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JAKKS Pacific’s UFC Action Figures to Hit Shelves This Fall

Brock Lesnar Chuck Liddell UFC MMA action figures JAKKS
UFC Octagon action figures JAKKS
  UFC action figures JAKKS Jackson Nogueira Griffin Lesnar  UFC JAKKS championship belt MMA      
(Not pictured: Chuck Liddell’s bloated-stomach attachment. Photos courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

If you still play with dolls (or have children that do), you may be interested in JAKKS Pacific’s upcoming line of UFC-related action figures and accessories, which will hit stores this fall. MMA Weekly passes along this press release laying out the details:

From Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva, to Forrest Griffin, Rampage Jackson and UFC legend Royce Gracie, the new line of JAKKS UFC action figures and toys will celebrate some of the most popular fighters in UFC history.
UFC Fall 2009 lineup from JAKKS is expected to include:

UFC Deluxe Figures feature 29 points of articulation to recreate the most dramatic MMA moves*. JAKKS expects to ship new waves every other month**, each featuring at least eight different fighters, as well as exclusive assortments available at different mass retailers nationwide. A replica fight poster from each event will also be included with each purchase. Ages 8+, Suggested Retail Price $9.99

The Octagon is where all the action happens. JAKKS’ 14” Basic UFC Octagon playset features hinged “play-doors” for easy access and is the perfect place for kids to battle and recreate their favorite fight moments. Ages 8+, Suggested Retail Price $19.99

UFC Action Figures Could Offer a Whole New Licensing Headache, and Just in Time for the Holidays!

(Couture gets some Brock Lesnar mitts of his own.)

The UFC’s twenty-four-hour tantrum over Jon Fitch’s refusal to sign away lifetime rights to his video game image has now subsided, but that doesn’t mean all such licensing issues are so easily resolved.  According to a new article on CBS Sportsline, Round 5 says they’ve already locked up the exclusive rights to some of the action figures that the UFC was hoping to roll out under their deal with JAKKS Pacific.  I smell trouble a-brewin’.  

As you may recall, Round 5 announced their first line of fighter figures with the signature oversized head and hands well before Dana White went on CNBC to announce his deal with JAKKS.  Now Round 5 creator Damon Lau tells CBS that some of the prototypes the UFC has been showing off won’t be hitting stores:

"All I can say is that there’s a likelihood — well not a likelihood, but there’s a fact — that some of those figurines can not actually go into production," Lau said. "I’ve seen the prototypes as well, but the rights to those guys have been already signed over to our company."