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The Cage Potato ‘Rampage Dry Hump’ Video Is Officially Big Time

How do you know when you’ve really accomplished something in life?  You get on the Dana White UFC 100 video blog.  Then it’s all groupies and limousines after that, or so we’re hoping. 

Here’s the latest installment of the Danavlog, and you can skip all the other crap and go straight to the end, where he watches our now world famous video of "Rampage" Jackson dry humping Cage Potato correspondent Heather Nichols.  Dana laughs it off with a that-crazy-Rampage kind of expression, but it seems like Heather wasn’t quite as amused. talked to her about what was going through her mind during this incident, and she assured them that no, she wasn’t enjoying it, but dammit, she was just trying to be a professional and get the job done, by God.  For the record, she took it better than either of us would have.  We just don’t have what it takes to be sexually assaulted by a pro fighter, at least not after that crazy night in Minsk with Andrei Arlovski.


Ben vs. Ben: UFC 100 Edition

(This ought to confuse the hell out of the over-70 Keno crowd.)

Just in case you can’t catch us doing our Ben vs. Ben thang on Sirius Fight Club today at 6 pm EST — and you better have a good excuse for that — we now present to you another installment of our bad faith arguments.  Just like UFC 100, shit is epic, son.

If Lesnar beats Frank Mir and unifies the UFC’s heavyweight titles, does that mean we’ll all have to accept him as the legitimate champ, despite his 4-1 record, or will his career be a never-ending struggle for acceptance until he beats Fedor in a climactic street fight?

BF: If Lesnar beats Mir in convincing fashion – meaning without the help of bad officiating, bad judging, or bad breaks – then everyone who keeps insisting that Lesnar is overrated or undeserving is going to have to suck it up and deal.  Beating Mir would prove that he’s not just a big, strong, freakish brute with a bad tattoo.  I mean, he’ll still be all those things, but he’ll also be the undisputed UFC heavyweight champ, who has avenged his only career loss.


What’s Up With GSP’s Elbow?

(Props: "ultimate tapout")
Georges St. Pierre Mark Coleman MMA UFC
(Props: This set on Combat Lifestyle)

Not to alarm any of you Georges St. Pierre fans, but Rush has been looking rather lumpy lately. Though he’s made no mention of it in the run up to his UFC 100 fight against Thiago Alves, GSP has been walking around with a cartoonishly swollen elbow — possibly due to bursitis, an inflammation caused by repetitive movement and trauma that may have previously played a role in Marcus Davis’s loss to Mike Swick. Will the injury slow down the welterweight champ, or will GSP use that nasty thing as a club to bash Alves’s teeth down his throat?


Video: Angry Brock Lesnar Storm-Off of the Day

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Things that Brock Lesnar has no patience for:

Allegations about his steroid use
Steve Mazzagatti
— Press conferences to promote his own main event

The UFC heavyweight champion, upset about a cheap chair and having to talk to a group of strangers, tried to exit the building after being introduced at a UFC 100 press conference held yesterday. Luckily, Dana White was there to chill him out. As DW later told, "I’m telling you, nobody wants my job. Everybody thinks it looks good; it’s no fun. Try telling a 400-pound guy to sit down."

Note to Brock’s cornermen: You’d better invest in a quality stool, or Lesnar just might forfeit between the first and second rounds.


Follow Friday: @TheRealBasterds

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Trailer #2 – Watch more free videos
(Props: ScreenJunkies)

Almost as epic as tomorrow’s UFC event? The fact that Quentin Tarantino has a new movie coming out next month called Inglourious Basterds, about a cabal of Jewish-American soldiers who go around scalping Nazis during World War II. And apparently it will be the "exclusive movie partner" of UFC 100. We just got this note from the company that’s helping to promote it:

Inglourious Basterds (in theaters 8/21) will be airing a 30-second spot for the film at some point during the telecast. We will be giving away 25 posters to UFC 100 viewers, but they have to do two things. First, they have to follow @TheRealBasterds on Twitter. Second, after the 30-second Inglourious Basterds promo airs during UFC 100 on Saturday night, they have to be one of the first 25 people to Tweet:
@TheRealBasterds Sign me up for the Basterds!

Well, we dig Tarantino and the UFC and Twitter, so why not? Just one more thing to keep your fingers busy during our liveblog tomorrow, which kicks off at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it!


Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 100

(Another installment in the series: Situations That Would Be Terrifying in Prison.)

