and American flag.  Maybe it lacked the raw, in-your-faceness of his UFC 100 entrance, but we have to applaud Lawlor’s attention to detail.  Lawlor exhibits all the gestures and mannerisms of the Hulkster here, and gives you the big t-shirt ripping payoff at the end.  Aside from maybe a higher quality boa and a little more effort from the UFC’s live event production team, what else do you want?

Join us after the jump for a quick comparison, unless you’re prone to seizures or you hate entertainment.


So What Exactly Does a 10-8 Round Look Like, Anyway?

Tom Lawlor vs. Aaron Simpson UFC Fight Night 20
(Photo courtesy of

This morning I woke up, fed the dog his usual breakfast of Golden Grahams and uncooked bacon, made myself some coffee, and then sat down to watch the Tom Lawlor-Aaron Simpson fight once again, this time without furiously typing as it was happening.  I didn’t do this because I necessarily felt that it was a horrible decision.  You let a fight stay that close while also gassing out down the stretch, it’s like running your ancient space heater next to your collection of oily rags — sympathy is going to be hard to come by when something bad happens.

I went back and watched the fight again only because I wanted to see if my initial assessment of the first frame as a 10-8 round for Lawlor held up under closer scrutiny.  The verdict?  Absolutely.  Which is why it might be worth having a discussion about what a 10-8 round really looks like.


UFC Fight Night 20 Aftermath Notes: Preliminary Card Results, Bonuses + More

(Gray Maynard discusses his fight against Nate Diaz, and the prospects of a future title shot against BJ Penn. Props: Sherdog.)

Since we only got to see the four main card fights on last night’s UFC Fight Night 20 broadcast, here’s a recap of the prelims…

– Chris Leben def. Jay Silva via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
– Rick Story def. Jesse Lennox via split decision (30-27 x 2, 28-29. Due to a scoring error, the bout was initially declared a majority draw.)
– Thiago Tavares and Nik Lentz fought to a majority draw (29-27 Lentz, 28-28 x 2. Tavares was deducted a point for low blows.)
– Rory MacDonald def. Mike Guymon via submission (armbar), 4:27 of round 1
– Rafael dos Anjos def. Kyle Bradley via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
– Gerald Harris def. John Salter via TKO (strikes), 3:24 of round 3
– Nick Catone def. Jesse Forbes via split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

For scoring the night’s only stoppage via strikes, Gerald Harris pocketed a $30,000 Knockout of the Night bonus. Evan Dunham picked up the $30,000 Submission of the Night bonus for his horrible-looking armbar on Efrain Escudero (don’t worry, Effy’s fine). $30k Fight of the Night bumps went to Tom Lawlor and Aaron Simpson for their memorable three-round battle, which saw Simpson get battered half to death in the first round before edging out Lawlor in rounds two and three (according to two judges, at least).


Did Seth Petruzelli Just Ruin Tom Lawlor’s Element of Surprise?

As much fun as we’ve been having with our wild speculation about what Tom Lawlor‘s entrance will look like on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 20 event, we didn’t actually want to know ahead of time.  Sure, we grilled Tom about it and tossed out our own ideas, but that’s like shaking the presents under the Christmas tree to find out which ones might be something good and which ones are crappy jigsaw puzzles from your aunt.  It’s all part of building the suspense. 

Apparently, nobody ever told Seth Petruzelli that.  The Kimbo-slayer took to Twitter this afternoon to let the world know that Lawlor is planning a Hulk Hogan-esque entrance tonight.  Lawlor has previously bandied about the idea of coming out to Hogan’s "Real American," but Petruzelli seems to be setting us up for a full Hulkamania entrance.  Or…is this all a bit of misdirection?  Is Petruzelli purposely deceiving us to make it even more awesome when Lawlor actually comes down to the Octagon Ultimate Warrior style?

We should have our answer soon enough.  Make sure to keep it locked on Cage Potato tonight at 9 p.m. EST for all the liveblogging fun.  Whatever happens, you’re going to want to share the moment with your internet BFF’s.  And no, we’re not talking about those nice Nigerians you keep wiring money to.  They don’t really like you.  Same goes for the people on that dating site.

A bonus, just to get us all pumped for tonight, is after the jump.


Photo of the Day: Tom Lawlor Does His Best Harold Howard Impression

(Oh. No. He. Didn’t.)

Tom Lawlor told us he was laboring under exceedingly high expectations after his display at UFC 100, and he didn’t know how he was going to live up to them.  I mean, how do you follow a ‘Just Bleed’ homage?  If you’re Lawlor, you do it with a tribute to UFC old schooler/Niagara Falls madman Harold Howard.  Just look at the attention to detail.  The mullet, the wife beater with accompanying black belt, the willingness to do a crazy scissor flip kick at any time (yeah, he totally did that) — it’s all there.  And while a lot of these new fans might not appreciate the reference to a guy who last fought for the UFC in 1995, the hardcores are sure to eat it up.  

Oh, and for those interested, all fighters made weight.  A video of the intense Nate Diaz/Gray Maynard staredown is after the jump.


UFC 100 Undercard Results

Tom Lawlor UFC 100 Just Bleed
(Now all he needs to do is fight CB Dollaway with one boxing glove. Photo courtesy of the UFC 100: Weigh Ins set on Combat Lifestyle.)

Spoilers after the jump…


Fight Booking News: Mousasi/Sokoudjou, Lutter/Lister + More

Gegard Mousasi Musashi K-1 MMA
("Just out of curiosity, what’s up now, bitch?" Mousasi surveys the wreckage of the similarly-named Musashi in their K-1 match at Dynamite!! 2008.)

— Though he may still be making his U.S. debut for Affliction, Gegard Mousasi‘s next fight will be in Japan. FiveOuncesofPain reports that DREAM’s 2008 middleweight grand prix winner could return at DREAM 9 (May 23rd) to take on Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou; it would be Mousasi’s debut as a light-heavyweight, and his first MMA fight since last September. Sokoudjou currently carries a 5-4 record, and has dropped his last two matches to Luis Cane (at UFC 89) and Renato Sobral (at Affliction: Day of Reckoning). The African Assassin needs a break, but he probably won’t catch one here.

— A battle between two middleweight grapplers who flamed out of the UFC despite loads of talent has been booked as the main event of MFC 21 (May 13th; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). MFC prez Mark Pavelich announced yesterday that Travis Lutter vs. Dean Lister would headline the show, which will also feature Marcus Aurelio, David Heath, John Alessio, and Solomon Hutcherson. Lutter hasn’t competed since his loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 83 last April, while Lister made his most recent appearance at UFC 92 in December, where he dropped a unanimous decision to Yushin Okami.