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The Potato Index: TUF 9 Finale

Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida
(Guida turns taking a shot into an art form. Photo courtesy of

After another fun, free MMA weekend we turn once again to the Potato Index to tell us where everyone stands.  Those of you who are confused by what the numbers mean, just think of every fighter starting at his own particular zero coming into the event.  Then we make up a number to reflect how far he’s climbed or fallen after his latest fight.  Kind of like the stock market, but way more fun and only slightly more bullshit.

Diego Sanchez +104
Whatever you think the final scores should have been, Sanchez won that fight.  He was a whirlwind on the feet and even managed to be the aggressor from the bottom when it hit the mat.  But does a decision victory here equal a title shot?  We wouldn’t mind seeing Sanchez vs. Gray Maynard to establish a clear contender.


TUF 9 Finale: Blow by Blow

Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida UFC TUF 9 Finale
(Only then did Diego realize that a childhood full of frighteningly intense staring contests had been preparing him for this one perfect moment. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s TUF 9 Finale weigh-in set.)

After a season that promised heated national rivalries and hilarious cultural misunderstandings produced very little of either, we finally get our payoff tonight.  Sure, aside from the two finale fights there are hardly any fighters from this season of “The Ultimate Fighter” on the card, but to make up for it we’ve got the positive-to-the-point-of-insanity Diego Sanchez, who nearly gave himself a heart attack during his bouts of flexing and staring at yesterday’s weigh-in.  

Will his blood pressure be similarly jacked through the roof tonight?  Will he find a way to incorporate the Tony Robbins firewalk into his entrance?  Might Clay Guida surprise us all by fighting like the blur of hair of fists that he used to be?  We’ll be waiting for those answers right along with you, so jump on board and remember to hit refresh often.  This train is fixin to leave the station.