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Caption Contest: Win Tickets to UFC 102

(To this day Jet Li still isn’t convinced that this photo wasn’t somehow taken during an interesting, though slightly terrifying dream he had after passing out drunk with Spike TV blaring in the background.)

Good news for the Pacific Northwest portion of the Potato Nation.  We have two free tickets to give away to UFC 102 in Portland, Oregon next weekend – thanks to our good buddies at Fight Magazine – and we’re going to give them to whoever can most successfully amuse us with a caption for the above image.  Just ask the winner of our UFC 101 tickets, Lebowski1976, and he’ll tell you that it’s totally worth the struggle if it means you get to pour beer on some loudmouth jerk from your free seats at a UFC event.

As usual, if your entry does not tell us that you are geographically capable of actually attending the event, we’re going to assume that you aren’t and therefore no matter how LOL-worthy your entry is, you’ll still be watching UFC 102 from home.  However, this time around we do have a special, non-regionally exclusive consolation prize for a few select runners-up: a year’s subscription to Fight Magazine.

So go ahead, give us your best shot in the comments section.  We’ll comb through the entries and announce our winners early next week.  And no, we won’t give a damn if you thought yours was funnier.  We read it, and it wasn’t.  We’re absolutely positive.