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Dana White Issues the First Ever “Thank You for Getting those Trunks off TV as Soon as Possible” Bonus

Proof that ReX loves you and wants you to be happy. Props to ReX13.

Actions have consequences. If you’re going to make a screen name bet, you may have to be #1CaseyAnthonyFan for the next few weeks. If you’re going to wear manties in the Octagon, you may really gross out your boss. Perhaps to the point where he’ll invent a new bonus to give the guy who knocks you out. Due to Dennis Hallman’s wardrobe, Brian Ebersole became the first- and probably last- fighter to pocket seventy grand for winning the “Thank You for Getting those Trunks off TV as Soon as Possible” bonus.

The other End of the Night bonuses were a bit more traditional. For living up to the expectations we’ve always had of him by quickly knocking out Yoshihiro Akiyama, “War Belford” took home the Knockout of the Night bonus. Vitor Belfort more than likely knocked Akiyama out of the UFC as well, unless Akiyama is willing to drop to welterweight.


UFC 133 Aftermath: Short Fights, Short Shorts

The quickest way to a man’s heart is to drive your knee through his sternum. (Pic:

Admit it: for a moment last night, you believed. After surviving a first round that saw him battered against the cage and dumped to the canvas “Country Breakfast” style, it looked like “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” “The People’s Champion”, for the second time in five weeks, would pull off the improbable upset via guillotine. But aside from those few electrifying seconds, Tito Ortiz was never in that bout. Rashad’s hands, Rashad’s speed, Rashad’s everything seemed too much for Tito.

Evans showed no signs of ring rust as he went for the kill throughout the fight. Following this decisive victory he now finds himself in the exact same position he’s been in for well over a year: staring at a potential title fight in the manner a mule eyes a carrot dangling just out of reach. From what I saw last night, he’s as ready as one can be to challenge Jon Jones should he get past Rampage next month. Rashad has a history of excessively-delayed bouts with both men. Let’s pray that the winner of that bout emerges healthy and ready to defend his belt sooner rather than later.


UFC 133 Commentary and Play-By-Play With Twice the Philly Cheesesteak As Last Time

Well, UFC 133 is live from the home of Rocky Balboa tonight so let’s get this thing going and see how Philly does this shit.


Spoilers are after the jump.


Video: Chael Sonnen Q&A Session Before UFC 133

Props: Zombie Prophet

If you were lucky enough to be in Philly for the lead up to UFC 133, you were treated to a Q&A session with none other than Chael Sonnen. True to form, Chael Sonnen gave some brutally honest potentially scripted answers to the fans. And of course, the obligatory praise for Dana White, going as far as saying that Dana White would end the recession if he was president. Really. Not to imply that Chael would ever use plants for a Q&A session, but his response to “What happened in California? (9:52 mark)” seemed pre-packaged, even for an eagle among turkeys like Chael Sonnen.

Some brief highlights after the jump:


Last Minute Hype: Dana White’s UFC 133 Blog #3

Dana’s Video Blogs are often great for two reasons: you get to see some cool shit from just over his shoulder, and you get just a small hint of how much money he has. This final UFC 133 entry is no different.

Following the UFC 133 Press Conference, Dana takes your standard helicopter ride to Atlantic City, where he proceeds to “kick the shit out of Caesar’s Palace”. Judging by the fat stacks of cash in his hotel room, The Baldfather is rapidly approaching the point where he must weigh his money rather than count it. We also get a closer look at last night’s weigh-ins and learn that Ivan Menjivar knew that he wouldn’t be cutting any additional weight as soon as he stepped off the scales, opting for a fine instead. A tough weight cut is always something to consider for those of you looking to place any last minute bets.

Here’s your chance to get it on the record. Who is getting their hand raised tonight?


Video Evidence: Brian Ebersole Gives You Two Reasons to Be Cautious in Thailand

If we learned anything about Brian Ebersole during his UFC debut, it’s that he’s a wild dude with a penchant for cartwheel kicks. You might think it’s something he just does on a whim, but as we learn in the video above it’s a maneuver that requires thorough training.

Ebersole’s preparation for tonight’s fight against Dennis Hallman took him all the way to Phuket, Thailand, where he sharpened up his “eight limbed attack”. But it wasn’t all take and no give for “The White Anderson Silva”. He took time from his training to teach the men, women, and…everyone else at Tiger Muay Thai a lesson in his trademark kick. Could we have just caught a glimpse of Strikeforce’s next Women’s Middleweight Champion?


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(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

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Make 42 Minutes of Your Friday a Little Bit Better by Listening to The Bum Rush Episode 25

There are a lot worse things you could spend 42 minutes doing today, so you may as well listen to The Bum Rush. Hell, you could make any menial task a bit more enjoyable if you do it WHILE listening to the show.

On this short and sweet episode, Mike and Ben get right down to business breaking down UFC 133, recapping Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson and giving their takes on the week’s hot button news stories.


Ben vs. Seth — UFC 133: Evans vs. Ortiz Edition

Rashad Evans Tito Ortiz UFC 133 press conference face off MMA photos
(“Look Tito, I’ll stand up here with you, but I ain’t holdin’ your damn hand.” Photo courtesy of MMAMania)

With UFC 133 set to pop off tomorrow night in Philly, CagePotato founding editor Ben Goldstein and weekend writer Seth Falvo are locking horns for a furious ‘Evans vs. Ortiz’-flavored debate. So how far can Tito take this “comeback” thing? How can you make some quick cash by betting on the fights? And will Ben or Seth have to change their screen-name to something humiliating on Sunday? It’s time for battle, and the stakes have never been higher…

If Tito Ortiz beats Rashad Evans on Saturday night, should he get a light-heavyweight title shot?

BG: Well yeah, obviously. If Tito can pull off another gigantic upset on Saturday, he’ll have completed the first two acts of a comeback story that you usually only see in movies. The only logical next step is the thrilling, Rocky-esque finale, where the belt is on the line, and the odds are stacked against him, and his twin sons are cageside, sucking their thumbs in unison, held in the arms of a very concerned-looking Donald Trump. The bottom line is, the UFC would be fools to sit on such an incredible storyline, especially when it involves one of their all-time biggest stars.

Besides, who would Tito really be line-jumping in this scenario? The winner of Mauricio Rua vs. Forrest Griffin? Meh, they’ve had their shots. And we all know that Lyoto Machida will be on ice for a while due to his insolence. So until Dan Henderson gets re-signed by the UFC for one last title run at 205, “yes” is the only answer here.

SF: That all sounds right to me, Ben. Rashad Evans has been a perennial contender at light-heavyweight. A victory over him should give you a title shot, no matter who you are. Yet Rashad Evans doesn’t necessarily deserve a title shot if he beats Tito Ortiz. Ortiz’s victory over Ryan Bader didn’t elevate him to contender status; it prevented him from getting fired. He’s still 1-4-1 in his last six going into Saturday night. Frankly, he’s a step down in competition from Phil Davis, as far as the current light-heavyweight rankings are concerned. If Evans finishes this fight quickly, then I fully expect him to get the next shot at the title. But if he allows this fight to go to the judges, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get overlooked.

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that you have $100. Looking at the fight odds for UFC 133, what’s the surest way to increase your stack?


Here’s the Best UFC 133 Preview You’ll See All Day

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

It’s amazing that the UFC marketing department can release what likely started off as an inter-office gag and it becomes more popular than the actual hype videos they release for the event, especially when you think it probably didn’t take their video editing team more than an hour to make it.