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“Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans Get Into It At UFC 100

(Props: Fox Fight Game)

If you can get past the ill-conceived idea to interview Dana White during a point in the UFC 100 live show that is so loud you have to shout directly into his ear in order to be heard, and then capitalizing on that opportunity by asking such probing non-questions as “Congratulations!” and “Frank Mir really has nothing to lose tonight,” you’ll see a little footage of the aftermath of a Octagonside shoving match between “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans.  Dana White seems all too accustomed to this stuff, which should tell us something about the way the next season of TUF is going to turn out.

These are two guys who know they are going to be paid very well to fight one another in a few months, and yet here they are tussling for free in the seats at the UFC’s biggest event, basically making a sideshow of themselves.  Either this is the most committed effort to hype a fight ever, or these guys really do hate each other.  Regardless, you gotta keep it together during an event where you’re basically a spectator/PR vehicle for the UFC.  Otherwise Dana White is not going to take you knuckleheads anywhere.


The Potato Index: UFC 100 Edition

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir UFC 100
(Lesnar-Mir provides a chilling preview of Lesnar-Sable later on that same night. Photo courtesy of USA Today.)

It’s time to see who’s up and who’s down after an epic weekend, and the Potato Index’s arbitrary numerical rankings system is here to help.  It’s like the stock market, only dumber.

Brock Lesnar (the fighter) +117
Sure, it was all brute force and not a lot of flashy technique.  And yes, he resembled a schoolyard bully more than a martial artist.  But the fact is Lesnar got the job done, and in convincing fashion.  Now the question is, could he beat someone his own size?

Brock Lesnar (the person) -56
We honestly didn’t think it was possible for Lesnar to hurt his own image so much even in victory.  But disrespecting everyone you can think of, from your opponent to a UFC sponsor, and then ending by suggesting that you might “get on top of” your wife (that really sounds like a satisfying sexual experience for her, BTW) is a good way to go about it.  Press conference apology was a good idea, but way too half-assed to make a dent.


The Lyoto Machida “Karate for MMA” Pick-Off Contest: So How’d You Do? (Pt. 2)

Brock Lesnar Frank Mir UFC 100
("And another thing: I’m drinking Jose Cuervo tonight because Cazadores won’t pay me, and I’m going to see a matinee showing of Up tomorrow because fuck Tarantino." Photo courtesy of

Aside from Mark Coleman rising from the grave to win a decision over Stephan Bonnar, and Tom Lawlor punking CB Dollaway in 55 seconds, there weren’t many major surprises at UFC 100 — so we’re expecting some impressive scores for the final installment of our ongoing pick-off contest. If you kicked ass with your UFC 100 predictions, please share your total in the comments section below. We’ll be verifying the top scores soon and announcing the second winner of the Lyoto Machida "Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" DVD set in a couple days. Click here for a cheat sheet on the results, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Note to ‘PauloThiagoSilva’: We still have a Sityodtong t-shirt waiting for you, so hit us up at if you want it.


Shane Carwin Has Some Issues With Brock Lesnar’s UFC 100 Antics

Our Twitter buddy Shane Carwin let some of his true feelings about Brock Lesnar be known after last night’s showing at UFC 100.  While "Darwin" Carwin had been trying to play things pretty close to the vest about potential future heavyweight match-ups, it seems like Lesnar’s complete lack of respect for everyone within the range of his vision during last night’s main event rubbed him the wrong way.  He went into greater detail on his website:

The flipping off of the fans that just lined your pocket with millions of dollars is just LAME. He may be a Champion but he has a long ways to go before he earns the respect of a Champion. The fans are why we do this Brock, this sport is not about fat paychecks and drama it is about hard work and sacrifice for a shot to do what you did last night. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you can’t earn your peers respect and the respect and love of the greatest sporting fans in the world. We have no scripts in this sport, no pre-determined earning amount and no pre-determined outcomes. It doesn’t matter if you win or loose it matters how you win or loose.

