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And Now He’s Cut: Denis Kang

Denis Kang UFC MMA
(Well, it was fun while it lasted. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

According to multiple reports, veteran middleweight Denis Kang has been released from his UFC contract following his second-round TKO loss to Michael Bisping at UFC 105, officially making him the UFC’s Biggest Bust of 2009. Once considered a top-ten middleweight due to his impressive performances in PRIDE and Spirit MC — including an epic 23-fight stretch in 2003-2006 where he didn’t lose a single match — Kang has now lost five of his last nine attempts, including two out of three in the UFC. The dismissal is somewhat surprising since Kang hadn’t lost two in a row, and his scrap with Bisping earned UFC 105′s Fight of the Night. Still, his employers didn’t see a future with him in their organization, and he’s on the free market again. According to MMA Fanhouse, Kang is currently in talks with several promotions in the US and abroad.

Other recent UFC firings include…


Spike TV Has Some UFC 105 Ratings That They’d Like To Put All Up In Strikeforce’s Face, If You Don’t Mind

(I think we all know what the young male audience was tuning in to see: Randy Couture’s brilliant and intoxicating smile. Props: MMA TKO)

Spike TV is a lot like those jerks who you play in a fantasy football league with.  There’s always one sure way to know when they did better than you, and it’s by checking your email inbox.  Spike sent out another email today touting the triumph of UFC 105 over Strikeforce on CBS, at least among a few key demographics.  According to Spike, UFC 105 drew an average of 2.9 million viewers on Saturday, which is considerably less than the 4.04 million that Strikeforce averaged.  UFC 105 peaked with 3.7 million viewers during the main event, whereas Strikeforce had 5.46 million watching Brett Rogers get his head knocked off. 

But just because they technically lost the overall ratings battle to a network TV event (which is expected), doesn’t mean they can’t hype their own numbers in the young male demographic that the UFC and Spike TV collectively own.  Just check out this handy breakdown they provided:


Yep, Andre Winner Got Screwed Out of KO of the Night at UFC 105

(Props: MMA TKO…again)

When we heard that Dennis Siver received UFC 105′s Knockout of the Night bonus instead of Andre Winner, who appeared to have seriously affected Roli Delgado’s future consumption of solid foods with that blistering right hand, we were a little taken aback.  But okay, we thought, in all fairness, we hadn’t seen Siver’s knockout.  Winner’s was clearly a brainstem adjustor of the first class variety, but maybe, just maybe, Siver’s was so spectacular that it made Winner look like he’d barely squeaked by.  It’s possible, right?


UFC 105 Produces Some Excellent Punch-Faces

(You keep making that face, Dan, and it’s going to stick.  Still, at least it attracts attention away from your sideburns.)

It’s no secret that here at the Potato we’re big fans of the phenomenon known as Punch-Face.  Just as no one looks cool sneezing, neither does anyone look cool when being punched in the face.  Okay, maybe Paul Newman, but that’s the one exception.  Fortunately for us, the boys at Fight Magazine were in England for UFC 105 this weekend and they captured a whole slew of punch-faces for us to enjoy.  Will we ever get sick of this?  Maybe one day.  It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be today, though. 

Check out our favorites after the jump, and go here to see the awesome UFC 105 photo gallery from Fight Magazine.


The Potato Index: UFC 105 Aftermath

(‘Seriously Brandon, quit it. I’m not going to tell you again.’ Photo courtesy of

The data is in for UFC 105, and now the Potato Index’s arbitrary numerical rankings system is here to tell you who’s up and who’s down after this weekend’s UK action.

Randy Couture +25
It goes down as another win on his permanent record, but it just as easily could have gone the other way.  He’s still great when it comes to executing a game plan, and any man who can bounce back from those kicks to the body is a tough S.O.B., but a methodical, debatable win over a mid-level 205’er doesn’t herald the dawning of a new age for Randy the light heavyweight.

Brandon Vera -21
As close as this fight was, Vera can’t complain.  He spent most of the bout with his back on the fence, and when he finally put Couture in trouble he let him off the hook rather than trying to finish him off.  Sorry, Truth.  Looks like the middle of the pack is where you’re going to stay.


