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GIF of the Day: Takuya Eizumi’s Epic Victory Trollface

(Props: r/MMA)

There are only two appropriate reactions to winning an MMA fight. You can either find the nearest camera and do the throat-slitting gesture. Or, you can point at a random member of the crowd, lean to the side, and…sorry, I have no idea what the hell this is.

Here we have Japanese flyweight Takuya Eizumi giving us nightmares after outpointing Yusei Shimokawa at Pancrase 259 last month. The MMA troll-face game is heating up, folks. Fabricio Werdum needs to step his game up if he hopes to stay competitive.


Daily Dick-Tease: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman is Apparently “In the Works” for July

(Anderson Silva and Dana White via Mommy, What Will I Look Like?)

Whether he has truly “earned it” or not yet (which is a debate that we should just stop having from here on out, because honestly), Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva is a fight that MMA fans have been clamoring for ever since Weidman beat Mark Munoz into a living death at UFC on FUEL 4 last July. At first, Silva simply ignored our advice outright. Then, in one of the most brilliantly executed circle jerks in MMA history, Silva used the media-thwarting vessel known as Ed Soares to call out Michael Bisping, then Luke Rockhold (who was still a Strikeforce fighter at the time), and finally Cung Le.

Silva’s media roundabout, budding movie career, and occasional trips to the light heavyweight division had fans questioning whether or not we’d ever see the middleweight champion return to the division he has dominated since 2006. So if you’re one for optimism, you’ll find comfort in the fact that multiple sources including Brazil’s Tatame are reporting that Silva vs. Weidman is “in the works” for a July event. Finally. However, if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll realize the futility of phrases like “in the works” or “probably coming back to the UFC” or “will get the next title shot” in regards to the UFC and just move along. Nothing to see here.


MMA Meme Photo of the Day: Sam “Hands of Stone, Face of Troll” Stout

Take damage + knockout = $70K. LOL U Mad? PicProps: MMA Junkie

Just because it amused us, check out this picture of Sam Stout doing his best trollface.

Stout picked up a KO of the Night bonus for his jaw-crushing starching of Yves Edwards Saturday night, his sixth bonus in eleven fights in the UFC. Stout has a reputation for game planning to win FotN bonuses, which basically involves taking damage before firing every missile he has.

Hate him if you want, but Stout’s strategy appears to be working, and it probably brings a fair amount of job security along with stacks of cash. That’s how you set up a sound financial future, people. Or, you know, just go blow a stack of bills.