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Must-See: MMA in February ’09

Here’s the latest monthly MMA video summary from FightFace, featuring the greatest hits from UFC Fight Night 17, UFC 95, MFC 20 and more; big ups for the Jeff Buckley soundtrack. Anybody know who was responsible for that insane upkick KO at the 1:25 mark? (Update, from Facey himself: "That was Dustin Kempf from the North American Allied Fight Series, although he ended up winning by RNC.") For more great MMA highlights, check out


Velasquez and Lauzon Lead UFC Fight Night 17 Salary List

Cain Velasquez MMA UFC Denis Stojnic Fight Night 17 Tampa
(There’s gotta be an easier way to earn five grand. Photo courtesy of

$424,000 in official salaries and bonuses were paid out to the fighters who competed at Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night event in Tampa, Florida — a pittance compared to what the guys on pay-per-view cards tend to get, but when you consider that the live gate was only $428,000 it seems downright charitable. The numbers are below. Keep in mind that these figures don’t include income from sponsorships or undisclosed "locker room bonuses."

Cain Velasquez: $60,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus and $30,000 “Knockout of the Night” bonus)
Joe Lauzon: $50,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus and $30,000 “Submission of the Night” bonus)
Josh Neer: $48,000 (includes $9,000 win bonus and $30,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus)
Mac Danzig: $45,000 (includes $30,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus)
Kurt Pellegrino: $32,000 (includes $16,000 win bonus)
Anthony Johnson: $26,000 (includes $13,000 win bonus)
Gleison Tibau: $26,000 (includes $13,000 win bonus)
Rich Clementi: $23,000
Dan Miller: $18,000 (includes $9,000 win bonus)
Matthew Riddle: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)


Videos: Lauzon/Stephens, Neer/Danzig + More

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Neer, Danzig, Lauzon, Velasquez Collect UFC Fight Night 17 Bonuses

Josh Neer Mac Danzig MMA UFC
(Josh, this isn’t really the best time to tell your fishing stories. Photo courtesy of
Last night’s UFC Fight Night show hosted 7,596 fans at the University of South Florida Sun Dome in Tampa, for an approximate gate of $428,000. A nice-sized chunk of that was re-distributed to the fighters in $30,000 end-of-night bonuses. Taking home the extra chedda were…

Fight of the Night: Josh Neer and Mac Danzig for their breakneck-paced two-round brawl, which saw the Dentist get in Mac’s head with his constant taunting and eventually end the match with a triangle choke.

Submission of the Night: Headliner Joe Lauzon for locking in a brutal armbar on Jeremy Stephens at the end of the second round of their fight, seemingly motivated by the blood that had begun spurting out of his head.

Knockout of the Night: Cain Velasquez, apparently. Though his fight against Denis "The Body" Stojnic was a one-sided drubbing, the stoppage by ref Jorge Ortiz was a bit confusing to the fighters as well as the fans. Stojnic wasn’t exactly "knocked out"; he was just turtled for a little too long as Velasquez pawed at him, and initially mistook the stoppage for a referee standup. Still, it was enough to get Velasquez another win, and increase his record to 5-0.

Full results from the event are after the jump.


Videos: Joe Lauzon and Jake Rosholt Just Livin’ Their Lives

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Hey, look who’s getting into the video blog act — it’s Joe Lauzon, who lets us into his world as he flies from Boston to Tampa to take on Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 17. Him and his crew gawk at Tiffani Amber Thiessen, visit Gracie Tampa, do a news spot with Rich Clementi…and that’s about it. Maybe he’ll have a shock pen in tomorrow’s episode and things will really get interesting. Below: New UFC signee Jake Rosholt gives a tour of his house in Las Vegas, which contains about as many live animals as dead ones; watch to the end and you’ll see the most amazing pet trick ever.

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UFC Fight Night 17: The New Guys

Jake Rosholt WEC MMA UFC
(Jake Rosholt: A wrestler, but not the boring kind. Photo courtesy of

Five fighters will be stepping into the Octagon for the first time this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 17; you can watch the action on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET. But which ones have potential, and which ones are just being brought in to be fed to Cain Velasquez? Read on and find out…

?Experience: 5-0, with all wins by stoppage. Last fight was a second-round TKO of Nissen Osterneck at WEC 36 in November.
Will be facing: Dan Miller (10-1, 2-0 UFC)
?Lowdown: Rosholt’s long list of achievements in amateur wrestling include three NCAA championships at Oklahoma State University. He transitioned into MMA soon after graduation, setting up shop at Xtreme Couture, and has looked impressive ever since. But in his WEC debut against Osterneck, his standup defense looked sorely lacking, and he might be very vulnerable against a seasoned vet like Dan Miller. Rosholt is signed to Ted Ehrhardt’s Team Takedown crew, and gets a $100,000 salary plus health benefits and stipends for housing and a vehicle; in return, Ehrhardt will get 50% of his income for the next seven years. 

?Experience: 5-1 fighting in Holland, Croatia, and Serbia. Four of his six fights have gone to decision.
Will be facing: Cain Velasquez (4-0, 2-0 UFC)
?Lowdown: Hailing from Sarajevo, "Denis the Menace" now calls the famed Dutch camp Golden Glory his home. But while he has no shortage of top European fighters like Alistair Overeem and Sergei Kharitonov to work out with, he’s also the kind of fighter who Velasquez eats for breakfast; in fact, it’s hard to see Cain losing this one. Wikipedia lists Stojnic’s fighting style as "Sambo, Karate." Unless he learned his sambo from Fedor Emelianenko and his karate from Lyoto Machida, we wouldn’t put too much faith in him.


