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The Unsupportable Opinion: There’s Nothing Wrong With The ‘U-S-A!’ Chant

(The crowd can’t hear you over the rumble of their freedom. / Photo via Esther Lin of MMAFighting.)

By Matt Saccaro

The U-S-A chant.

MMA fans bitch about it on Twitter more than anything else — more than Mike Goldberg’s weird syntax, more than Joe Rogan constantly favoring one fighter over another, and even more than the dreaded Eminem Curse.

As soon as the first drunk bellows a “U” the MMA hivemind gets to work, and their complaints flood the web as soon as the “S” and “A” are vocalized.

Is the chant xenophobic? Yes.

Is the chant clichéd? Yes.

Is the chant lame? Yes.

Is the chant low-class? Yes.

But all of these things are OK.

MMA events aren’t Wimbledon. They are, as Chael Sonnen said, “borderline illegal fist-fights.” Two guys are being locked in a cage and tasked with tearing the other guy limb from limb. Sometimes legs get broken in half. Sometimes fighters are roided-up supermen that use their ill-gotten strength to explode livers. But these things are fine. The real “issue” is what the fans are chanting, apparently.