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UFC 100 Scene Report: Expo Antics, Party Madness, and a Very Rare Photo Op

Frank Trigg
(‘Anyone here order a nice, cool glass of sexy?’)

Let me begin this installment of the UFC scene report with a message for that twelve-year-old kid who thrashed me at UFC Undisputed during yesterday’s Fan Expo: You got lucky.  Lucky that the game designers gave Wanderlei Silva a flash chin and “Rampage” Jackson a ridiculously powerful left hook.  Lucky that you don’t have a job and you get to sit around playing video games all day.  Lucky that I’m too nice a guy to slap a kid in the mouth for gloating after his one-punch KO victory.  

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s move on.

I’ve been to one or two UFC’s in Las Vegas by this point, Potato Nation, but I’ve never seen it like this.  The Fan Expo was a massive throng of humanity, and not just the kind of typical MMA fan humanity that you might expect.  Sure, I did see an infant with a Chuck-hawk, but I also saw a woman in her fifties get really excited when Shane Carwin showed up at the Warrior Wear booth.  I also watched two teenage girls trying earnestly to figure out whether Paulo Thiago was someone they should try to get their picture taken with, before ultimately deciding to take a photo with a cardboard cut-out of Brock Lesnar instead.


We Got Your Cage Potato/Fight Magazine Party Pass Right Here, Tough Guy

So you’re in Vegas and trying to figure out how you can come party with us, MMA stars of all shapes and sizes, and the crew from Fight! Magazine?  It’s simple…in the way that it is totally complicated.  You see, I (BF) have in my possession a handful of wristbands that will get you to the front of the line at Tryst on Friday night and knock the cover charge down from a criminal $50 for the commonfolk to a merely unreasonable $20 ($10 if you’re a woman, which is totally some sexist bullshit if you ask me) for friends of the Potato.  All you have to do to get yours is find me and ask nicely.

The hard part is, you have to find me on or around the Vegas strip on a weekend when the place is flooded with MMA fans.  To help you out, I’ll be updating my current location on Cage Potato’s official Twitter page, and I’ll be wearing a Cage Potato Hall of Fame shirt as I make my rounds.  You can also use a little common sense to find me at the Fan Expo.  


Wanna Party in Vegas With Cage Potato and Fight! Magazine?

UFC 100 party

We have two important questions for you: 1) Are you going to be in Las Vegas for UFC 100 this weekend? and 2) Do you like to party?  If you answered yes on both accounts, allow us to make a suggestion.  This Friday night Cage Potato will be co-hosting a pre-UFC 100 party with Fight! Magazine at Tryst nightclub inside The Wynn.  Attendees will include MMA stars galore, the Fight Mag boys, a strong Cage Potato contingent, and probably a bunch of those chicks Chuck Liddell used to always end up in pictures with.  If that sounds like the kind of thing you want to be a part of, then come join us.

The party starts at 10 p.m., and as you’ll probably recall from our last co-hosted party, that means we’ll be there at 9:50 with Joe Stevenson, waiting for the bar to start serving.  You can call the number on the flyer up there for reservations, or just swing on by and take your chances.  Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this.