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Ringside With the Killer Vegan

While other TUF 6 castmembers were content to put holes through walls and defecate in unauthorized areas of their toilet, Mac Danzig installed a birdfeeder in the house’s backyard to realign his karma in relation to the rest of the world’s creatures. It’s that attitude of “Leave things better than you found them” that’s part of the reason we became such huge Mac fans during last season of The Ultimate Fighter. Sure, he was a miserable asshole at times, but you try living with a bunch of idiots and see what it does to your morale. In this interview, Danzig talks about his matchup with Mark Bocek at UFC 83, the UFC’s stacked lightweight division, and moving to Las Vegas to join the Xtreme Couture camp.

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Snappin’ Necks, Collectin’ Small Checks


Official salaries from the TUF 6 finale were released yesterday. Check ‘em out below, and keep in mind that all TUF contestants were paid $8,000 to show, and the salary figures of all winning fighters represent a doubling of their base salary:

Roger Huerta ($38,000) def. Clay Guida ($11,000)
Mac Danzig ($16,000) def. Tommy Speer ($8,000)
Jon Koppenhaver ($16,000) def. Jared Rollins ($8,000)
George Sotiropoulos ($16,000) def. Billy Miles ($8,000)
Ben Saunders ($16,000) def. Dan Barrera ($8,000)
Troy Mandaloniz ($16,000) def. Richie Hightower ($8,000)
Matt Arroyo ($16,000) def. John Kolosci ($8,000)
Roman Mitichyan ($16,000) def. Dorian Price ($8,000)
Jonathan Goulet ($14,000) def. Paul Georgieff ($8,000)
Total fighter payout: $239,000

Man, our hearts go out to Jonathan Goulet — as if being forced to take on part-time fighter/first-round loser Paul Georgieff wasn’t insulting enough, the Canadian journeyman (who had a 20-9, 2-3 UFC record coming into the fight) was given a base salary that was a thousand bucks less than his opponent. And we don’t know how much longer Clay Guida is locked into his current contract, but someone as popular and accomplished as he is should be taking home a lot more cash. Is Brandon Vera really nine times more valuable than Guida is?

Well, at least the coaches aren’t going hungry. According to MMA Fightline, Matt Serra got a “brand new pimped out SUV” for his participation on The Ultimate Fighter 6, while Matt Hughes was given this tractor. Listen for Matt saying “Where’s my wife at?” during the clip. I think he wants to tell her that she won’t have to pull the plow any more…


F.o.t.D.: War Machine vs. J-Rock (Round 3)

By far the wildest and bloodiest match of Saturday’s Ultimate Fighter 6 finale, John Koppenhaver and Jared Rollins’s three-round demolition derby was the people’s choice for fight of the night. Koppenhaver dominated from the top position in the first round, but took a truly nasty barrage of elbows to the head in the process. With both fighters leaking blood, Rollins took control in the second frame, raining down punishment from above, pressuring War Machine with choke attempts, and coming very close to a TKO-by-strikes victory. And then this happened:

Any other referee would have stopped the fight at the 3:33 mark. Luckily for John Koppenhaver, Steve Mazzagatti is a sadistic maniac.