It’s finally time for the big show and some big bets, which means all the money we’ve saved not paying our court-mandated child support is really going to prove useful.  Not that you need the thrill of online wagering to get you pumped for a fight card this big.  Sort of like how you don’t need to drink to have a good time.  But as long as the option exists…

Our odds today come from

Brock Lesnar (-220) vs. Frank Mir (+201)
Georges St. Pierre (-285) vs. Thiago Alves (+280)
Jon Fitch (-400) vs. Paulo Thiago (+377)
Dan Henderson (-205) vs. Michael Bisping (+190)
Yoshihiro Akiyama (-237) vs. Alan Belcher (+220)
Stephan Bonnar (-320) vs. Mark Coleman (+300)
Jim Miller (-164) vs. Mac Danzig (+160)
Jon Jones (-400) vs. Jake O’Brien (+350)
Dong Hyun Kim (-250) vs. TJ Grant (+250)
CB Dollaway (-205) vs. Tom Lawlor (+205)
Matt Grice (-125) vs. Shannon Gugerty (even)

So where’s our money going?


Quick Hits: Dana White Strolls Down Memory Lane, Ben vs. Ben Hits the Radio, and Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos?

(Apparently LookOutAWhale is not a Bisping fan. Ouch.)

You want to know how close the Fertitta’s came to giving up on this zany UFC experiment?  Then read this insightful article by Neil Davidson, which effectively portrays Dana White as a man with the virtues of his faults.  For example, there was the time he fired the entire production crew for not doing things just how he wanted.  Kind of makes sense that the same guy who built the industry leader by kicking asses and micro-managing his way to the top can also be more than a little too controlling at times.  (See also: Sponsor Smackdown)

In other news…


Caption Contest: Win Tickets to the UFC 100 Viewing Party at Radio City Music Hall

Brock Lesnar and Tim Sylvia
(We haven’t seen a meeting of the minds this powerful since the Potsdam Conference. Hi-yo! What, no history teachers read this site?)

Good news, New York MMA fans.  No, Bob Reilly hasn’t been crushed by a large rock, but almost as good.  Thanks to the fine people at the MSG Fight Club, we’re giving away two free passes to the UFC 100 viewing party at Radio City Music Hall this Saturday night.  Not only will our lucky winner get to watch Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir go at it in high-def on a 70′x35′ screen, there’s also an exclusive autograph session with Matt Hamill and Frankie Edgar for the first 200 fans in the door, plus a general Q&A with them before the fights go live at 10 pm EST.  All you have to do is caption the above photo in a manner that we deem most amusing.

If you aren’t clever enough to win, you can still get tickets at a 10% discount by going here and entering the code: UFCFACE.  So worst case scenario, you watch UFC 100 on a ridiculously big screen for less than the price of ordering the pay-per-view yourself. 

We’ll announce the winner tomorrow, and since we realize that even you non-New Yorkers can’t resist trying your hand with this one, how about including something in your entry to let us know if you could actually attend this thing or not.  (And if the reason you can’t attend is because you’re in Vegas, keep your eye out tomorrow for info on how you can get into our pre-fight party with Fight Magazine at Tryst nightclub.)  Now have at it Potato Nation, and don’t let us down. 


Question of the Day: Does Having a Tough Day Job Make You a Tough Fighter?

Paulo Thiago
(He knew that if he lost to a guy with a bleached-blonde ‘fro all the murderers and crooks back home would never let him live it down.)

One of the genuinely interesting fights that’s being largely overshadowed by all the epic-ness on the UFC 100 fight card is the Jon Fitch/Paulo Thiago Battle for the Honor of the American Kickboxing Academy.  Or, if you prefer, you can think of it as our opportunity to find out whether Thiago is for real, or just a guy who landed one lucky punch on Josh Koscheck.  Either way, the fun story on Thiago is his day job as a BOPE officer in Brazil, which is basically a special forces police unit with the coveted title of “deadliest military force in Latin America.”  

Here’s what Thiago had to say about his work to Fighters Only:

“I live through ordinary situations for a person who chose such an occupation,” Thiago shrugs when asked about his day job. “We pray for action like shooting or whatever. I cannot use the aggressiveness like in MMA but I had to submit and strike many times during my job. I don’t like to hurt people but I had to fight them.”


Morning Video Block: The UFC Is Just Getting Started, Randy Couture Talks ‘Expendables’ and Divorce + More

(Props: via MMA Fanhouse)

"This is our time. This is our sport. And we’re just getting started." — So intones the narrator of this official tribute to the UFC’s evolution. Maybe it doesn’t rock as hard as the Bowie-soundtracked fan-made compilation we showed you earlier, but with three days left until UFC 100, it’ll help get you in the proper reflective mood.