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UFC 103: The Liveblog

Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort UFC 103
(‘Hey guys, I like you both, but I’m going for ice cream later and there’s only one open seat in my convertible.  I’ll let you two sort this out however you deem necessary.’ Photo courtesy of

Looking for live results, sort of clever commentary, and pithy observations all rolled into one for tonight’s UFC 103?  Then you’re in the right place.  We’ll follow the action from Spike TV to pay-per-view as we wait for the most important 195-pound bout since Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva to be decided.  And on this night when MMA and boxing are supposedly going head-to-head, we promise that we won’t even mention Floyd Mayweather.  Oh crap, we blew it already, didn’t we?  Screw it.  Remember to hit refresh often to keep up with the action.