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Video: MTV Puts The Ultimate Fighter on Notice with New MMA Reality Show

(Video courtesy of Yahoo! – HT NomadRip)

In an attempt to appeal to a wider breadth of demographic than The Ultimate Fighter, MTV has created a new reality show that is loosely based around the MMA aspirations of a group of small town Louisiana kids.

The show is basically 16 and Pregnant and the “babies” they are expecting are their upcoming fights. Truth be told, the concept is a good one since it’s more “reality” TV than TUF has become and most of us will likely be able to convince our spouses and girlfriends to watch a show like this one strictly for the train wreck factor. The fact that it will air immediately after Jersey Shore on Mondays and prior to the JS rebroadcast will mean big numbers for the show — maybe even more than TUF 15 on Fox.