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Patrick Cote and Hector Lombard Chosen as Coaches for ‘TUF: Canada vs. Australia’…Sort Of [UPDATED]

When word first broke that the infamous rivalry between Canada and Australia (?) would take center stage during the next non-Brazilian international season of The Ultimate Fighter, we reacted as we typically do, by turning underwhelming news into a farce. For why would the UFC even bother attempting to promote a rivalry between countries where none such rivalry exists? Not only does it dramatically narrow down their choices for potential participants, but it similarly limits the promotion’s ability to shoehorn in a rivalry between coaches (as they are wont to do) who are both hailing from the countries/nations being represented and are still relevant in today’s MMA landscape.

Look, we get that the point of an international TUF is to, you know, pit foreign nations against one another. But when you start booking coaches from entirely different weight classes, coaches who might not even be able to fight one another at the season’s close, no less, doesn’t that kind of eliminate the point? In any case, that’s what we’ll be privy to during TUF: Canada vs. Australia, which will feature Patrick Cote and Hector Lombard as coaches…sort of (Via FiveOuncesofPain):

According to the MMA Sun, Patrick Cote and Hector Lombard have been targeted as head coaches. An official announcement is expected by week’s end. It also appears the UFC has Kyle Noke lined up just in case Lombard ultimately decides he cannot accept the role based on the expectation of moving down from 185 pounds to compete against Cote as a welterweight. 


Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin Announced as Coaches for ‘TUF 16: Fat David vs. Goliath’

(For his final masterpiece, Michelangelo decided to pay tribute to the Biblical hero’s fall from grace through the medium of hamstone. The results were shocking, yet delicious.)

As is likely the case for most of you, we here at CagePotato are more than willing to admit that we all but completely missed out on the failed experiment that was TUF Live. The placement of the show on Friday nights, the rehashed trash-talk and pranks between coaches; it just seemed all too played out and tired to really get us hooked. The fact that Dominick Cruz tore his ACL with only a couple episodes to go only furthered our belief that the season would have been a complete loss if not for the uplifting story of the season’s lightweight winner, Don Cheadle (or something like that).

So when Dana White informed USA TODAY Sports yesterday that the coaches for this season would be polar opposite heavyweights Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin, it more than piqued our interest. Aside from being the winner of the show’s tenth (and arguably least talent filled) season, TUF: Heavyweights, Nelson is by all accounts, one entertaining and funny sumbitch. Carwin, on the other hand, has shown before that he is up for a good joshing as long as it is not aimed at him. If you recall, the last time we got on Carwin’s bad side, Old Dad packed up his things, fled, faked his death, died his eyebrows, and attended his own funeral as a man named Phil Schiffley. The last we heard, he was still reporting on all things MMA from a one man vessel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean out of fear that “The Engineer” was still looking for him. So clearly, the potential for hilarity between these two on the set is higher than Nelson’s cholesterol levels.


Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort are Officially Your TUF Brazil Coaches

(Let’s hope the rematch lasts a little longer.)

During the UFC 142 press conference this morning, the UFC announced that long time rivals Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort have been chosen as opposing coaches for the first international season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will be filmed on location in Brazil and entirely in Portugese, or in Mike Goldberg’s case, Japanese. The debut for TUF Brazil is set for March 25th as of this moment, with the finale being held sometime in June at a location TBD.


Are Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva the Coaches On the Next Season of TUF?

("There is only four things I not like in this world. One is Justin Bieber; the other three is Chael Sonnen.")

At the tail end of Chael Sonnen’s exclusive post-CSAC hearing interview he did with Mike Straka last week, the former UFC number one middleweight contender told the HDNet reporter that he knew what was up next for him, he just couldn’t say because it was "a secret at this point."

Now I may be reading into that statement and the fact that Sonnen has been hellbent lately on calling out Wanderlei Silva at every turn, but if I had to wager a guess as to what the UFC had on tap for "The Most Interesting Man in the World" it would be a TUF coaching slot opposite "The Axe Murderer."

Sure the season would require subtitles pretty much every time Wand opens his mouth, but they had to do the same with the Brits on the USA vs. UK season, so it’s not like that will turn away viewers, especially when you have as polarizing of a persona as Sonnen opposite him.

I interviewed Chael prior to his fight with Nate Marquardt and he was unusually complimentary of his opponent. When I asked him why, he told me that he basically wasn’t in character yet that far out from the fight and that if I called him a few weeks before the fight he’d be on his game. He also said that it’s tough to smack talk a guy he likes like Marquardt.

To me, that says one of two things about the Wanderlei Twitter assault he launched the day after his CSAC meeting using his account which has been inactive since the news of his positive drug test hit and which he used to repeatedly roast Anderson Silva and his manager, Ed Soares leading up to his last fight: 

He must really want a fight with Wand.


He must already have a fight with, or a slot on TUF coaching opposite Silva lined up.

Here’s the backstory and the evidence that prompted my educated guess after the jump: