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Take a Look at the Welterweight Version of Sexyama

(I have come for your women.) 

As promised, Yoshiro Akiyama has already completed his transformation to 170 pounds, and besides looking a little gaunt in the face, it’s safe to say that he has taken this “Sexyama” thing to a whole ‘notha level. I mean, first the music video and now this? You are making it increasingly difficult for the rest of the male population to get laid, Mr. Akiyama.

Below, we have Akiyama’s weigh in photo leading into his UFC debut match against Alan Belcher as a basis for comparison, courtesy of


Machida Says He Likely Won’t Fight Again This Year

(“Look at me damn it.  I said I’m sorry. I even sent you a brownie basket.”)

Somebody should have warned Lyoto Machida that playing hardball with Dana White never ends well.

Now, either the UFC is teaching him a lesson for wanting “Anderson Silva Money” for stepping in on short notice to face Rashad Evans at UFC 133 or they want to save the Japanese-Brazilian fighter for its February 26 return to Japan. Either way, Lyoto, who only fought once in 2011 at UFC 129 in April, won’t even be making Strikeforce Challengers money the rest of the year. Lucky for him he has the Knockout of the Night bonus he got for retiring Randy Couture and knocking out his tooth.


Dana White’s UFC Live on Versus 5 Video Blog Day 1

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

Since he’s on his way to Wisconsin for the lead-up media appearances for Sunday night’s UFC Live on Versus 5: Hardy vs. Lytle event, Dana White’s first video blog for the show is more of a recap of UFC 133, which is just as well.

It’s interesting to see Dana’s non reaction to Vitor Belfort’s win over Yoshihiro Akiyama. He can clearly be heard telling Lorenzo Fertitta that the finishing blows by “The Phenom” were to the back of “Sexyama’s” head. Neither UFC executive showed little emotion when Belfort came over to their side of the Octagon to let them know he’s back and White later said in an interview that the former UFC light heavyweight champion would have to chew on his loss to Anderson Silva for a while before he gets another title shot.


Skippy Asks the Tough Questions at UFC 133

A couple of weeks before UFC 133 in Philadelphia, Dana White made an appearance on Philly’s Preston and Steve show on WMMR to promote the show. Preston and Steve, being the wacky morning radio show duo they are, invited local comic and YouTube star Ed Bassmaster down to meet the Baldfather as one of his many alter-egos. Dana obviously had no idea who this guy was, as he completely bought that Skippy was just your average TUF fan in khakis and comically thick glasses.

So what happens when you ask Dana why he frequently seems upset and angry?

Well, Dana was so amused that he decided to have Ed wander the locker rooms and hallways at the event, doing interviews and trying to put some moves on Chandella. Of course, what he really wanted to do was get Skippy in the same room with Lorenzo Fertitta and sit back and watch the big guy squirm.


Quick Quote of the Day: Vitor Belfort Says He’ll Run Through Everybody Who stands In His Way to the UFC MW Title

(“Expect punches to the back of the head, every fight bro.”)

Tatame caught up with Vitor Belfort following his impressive victory over Yoshihiro Akiyama Saturday night at UFC 133 and the former UFC light heavyweight champion said he isn’t letting Dana White’s statement that he needs to “chew on” his loss to Anderson Silva for a while deter him from keeping his eye on the middleweight belt.

He says that his number one goal is to get another shot at Silva, or whomever holds the belt at the time, so he can make up for his poor showing the last time he fought for the belt at UFC 126 in February.

“That’s my wish. I don’t know what they’ll decide. I don’t know what the fans want to see and since UFC guys will evaluate the situation, saying who deserves a title shot or not… I want to fight for the belt and I’ll run through everybody who stands in my way.That’s my goal.”


Technique Video of the Day: Gracie Breakdown — UFC 133

Preparing for today’s technique video entry, we thought we’d struck gold when we ran across a video from GracieAcademy titled “143 Armlocks in 10 Minutes“. Wow, we thought to ourselves, we didn’t even realize there were that many variations. Clicking on the video to watch, we were even more impressed to find that the video in question wasn’t even a full ten minutes long! Not only are these guys knowledgeable, they’re effing fast.

Well, cue the Price is Right “aw shucks” sound effect, because we got trolled pretty hard. Turns out the video is an armbar drill — watch Ryron Gracie go from side to side, working on his form, and not a single fun variation to speak of. Well played, Gracie Academy. You may have won this time, but we’ll be back.

Luckily, right next to that video we found the customary Gracie Breakdown for UFC 133, so you can watch Ryron and Rener work through the (submissionless) UFC card, including that Costantinos Philippou attempt at an omaplata that Rogan was yelling about.

Enjoy! (Seriously, enjoy this. Don’t go through another joyless day; talk to your doctor to find out if BJJ is right for you.)



Dennis Hallman Says the Banana Hammock He Wore Saturday Was the Result of a ‘Lost Bet’

(Cover your kids’ eyes. Superman’s fighting.)

Dennis Hallman says that his choice of in-Octagon attire at UFC 133 was not entirely his fault. It was actually the result of a lost bet to a trio of teammates.

Although he wouldn’t disclose the subject of the wager that led to a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during his fight with Brian Ebersole, he broke the news to Ariel Helwani during today’s MMA Hour of the reason why he went for the European look Saturday night.

“I won’t say what the bet was about, but I lost a bet to those guys and losing the bet meant that I got to wear some speedos,” Hallman explained to Helwani. “I thought it was funny. I thought it was embarrassing for me. Obviously, that’s why I had to do it. But I didn’t think anybody would be cross about it.”


Matt Hamill Retires From MMA Following Second-Straight Loss at UFC 133

(Photo via CagedInsider)

After a 9-4 UFC run that included impressive victories over Mark Munoz, Tito Ortiz, Keith Jardine, Tim Boetsch, and Seth Petruzelli, light-heavyweight contender Matt Hamill has confirmed that he is retiring from MMA competition. The TUF 3 castmember and inspirational figure made the announcement on his website today, in the wake of his TKO loss to Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 133. As Hamill wrote:

Today is a sad day for me. After six years and 13 fights in the UFC I’m ready to hang up my gloves and retire from this amazing sport.

The UFC has been extremely good to me and given me an opportunity to make a great living. That exposure has allowed me options outside the Octagon as well. I just don’t have it in me to fight anymore and my last two performances have shown that.


Video: UFC 133 Breakout Star Alexander Gustafsson Discusses Big Win Over Matt Hamill

(Props: ArielHelwani)

When Swedish light-heavyweight prospect Alexander Gustafsson (12-1) stepped into the cage against Matt Hamill at UFC 133 on Saturday night, he was already carrying UFC victories over Jared Hamman, Cyrille Diabate, and James Te-Huna, all by stoppage. But his savage second-round TKO of Hamill (gif after the jump) represented his first big-name scalp, and now sets the 24-year-old on a steep upward trajectory.

Asked about his improvements since his sole career loss to Phil Davis in April 2010, Gustafsson said, “I see myself like, I want to beat the Alex who was fighting against Te-Huna. Next fight I want to beat the Alex who fought Matt Hamill. I want to be better after every practice, and evolve, progress.”

Hamill came in as a short-notice replacement for Vladimir Matyushenko, and said after the fight that not having a full training camp led to him feeling fatigued and weak against Gustafsson. Though the UFC gave Hamill credit for stepping up, his future in the UFC is somewhat uncertain. Meanwhile, Gustafsson is a new golden boy in the 205-pound division. Any suggestions on who he should fight next?


UFC 133 Photo: Rashad Evans’s New Punch-Face Is Waiting for Your Mockery

Rashad Evans UFC 133 photos punchface

Does this mean we can finally retire Rashad’s classic Machida-face? It’s already given us so many great memories. After the jump: Tito Ortiz accidentally swallows Rashad’s hand.