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Elbows vs. Long Arms: Stokin’ the UFC 79 Fire

Not that we need to do shit to keep you pumped about UFC 79: Nemesis, we’re going to anyway.  The holidays might have tore you away from the MMA universe for a couple of days, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss Chuck and Wandy waxing eloquent and chatting about strategy.
Liddell ‘splaining that he has long arms.
Silva revealing that he’s going to use his elbows.

More importantly, we’ve watched as the octagon has inched closer to the mainstream and it’s cool to see peeps like ESPN giving MMA more and more web space every month – even if they are looking at it through Dana White-colored glasses. Stay tuned for our full preview of the night later this week where we’ll break it down all proper for you.