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Awesome Video of the Day: Jean-Claude Van Damme Stops By Tristar Gym For a Few High Kicks

Perhaps I am just ignorant to a lot of the subtleties of Aikido, but when I watched Steven Seagal “spar” with former Strikeforce champion Rafael Cavalcante in the moments leading up to UFC 148, I was less than impressed. Though there is little doubt in my mind (none, in fact) that Sensei Seagal would absolutely destroy me in a fight, even after consuming his daily pallet of chocolate covered pretzels, when given the choice between Seagal’s deadly patty-cake shenanigans and say, the leaping, spinning roundhouse kicks of Jean-Claude Van Damme, I will choose the latter 11 times out of 10. I mean, we’re talking about the living embodiment of Colonel William F. Guile here, people. I could also get into the whole debate about how it was actually JCVD that invented the front kick, as well as the Showtime kick, only to have the techniques Milli-Vanilli’d from him by Seagal and Anthony Pettis, but I’d prefer not to filibuster my own article for the sake of argument.

But you can understand my excitement when I heard that none other than the roundhouse-kicking thespian himself recently stopped by Tristar Gym to pay Georges St. Pierre and the gang a visit and partake in some light sparring. This video was tweeted by St. Pierre yesterday, and although it is extremely light on both the sparring and actual content, it’s still the coolest twenty five seconds you’ll see all day, so just enjoy it.

As you can see, Van Damme can still wing those kicks up there and stop them on a dime, whereas I would be shocked to learn that Seagal could even lift his legs off of the ground without assistance. This of course leads to the question: If JCVD and Sensei Seagal were to throw down nowadays, who would take it and how?

-J. Jones


Video of the Day: KenFlo “Trains” at Tristar Gym

You know, with all the…let’s call it bravado, that seems to come hand in hand with a fighter’s success and/or popularity these days, it is nice to see that a veteran like Kenny Florian has managed to remain so humble despite it. In the above video, we get a first hand glimpse at the newly minted lightweight’s Fedor-like courteousness to the up and coming fighters that he not only trains with, but now shacks up with thanks to TriStar Gym’s new dormitory set up. Aside from letting these newbees train, cook, and clean for him, KenFlo even allows them to watch him eat when he is feeling so generous. What a class act.


Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit: Head to Head

It’s pretty appropriate that UFC 137 is transpiring Halloween weekend. Not only will Mirko Cro Cop and Brandon Vera attempt to bring their respective careers back from the dead, but the card also features a cowboy, a French zombie, and a Hawaiian vampire. The main event pits Nick Diaz Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit against long reigning champion George St. Pierre in what should be his toughest test to date (seriously this time). So, to determine exactly how well each fighter will do, we’ve compiled a list of empirical and infallible data that would make Gil Grissom blush with envy. Of course, if you feel the fight will end differently, be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Condit: 6’1″
GSP: 5’10″
Advantage: Condit


Miguel Torres has Some Friendly Advice for Fedor: F*ck the Haters

(Before you criticize Torres for fighting smart against Banuelos, take a moment to refer back to that picture where you can see his freaking skull, would you please? PicProps: ESPN)

Remember back in 2004, when Nelly and Tim McGraw recorded that terrible duet and then made a video utilizing the magic of split-screen technology to show us that – while they might look and sound very different – they were actually leading surprisingly similar parallel lives? Man, if only we could do the same thing with Miguel Torres and Fedor Emelianenko right now. This situation practically screams for a buddy comedy: One is a wise-cracking former bantamweight champion from Chicago who tweets like a madman and lives life in the fast lane. The other is a stoic Russian former heavyweight champion who prefers the quiet surroundings of Stary Oskol over the city and likely considers the internet a form of witchcraft. Oh brother, these two will never get along, right? Wrong.

Torres and Emelianenko are actually more alike than you might think, as Torres himself points out to MMA this week. Both guys were once the undisputed kings of their respective weight classes, but in recent times both have been cast into adversity by a pair of high profile defeats. It just so happens that Torres is a little bit further along the path to redemption than Emelanenko is, so he has some friendly professional advice for his unlikely spirit brother. Oh, also it kind of sounds like he’s totally pissed about the recent (unwarranted) criticism of his (winning) performance in his UFC debut. It’s all after the jump.


Miguel Torres Attributes Past Two Losses to Stagnant Training Regimen; Says Training at Tristar Has Given Him His Game Back

(Video courtesy MMAWeekly)

When Miguel Torres’ longtime mentor and teacher, Carlson Gracie passed away in 2006, his protegee soon after ventured out on his own to open his own gym where he would train himself and a handful of up-and-coming fighters in Hammond, Indiana.

For a few years, the system seemed to be working as he continued to rack up wins and dominate all comers in the WEC.

Then, it happened on August 9, 2009.

After logging three strong minutes in the first round of his fourth title defense, Torres got floored by the right hand of challenger Brian Bowles and was knocked out by the follow-up barrage of ground-and-pound as he worked to secure an armbar.

Shaking off the loss, Torres figured spending more time training in the gym would get him back on track.

He was wrong.


And So It Begins…

Georges St. Pierre Kenny Florian UFC MMA Tristar Gym Firas Zahabi
(Props: MMA Convert via Fightlinker)

Kenny Florian trains at Montreal’s Tristar Gym with Georges St. Pierre, Firas Zahabi, and the rest of the gang who helped turn a proud champion into a ruined crybaby. No word on whether Zahabi ever took BJ Penn up on his generous offer to go fuck himself. Florian and Penn will battle for the UFC’s lightweight title at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia).