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Video: ‘Chainsaw’ Charles McCarthy Interviews Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson Like a Champ

(Video courtesy of YouTube/CageJunkies)

When fighters walk away from the sport, rarely do we see them gravitate towards the other side of the interview microphone, but the decision to do just that was a good one for “Chainsaw” Charles McCarthy. After stepping away from the sport in 2008, the former TUF 4 contestant announced that, in spite of his retirement he would be turning his focus to his American Top Team affiliated gym in Boyton Beach, Florida and would still be involved in MMA.

We haven’t heard from the 10-5 UFC veteran, who was at the wrong of a highlight-reel spinning back kick KO by David Loiseau much since then, but he recently joined up with a relatively new MMA website called “CageJunkies” (original, huh?) and has proven that he’s an adept reporter.


Jeremy Jackson Pleads Guilty to Rape of Former Girlfriend

Jeremy Jackson UFC MMA rape sexual assault trial ventura county

Two-and-a-half years after being accused of raping a former girlfriend, Jeremy Jackson‘s felony trial finally began earlier this month; the former UFC fighter and TUF 4 contestant had been in jail since his June 2008 arrest, unable to post the $1 million bond. But in a surprising turn of events, Jackson changed his plea to guilty midway through the trial, and now faces 25 years to life in prison. The Ventura County Star passes along more details:

The change of plea stunned [Jackson's] lawyer, Russell Baker, who is with the Public Defender’s Office. “It was against my advice. I tried to tell him not to do that,” said Baker in an interview, adding that he was extremely disappointed. “I feel that we could have beaten his case.”

The alleged victim testified that Jackson had threatened, intimidated and raped her on June 28, 2008. She said Jackson put a gun to her head. Prosecutors say it was a BB gun. She said Jackson wanted her to call another man and have sex in front of him. She said he threatened to kill her, her children and himself if she didn’t do what he said.


LOFL: Riddum Revenge Episode 3, Mir vs. Howard Preview

From lookoutawhale, the crazy mofo who brought us Georges St. Pierre’s Punch-Out!! and Street Fighter II: GSP Riddum Revenge, comes this new GSP-themed remix, which features the cast of TUF 4 just hanging out and watching some game shows together. In the video, as in life, Georges St. Pierre is always the right answer. For more lookoutawhale insanity, check out this animated version of a guest appearance that St. Pierre did on the Adam Carolla Show, in which a caller basically accuses GSP of sodomizing him back in his club-bouncing days. Below: The first preview for a UFC superfight 14 years in the making. Thanks, Garv.


Fight of the Day: Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell

The EliteXC and CBS have dropped more details about their debut show slated for May 31st in Jersey. We already know Kimbo will be headlining, but now we’ve learned that Middleweight Champ “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler will be defending his title against “TUF 4″ cast member Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith. Both fighters love to throw bombs and are sure to swing for the fences. On that, check out Scott Smith’s battle with Pete Sell at the “TUF 4″ finale. Between hi-fivin’ and huggin’, both guys stood in the pocket and bloodied each other during the first round, with Smith mixing power punches and leg kicks. But the best is the KO punch from Smith in the 2nd round as Sell moves in for the kill. Just sick.