Amir Sadollah Forced to Pull Out of UFC Fight Night 17

Amir Sadollah UFC MMA hospital Skoal chewing tobacco
(At times like these, it’s the simple pleasures that sustain us. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Due to an injury sustained in training, TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah will not be facing Nick Catone at UFC Fight Night 17 (February 7th; Tampa, Florida). No, he didn’t break his funny-bone. According to MMA Weekly:

[S]ources indicated that the fighter suffered a broken clavicle in training that pushed him out of the fight…
Sadollah and Catone were originally scheduled to meet in November 2007, but a last second leg injury forced the "Ultimate Fighter" winner off the card and instead of finding a replacement, the UFC opted to push their match-up back to February instead. Before his previously scheduled match in Nov, Sadollah had a leg infection that put him in the hospital and out of action for an extended period of time.

This sucks just as bad for Nick Catone, who has been inactive since last June, just waiting for Sadollah to get his shit together. Luckily, the UFC is trying to find a replacement for Amir so that Catone can still compete next month.

As for Sadollah, he’s also been inactive since last June, when he submitted CB Dollaway at the TUF 7 finale. That fight is still the only pro MMA match on Sadollah’s record. There’s no word yet on when he’ll be able to return to competition, though perhaps Amir should take this as a sign that God is very displeased with the idea of him as a cage-fighter.


UFC Fight Night 17 Card Finalized; Neer/Danzig Still On

Joe Lauzon Hermes Franca MMA UFC Mac Danzig Josh Neer
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The UFC has confirmed the lineup for UFC Fight Night 17, which will go down February 7th at the University of Southern Florida Sun Dome in Tampa; tickets can be purchased here. Notably, the recently arrested Josh Neer still has the green light to compete in a lightweight feature against Mac Danzig. Also on the televised main card, TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah finally has his first post-TUF match against undefeated Ring of Combat vet Nick Catone, Cain Velasquez welcomes Golden Glory striker Denis Stojnic to the Octagon, and Joe Lauzon and Hermes Franca try to build a win streak in the main event. The full lineup is below…

Main card
Joe Lauzon vs. Hermes Franca  (LW)
Cain Velasquez vs. Denis Stojnic (HW)
Mac Danzig vs. Josh Neer (LW)
Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone (MW)

Kurt Pellegrino vs. Rob Emerson (LW)
Alessio Sakara vs. Jake Rosholt (MW)
George Sotiropoulos vs. Matt Grice (LW)
Gleison Tibau vs. Rich Clementi (LW)
Luigi Fioravanti vs. Anthony Johnson (WW)


UFC Confirms Fight Night 17; Velasquez/Stojnic Added

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According to a new press release sent out by SpikeTV, the UFC’s 17th "Fight Night" card will go down February 7th at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida. Headlining the action will be a lightweight scrap between Joe Lauzon and Hermes Franca. Both men are coming off wins, with Lauzon most recently defeating Kyle Bradley via TKO at UFC Fight Night 15 in September, and Franca taking a unanimous decision over Marcus Aurelio at UFC 90 in October. Also on the card…

Mac Danzig vs. Josh Neer (LW): The Ultimate Fighter 6 winner looks to get back on track after being smothered by a demon-possessed Clay Guida at Fight Night 15. Neer could also use a win, as he lost a tough decision to Nate Diaz at the same event.

Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone (MW): This fight was originally supposed to go down at UFC 91, but Sadollah picked up some kind of leg infection and had to pull out. The match has been pushed to February, and the TUF 7 winner will finally get to test out newcomer Catone, a 5-0 Ring of Combat vet with four first-round stoppages under his belt. Sadollah is still just 1-0 as a pro.

Cain Velasquez vs. Denis Stojnic (HW): We didn’t even hear this one rumored until it was announced. Now that Mustapha Al-Turk has been re-assigned to UFC 92, they needed to find another patsy for Velasquez to eat up. Stojnic is just some random dude from Sarajevo who’s 5-1 in Europe. He is, however, a member of the Golden Glory team, which means he works out alongside Alistair Overeem, Sergei Kharitonov, and Semmy Schilt. How bad could he be?

MMA Weekly also hears that a lightweight bout between Kurt Pellegrino and Rob Emerson is possible; the entire fight card will be announced shortly.


Danzig and Sadollah Return at UFC Fight Night 17 in February

Mac Danzig MMA UFC Clay Guida
(Photo courtesy of

Coming off a disappointing decision loss to Clay Guida at UFC Fight Night 15 in September, TUF 6 winner Mac Danzig will reportedly face Josh Neer at UFC Fight Night 17, which will likely go down February 7th in Las Vegas. Josh Neer is himself coming off a loss at Fight Night 15 (to Nate Diaz), which tipped his UFC record to 3-4. MMA Weekly also reports that TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah will face Nick Catone on the UFC Fight Night 17 card; Sadollah was supposed to face Catone at UFC 91, but had to pull out of the match due to a leg infection.

Both of these matches are expected to be featured on the televised portion of the broadcast, which will air for free on Spike TV. The event will come just one week after UFC 94 (St. Pierre vs. Penn), and two weeks before UFC 95 (Anderson Silva vs. TBA).