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“Rampage” Jackson Is Getting Sued

Though former UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was never charged with causing a pregnant woman to lose her unborn child after he struck her car in his harrowing run from the law last summer, he’ll now have to face a civil suit on the matter, according to  Holli Griggs claims that Jackson is responsible for “the stillbirth of her baby” after hitting her car while he attempted to evade police during his much-publicized hit-and-run episode.  

An investigation by the Orange County District Attorney’s office concluded that the woman’s miscarriage was unrelated to the incident, and Jackson later plead guilty to evading the police and reckless driving in exchange for avoiding jail time.  Does this mean Jackson is going to continue to be distracted by his past exploits while also taking a hit to the pocketbook?  Hard to say, but it might be difficult to find a jury that’s sympathetic to pro athletes driving under the influence of "delirium."  Dana White might have been convinced that Jackson wasn’t to blame, but other people might feel differently after seeing the photos.