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Video: Reporter Says He Was and Still is Confused By Sonnen Interview; Claims it Wasn’t Staged


The Canadian reporter who conducted the highly-publicized Q&A with with Chael Sonnen last week in which the “Gangster from America” questioned his credentials and berated him for ten minutes before walking off the set says that he still isn’t quite sure what the hell happened in the interview.

Michael Lansberg, the longtime host of “Off the Record,” got the goat of the UFC middleweight early in the interview when he asked why he rescinded his loser leaves town fight offer to Anderson Silva, prompting an agitated Sonnen to to fire back with a few barbs of his own. The interview went downhill from there, at least in terms of Lansberg maintaining control.


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Chael Sonnen lets reporter have it – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Our favorite quote generatorChael Sonnen was interviewed on Canadian sport network TSN today by infamous pot stirrer Michael Lansberg and let’s just say that if he was acting, he deserves an Oscar.

Things got heated from the very beginning when Lansberg asked the number one UFC middleweight contender why he “backed down” from the loser leaves town challenge he issued UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

“You might want to take the bass out of your tone, I’m not sure you know who you’re talking to here, but I’ve never backed down from anything, so check your facts,” Sonnen said. “If I tell you I’ll sell you my car for $10,000, do you think I can just call you back a year from now and say, ‘I’ll take the $10,000 for the car’? That’s not how offers work. Is that how you do business in Canada? Cause in my country, that created business, offers expire.I made him an offer, apparently it didn’t work, he didn’t accept it. It’s not that I backed down, but apparently I need to present him with a new offer. You guys probably don’t do that in socialism, but in America, in a capitalistic society, that’s how things work.”