UFC 100 Recap: Now That We’ve All Had A Chance to Calm Down…

(Props: Fox Fight Game)

Brock Lesnar showed up to the UFC 100 post-fight presser with a Bud Light in hand to apologize for acting like a total Brock Lesnar after his victory over Frank Mir.  He tried to explain it away by pointing out that a) he was pretty jacked up emotionally, b) Mir had talked a lot of shit, and c) he’ll drink any beer.  Yeah, as apologies/sponsor endorsements go, this one will probably not be used as a model going forward.  Still, he gave it a shot, which counts for a very small something.

Other notes coming out of the UFC 100 aftermath…


UFC 100: Liveblog of the Century

Brock Lesnar UFC 100 MMA Logan Stanton
(Uncontrollable giggling is probably not the reaction Brock had in mind when he got that tattoo. Photo courtesy of MMA Junkie.)

Maybe you’ve been a fan since Gerard Gordeau kicked Teila Tuli’s teeth into the second row. Maybe you’ve been a fan since Griffin and Bonnar threw down at the first TUF finale. Maybe you’re here because "UFC 100" has been a Trending Topic on Twitter all day. Whoever you are, we welcome you.

The menu for tonight: Brock Lesnar seeks Ultimate Validation against the man who humiliated him in his UFC debut. Georges St. Pierre meets the strongest, hungriest, scariest challenger of his title reign. Dan Henderson defends his country’s reputation against the British Invasion. A semi-famous blonde will hold a ring card and blow kisses to the camera. Smart-ass fans may or may not chant "Fedor!" after the final match. Minds will be blown, hearts will be broken, pants will be shat. Are you ready? Are you ready?

Round-by-round updates from the pay-per-view broadcast are after the jump. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest. Start stretching, Bruce


UFC 100 Undercard Results

Tom Lawlor UFC 100 Just Bleed
(Now all he needs to do is fight CB Dollaway with one boxing glove. Photo courtesy of the UFC 100: Weigh Ins set on Combat Lifestyle.)

Spoilers after the jump…


UFC 100 Scene Report: Expo Antics, Party Madness, and a Very Rare Photo Op

Frank Trigg
(‘Anyone here order a nice, cool glass of sexy?’)

Let me begin this installment of the UFC scene report with a message for that twelve-year-old kid who thrashed me at UFC Undisputed during yesterday’s Fan Expo: You got lucky.  Lucky that the game designers gave Wanderlei Silva a flash chin and “Rampage” Jackson a ridiculously powerful left hook.  Lucky that you don’t have a job and you get to sit around playing video games all day.  Lucky that I’m too nice a guy to slap a kid in the mouth for gloating after his one-punch KO victory.  

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s move on.

I’ve been to one or two UFC’s in Las Vegas by this point, Potato Nation, but I’ve never seen it like this.  The Fan Expo was a massive throng of humanity, and not just the kind of typical MMA fan humanity that you might expect.  Sure, I did see an infant with a Chuck-hawk, but I also saw a woman in her fifties get really excited when Shane Carwin showed up at the Warrior Wear booth.  I also watched two teenage girls trying earnestly to figure out whether Paulo Thiago was someone they should try to get their picture taken with, before ultimately deciding to take a photo with a cardboard cut-out of Brock Lesnar instead.


‘Rampage’ Jackson Nearly Impregnates Unsuspecting Male Fight Promoter

Quinton Rampage Jackson Dana White UFC 100
(The man must be stopped. Photo courtesy of the UFC 100: Weigh Ins set on Combat Lifestyle.)


Reminders: ‘Ben vs. Ben’ Takes the Airwaves at 6 p.m. ET, Lyoto Machida DVD Contest Ends Tonight

Brock Lesnar Frank Mir
(Angry Brock is angry.)

As mentioned earlier, the editors of will be taking their beloved "Ben vs. Ben" feature to satellite radio today at 6 p.m. ET on the "SIRIUS Fight Club" show — tune into Sporting News Channel 127, or channel 105 if you’re an XM subscriber.  We’ll run down UFC 100‘s main card, discuss tributes we’d like to see during tomorrow night’s event, and respectfully compare the merits of the Octagon Girls. You don’t want to miss that.

Also, you have about 7 hours left to submit your predictions for the Lyoto Machida "Karate for MMA" DVD pick-off contest. Wouldn’t you like to learn karate in the comfort of your own home? Then get on it, and be sure to have your score counted up by Monday.