UFC 105 Results in $40,000 Bonuses, Lukewarm Controversy

(The word you’re looking for is, Daaaamn! Props: MMA TKO)

Last night’s UFC event in Manchester, England sure drew the locals out of their pubs, setting a new UFC record for attendance at a European event with 16,693 attendees for a live gate of more than $2 million.  That means the UFC had plenty of spare cash for bonuses, and they gave out $40,000 bumps to Michael Bisping and Denis Kang (Fight of the Night), Terry Etim (Submission of the Night), and Denis Siver (KO of the Night).  Etim was the easy choice, since he had the night’s only submission, but we would have thought that Andre Winner earned a KO bonus with the memory-eraser you see above.  Siver’s must have been truly spectacular, or else the UFC is using him as part of a money laundering scheme.  It’s definitely one of those two.

Of course, the decision that handed Randy Couture the win over Brandon Vera at UFC 105 is already being called "controversial," though it was such a close three-round fight that we’d probably be hearing the same gripes if it had gone the other way.  Sure, Vera came the closest to finishing the fight, but that one burst of offense in the econd round was the most significant action of the fight.  Aside from that, it was a lot of Couture pressing Vera up against the fence, stifling any attempts at offense.  That’s never going to be easy to score or even all that satisfying to watch.  One thing we can all agree on, though….


‘UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera’ — Blow-by-Blow

Randy Couture UFC 105 Logan Stanton
(When Logan saw the scarf, a chill went through her body. The beaten, bloodied man she saw in the alley — suddenly it all made sense. / Photo courtesy of the UFC 105: Weigh in Pics set on CombatLifestyle.)

By now, Randy Couture and Brandon Vera have already headlined UFC 105 in Manchester, England. Either Mike Swick or Dan Hardy has earned a title shot against Georges St. Pierre. Michael Bisping could have put on a heroic performance against Denis Kang in front of his fellow Brits, or he could have been exposed again. Maybe I already know what happened in these fights; if so, I’m not telling, at least not yet. Maybe you know as well, in which case we’re flattered that you’re here, but we’re a little curious as to what you’re doing on CagePotato on a Saturday night, reading descriptions of fights that you’ve already seen live in England or via an Internet feed, or at the very least spoiled for yourself on another website, especially when they’re being shown right now on Spike TV, though if you live on the West Coast, the show won’t even begin for another three hours. It’s all a little mind-bending when you stop to think about it, so don’t. Don’t think. Simply flow, and flow simply. Exist only in this moment. Round-by-round updates from the UFC 105 Spike TV broadcast are after the jump. Refresh the page every few minutes to see the latest, and please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Now, let us watch fights…


UFC 105 Preliminary Card Results

Paul kelly UFC 105 MMA
(Usually, flying a British flag at half-mast would signify some sort of tragedy. Photo courtesy of the UFC 105: Weigh in Pics set on CombatLifestyle.)

Spoliers after the jump. Come back at 8 p.m. for play-by-play from the Spike broadcast…


How Brandon Vera Plans to Beat Randy Couture

I spoke with Brandon Vera for an article this week about his fight with Randy Couture at UFC 105 and what it would mean for him to beat a legend.  To hear Vera tell it, he realizes that he got a little too full of himself early in his career, but his new training partners have brought him back down to earth.  He says he’s never trained harder for a fight in his life, but he still had some trouble trying to figure out how he’s going to throw anything at Couture that the guy hasn’t already seen:

"I was thinking, what can I do to Randy that he’s never experienced before? I thought long and hard about it and it’s tough because of who he is and how long he’s been in the sport. But Randy’s never fought anybody with kicks and shins like me. I only have to hit him three or four times each round with my shin, and it could change the fight. I’m going to hit Randy like he’s never been hit before."

In other words, he’s going to try to do to Couture what he did to Mike Patt.  But this begs the question, if Vera is so confident in his ability to break opponents down and put them away with his kicks, why didn’t he try to do more of that in his last fight with K-Sos, which he won via a very narrow decision?  His answer might surprise you:


UFC 105 Weigh-In Results + The Danavlog

All fighters successfully made weight for UFC 105 in Manchester.  That makes for a positive, though boring story, so we’ll just have to content ourselves with the latest installment of Dana White’s video blog.  It seems DW is entertaining himself in England by looking at a mixture of art and oddities, all in the same afternoon.  The things you can do when you’re a rich fight promoter with a love of high-brow culture and freaky weird stuff. 

The highlight here may be White’s face time with fans, some of whom grill him with questions about Strikeforce and Gina Carano.  At about the 5:07 mark we see the world’s biggest Dan Henderson fan, who tells Dana in no uncertain terms, "Sign Hendo back.  He’s the best fighter in the world, sign him back."  That does not sound like a request, Mr. White.  That’s an in-your-face demand.  Pay Henderson his "obscene" amount of money, or face that kid’s chubby wrath.

Full weigh-in results are after the jump.