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UFC 99 Pick-Off Contest: Our Turn

Just a friendly reminder to those of you who have yet to enter your UFC 99 picks in this forum thread, you only have until midnight PST tonight (Friday, 6/12) to get them in.  You know you want to see what Lyoto Machida’s “Karate for MMA” DVD set is all about, while also establishing your dominance as the MMA prognosticator of all prognosticators.  This is the best chance to do both at once.  Take our word for it, nothing impresses the ladies like bringing them back to your place, popping in a Machida instructional DVD, and telling them how you won this puppy free of charge thanks to the power of your brain.  It helps if the ladies are very drunk and not listening to you at all during this.

After the jump, check out our UFC 99 picks and be amazed.  Or just mock us in the comments section.  Either way.