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Vinny Magalhaes Returns to Zuffa’s Tender Embrace at UFC 151

(The super absorbent Shampow belt currently sells for $19.95, but if you call within the next ten minutes, because we can’t do this all day, we’ll throw in a baby for just the price of shipping and handling.) 

It has been a very frustrating couple of years for M-1 Light Heavyweight champion and TUF 8 finalist Vinny Magalhaes. After winning the M-1 belt with a mounted gogoplata submission over Victor Nemkov in April of 2011, then defending it with a head kick TKO of Mikhail Zayats the following October, Magalhaes found himself in a bit of contract limbo with the well documented shysters at M-1. In short, they refused to offer him any more fights under his current contract while simultaneously trying to ink him a new one. Like we said, shysters.

Anyway, after nearly a year on the shelf, Magalhaes got desperate. So desperate, in fact, that he tried selling his belt on Ebay, which was valued at an astounding $99,999 before it was suddenly pulled off the market for reasons that have yet to be explained. However, it appears that Vinny has finally reached an agreement (re: his mercifully release) with his M-1 counterparts, as word has broke that the champ, who has gone 7-1 since being ousted from the UFC following a pair of losses to Ryan Bader and Elliot Marshall, will return to the sport’s highest promotion at UFC 151, which goes down from the Mandalay Bay in Vegas on September 1st. His opponent has yet to be named, but Tatame has the scoop:

Vinny “Pezao” Magalhaes is back to the UFC. The light heavyweight, who lost to Ryan Bader on the TUF 8 Finale, signed a contract with the organization and is set to fight at UFC 151, on September 1st, TATAME learned with sources.

Videos of Magalhaes’ title win and defense await you after the jump, along with the skinny on a potential signing in the UFC’s flyweight division.


Fedor/M-1 Global Press Conference Confirms: It’s Time We Gave Up on Seeing Fedor in the UFC

(Mike Tyson was not pleased when he learned that simply appearing in this picture entitled M-1 Global to 50% of his future earnings.)

Fedor Emelianenko and his M-1 Global cronies seemed awfully excited to tell us very little during today’s press conference.  Considering that their big news was that Fedor would be “headlining” the new EA Sports MMA video game (does that mean he’ll be the final boss that every fighter, regardless of weight class, has to beat? are we talking Fedor Emelianenko’s Punch-Out here?) it’s hard to understand how they thought the reaction to today’s non-answers about everything from UFC negotiations to Affliction cancellation reactions would be anything but a disappointment.

Here’s the summary, for those of you in a hurry.  Fedor would absolutely consider fighting in the UFC, but only if M-1 Global can play too.  Their reasoning for feeling like they should get to piggyback on the money machine that the UFC has created?  Because they have Fedor, and they’ve promoted MMA “all over the world.”  Good for them.  But can someone please explain why that entitles them to a cut of the UFC’s profits?