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UFC 115 Injury Report: Franklin’s Arm, Liddell’s Face, Barry’s Hand/Foot, Cro Cop’s Ham

Chuck Liddell Rich Franklin UFC 115 broken arm
(Photo courtesy of’s UFC 115 Fight Night Photos gallery.)

Chuck Liddell may have lost his ability to take a punch, but he still had enough offensive firepower at UFC 115 to break Rich Franklin’s arm with the first body kick he threw. Following their meeting on Saturday night, Ace confirmed that he broke his left ulna during the fight, and would be in a cast for at least eight weeks. As the former UFC middleweight champ told reporters at the post-fight press conference:

"I definitely wasn’t going to quit — I’ve broken bones before and continued fighting — but there was part of me that was wondering what kind of strategy I was going to use to win the fight with a broken left arm in the second and third rounds." 

…proving once again that knocking your opponent out early is always the best gameplan. (Are you listening, Pat?) Liddell woke up from his knockout with a horribly split lip and a gash over his left eye, but that didn’t stop him from making an appearance at his afterparty. A photographic timeline of Chuck’s night continues after the jump.


Was Pat Barry Having a Little Too Much Fun in the Octagon Last Night?

(This moment brought to you by This pic brought to you by

In MMA, we’re constantly being reminded that one of the many things that makes our sport great is the mutual respect and admiration between the athletes. As fans, there’s something inspiring about seeing two guys pound each other for 15 minutes and then smile and shake hands afterward. It’s also fun to see guys fight when it seems like they’re really enjoying themselves. The sportsmanship, the camaraderie, the brotherhood; that stuff is great. But last night at UFC 115, all the smoking-and-joking and gripping-and-grinning might well have cost Pat Barry a win.


UFC 115 Aftermath: Everybody in the World Wants Chuck to Retire; Will he Listen?

(VidProps: MMA Fighting)

Regardless of how you think of Chuck Liddell on a personal level, it was hard not to feel bad for the guy last night. Liddell seemed just seconds away from heading back to his corner up 1-0 during his UFC 115 main event fight against Rich Franklin, after showing off a surprisingly diverse striking attack and even a takedown during the opening stanza. Then Franklin clipped him with a short right square on the jaw and as soon as Liddell’s rigid body hit the canvas, you could almost hear the entire MMA world sigh and say: Well, that’s the end of that.

And it was. Hopefully for good this time. In the above video with Ariel Helwani, UFC President Dana White guaran-damn-tees that we’ve really, absolutely seen the end of “The Iceman” in the Octagon. Liddell was taken to the hospital immediately following the fight, so he and White had not yet spoken at the time of filming, but there’s no arguing with the decision. At this point in his career – after three consecutive ugly KO losses – it’s starting to look like a solid gust of wind has to potential to knock Liddell stiff. It’s time to pull the plug on this thing while he still has most of his faculties.


UFC 115 Post-Fight Presser

Some decent fights tonight. I’m guessing we’ve seen the last of "The Crow" and "The Iceman" and we’ll be seeing a lot more of Rich Franklin (once his arm heals) Rory MacDonald, Martin Kampmann, Carlos Condit and Claude Patrick.

I’m thinking Cro Cop UFC career may be close to its expiry date considering he is on the last fight of his contract and he carries an exorbitant price tag, but you never know.

Check out the post-fight presser after the jump. It should start around 1:30am ET.


UFC 115 Liveblog: Fight Night in Vancouver

Here we go with tonight’s liveblog for UFC 115: Liddell vs. Franklin, which will attempt to answer a plethora of burning questions. Do abs make you a better fighter? Does shaving off your porn stache give you a better chin? Will Tyson Griffin finish his third UFC opponent? Will Pat Barry be able to reach Cro Cop’s melon with a head kick?

We’ll soon know the answers to these questions and many more. Remember to refresh often.

Let’s kick it.


Jake Shields to be at UFC 115 Tonight in Vancouver; Is a Signing Announcement Forthcoming?

