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Videos: Cage Potato Destroys Raw Vegas, Tom Lawlor’s UFC 100 Entrance, + More

Watch Exclusive: Vs. CagePotato Inside Wand Fight Team on

While in Las Vegas for UFC 100, I was invited to Wanderlei Silva’s gym for an open media workout.  Usually what that means is the fighter will work out in front of the media while we all sit around and sip coffee.  This time, however, it meant that Wanderlei wanted to get us on the mat so he could show us a few things.  The thinking on Silva’s part was that if we were going to cover the sport, we should actually know a little about the techniques involved.  Some of us came in with a working knowledge, some of us learned on the fly, and then there was Ariel Helwani (edit: just busting his chops. I’m only jealous because he’s more comfortable on camera than me).


“Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans Get Into It At UFC 100

(Props: Fox Fight Game)

If you can get past the ill-conceived idea to interview Dana White during a point in the UFC 100 live show that is so loud you have to shout directly into his ear in order to be heard, and then capitalizing on that opportunity by asking such probing non-questions as “Congratulations!” and “Frank Mir really has nothing to lose tonight,” you’ll see a little footage of the aftermath of a Octagonside shoving match between “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans.  Dana White seems all too accustomed to this stuff, which should tell us something about the way the next season of TUF is going to turn out.

These are two guys who know they are going to be paid very well to fight one another in a few months, and yet here they are tussling for free in the seats at the UFC’s biggest event, basically making a sideshow of themselves.  Either this is the most committed effort to hype a fight ever, or these guys really do hate each other.  Regardless, you gotta keep it together during an event where you’re basically a spectator/PR vehicle for the UFC.  Otherwise Dana White is not going to take you knuckleheads anywhere.


UFC 100 Danavlog #2: More Employee Ball-Busting, Holly Madison Dons the Octagon Girl Outfit

In this installment of Dana White’s UFC 100 video blog we finally get an explanation for why the inaugural issue of the UFC Magazine features the UFC president on the cover in the pose of a fighter instead of, you know, actually putting a fighter on there.  As White tells Mark Coleman, the original idea was to put a plethora of big name fighters on the cover, but the photo turned out to be “the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”  Apparently their photographer only snapped that one shot and called it a day, so they were forced to use an old Dana White photo.  Riiiiight.

Also in this episode, Holly Madison brings a little blonde ambition to the Octagon girl bikini while White regales her with stories of the UFC’s early years, and a blue-blood UFC lawyer gets a parking space upgrade.  Just another day in paradise.


The UFC 100 Danavlog, Part 1: Right to Porn

So you’re wondering what life is like in the UFC offices this week, what with their biggest event of all time coming up on Saturday.  Must be pretty crazy.  A lot of panicked running around, working into the early hours of the morning making sure Brock Lesnar doesn’t say anything homophobic to reporters, while also ensuring that Thiago Alves actually shows up on time for his flight to Vegas.  Why, it’d hardly be surprising if they couldn’t find the time to do a video blog for this one at all, right?


Frank Mir Kindly Helps Brock Lesnar Formulate a Gameplan For UFC 100

(The secret to a good striking workout with Frank Mir?  Tell him that the focus mitts called him chubby.)

After Brock Lesnar’s unfortunate UFC debut against Frank Mir you may be wondering whether we’ll see the same full-steam-ahead Lesnar that got himself kneebarred in the first encounter, or whether he’ll look to change it up for the heavyweight championship showdown at UFC 100.  Well, as long as it’s up for debate, Mir would like to offer a suggestion via an email sent out by the UFC.  It goes a little something like this:

"If Brock really comes out and tries to abandon the running at me, heads over heels and just trying to knock, bull rush me over, I honestly think that’s his best approach," said Mir, with a black shine circling his eye. "I would just come after me – take a chance, ’cause to sit there and play the cat and mouse game with me, and jab and slip and move around, I think that’s a slow death for him that he can’t possibly win."

Videos: UFC 100′s Minimalist Promo, Hong Man Choi “Highlights”

(Props: The Garv)

The official UFC 100 promo video doesn’t need any heavy-handed voiceover to make its case as one of the best MMA events in recent memory.  It just runs down some perfunctory highlight clips to remind you of who all’s fighting, and then it steps back to let your imagination run wild.  Now all you need is a ton of money and no objection to dropping an obscene amount of cash on one sporting event, and you can experience it live.  You can also help whip your section of the arena into a chant that voices the will of the people.  If that kind of thing interests you.

After the jump, a highlight video that is pretty much the exact opposite of this promo.