(Maybe now I can get some RE$PECT!)

I just got back from the MMA Expo in Toronto and will have a bunch of interesting video, audio and text versions of interviews I did with Forrest Griffin, Karo Parisyan, King Mo’, Bibiano Fernandes, Firas Zahabi, Shonie Carter, Ryan Ford and Dan Miller up on the site this week.

Unfortunately, I was unable to land one with Jake Shields, as, immediately following his teaching session at the Paradise Warrior Retreat, he was whisked away in a car to catch a plane to Vancouver to attend tonight’s UFC show.

I had a small window of time for a brief exchange as he walked to the parking lot, so I handed him the Photoshop I did of him outside the pawn shop after selling the Strikeforce belt and questioned why it was so important that he be at the show tonight. I asked him if we can expect an announcement at the show that he was Octagon-bound, to which he replied, "Not yet," but what else could he say if an announcement is forthcoming?

I’d say there’s a pretty good chance we’ll hear something tonight.

*FYI, he had already seen the picture as a someone had sent him a copy.

"Yeah, I’ve seen that one. It’s funny, but it isn’t real," he said. "Somebody Photoshopped it."


Reminder: UFC 115 Weigh-ins Live Right Here at 7:00pm ET

(Video courtesy of YouTube/GoodMorningTexas)

Gone are the days of seeing Chuck all hopped up on "NyQuil" rambling on about fighting Tommy Morrison and Vernon "Tiger" White on morning television. "The Iceman" has reinvented himself physically for his fight with Rich Franklin tomorrow night in Vancouver at UFC 115, which means night clubs and pharmacies have taken a hit beyond what the recession dealt them.

Feel free to rewatch the video, reminisce about this bizarre moment in MMA history and talk amongst yourselves until the stream of the weigh-ins goes live tonight at 7pm ET.

As always, the link to the UFC media player is after the jump


Dana White’s UFC 115 Video Blog Number One

(Video courtesy YouTube/UFC)

The UFC takes its traveling roadshow to Vancouver, in spite of some friction from residents and the city who seem a tad bit opposed to the Octagon invasion in their city.

(photo courtesy Esther Lin/


Dana White: If Chuck Loses Saturday Night, He’ll be forced to Retire Again

(Chuck just enjoying life at Shady Acres Retirement home.)

Fighters Only caught up with Dana White this week and spoke about Chuck Liddell’s future with the promotion should the Iceman lose to Rich Franklin at UFC 115. According to the UFC president, Liddell will be given a gold watch and a nice retirement package if he doesn’t win Saturday night.

“Yes[he'll be done], and I think he will say the same thing. But let me tell you what the difference is – the difference before, when I wanted him retired, was that he wasn’t doing the right thing," White said. "He was out partying every night and doing the wrong thing not the right thing. He wasn’t living the life of a professional athlete."


Dissection by Dallas: Liddell vs. Franklin

Chuck Liddell Rich Franklin punch-out UFC 115 hackleman

By CagePotato contributor Dallas Winston
To see past installments of Dallas’s incredibly thorough (and usually accurate) fight breakdowns, click here.

The UFC’s infusion of Pride and other overseas fighters had a significant impact on the nearly invincible aura surrounding Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin.

Only a few short years ago, the duo had thoroughly cleaned out their respective divisions as UFC champions, shellacking any and all takers with unorthodox striking that commonly ended in highlight-reel knockouts, until Pride’s demise opened the flood gates for an influx of hungry new blood.

Before first meeting Anderson Silva in 2006, Franklin boasted a stout 20-1-1 clip, ending all contests but one by stoppage — fourteen of which were handled in the opening frame — with some mysterious karate guy accounting for his only stain on the carpet. Since that dark eve of the profoundly deviated septum at UFC 64, Franklin has notched a mediocre 5-4 run, checkered by three brutal first-round beatings and one tight decision loss, all dealt by former Pride fighters (although Vitor Belfort’s classification should remain amorphous).