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Quarry, Diaz Top UFC Fight Night 19 Fighter Payouts

Nate Quarry UFC Fight Night 19 Tim Credeur MMA
(Nate Quarry: Worth every penny. Photo courtesy of Fight! magazine via Fightlinker.)

Though we’re still waiting on payout figures for UFC 103, the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission has just released salary info for last Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night: Diaz vs Guillard event, which brought in a live gate of $577,966.72 from 6,687 paying spectators (9,490 total). The numbers are below; keep in mind that that the figures don’t include revenue from sponsorships and undisclosed "locker room bonuses," or deductions for insurance, taxes, and licensing fees.

Nate Diaz $78,000 (includes $24,000 win bonus and $30,000 Submission of the Night bonus) def. Melvin Guillard $14,000

Gray Maynard $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus) def. Roger Huerta $21,000

Carlos Condit $48,000 (includes $24,000 win bonus) def. Jake Ellenberger $10,000

Nate Quarry $90,000 (includes $30,000 win bonus and $30,000 Fight of the Night bonus) def. Tim Credeur $40,000 (includes $30,000 Fight of the Night bonus)


UFC Fight Night 19 Liveblog Kicks Off Tonight at 8 p.m. ET

Melvin Guillard MMA UFC
(For more weigh-in photos, click here.)

It’s Wednesday, and we all know you ain’t got nothing to do but watch fights. UFC Fight Night: Maynard vs. Huerta Diaz vs. Guillard (?) pops off at 8 p.m., and we’ll be posting live results for those of you without basic cable. Swing by and join the conversation, won’t you? And be sure to keep the dial locked onto Spike for an all-new Shovin’ Buddies, starring Kimbo Slice.

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UFC Fight Night 19 Video Hype: Huerta, Cantwell, Guillard

(Props: BadBoyMMA1)

Roger Huerta may have an ill-advised acting career to turn to after tomorrow night’s fight against Gray Maynard, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t training hard for his last stand in the Octagon. In the video profile above, Huerta implies that his previous loss to Kenny Florian at UFC 87 was the result of moving away from his dependable coaching duo of Dave Menne and Justin Hagen. He certainly seems focused — though you have to wonder if Huerta should be drilling nothing but his smother-defense at this point.


UFC Fight Night 19: The New Guys

(Jake Ellenberger vs. Jose Landi-Jons, 11/3/07. Fight starts at  the 5:52 mark and ends a few seconds later.)

UFC Fight Night: Diaz vs. Guillard is set to pop off this Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, directly before the TUF 10 season premiere, and as usual, we’ll be getting some new blood with our old, familiar faces. Only Jake Ellenberger is guaranteed TV time in his broadcast-opening bout against the Natural Born Killer, but if time allows, you may be seeing some other UFC newbies trying to make their mark in the Octagon. Get to know them below…

?Experience: 21-4 record (15 wins by stoppage due to strikes), with multiple appearances in the IFL, M-1 Challenge, and Bodog Fight. Most recently knocked out Marcelo Alfaya in 42 seconds, at a Bellator event in June.
Will be facing: Carlos Condit (23-5, 0-1 UFC)
?Lowdown: This 24-year-old Team Quest product has been fighting professionally for over four years, and is stepping in for the injured Chris Lytle against Carlos Condit. Regarded as a well-rounded fighter, Ellenberger is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. As he told “Having been through a Marine Corps boot camp, it makes you tougher mentally. Everything you prepare for in the Marine Corps is for war. We train for the worst case scenarios, and that’s an advantage I think I have mentally in a fight.” Jake employs his twin brother Joe Ellenberger as a wrestling coach and training partner.


Gray Maynard Says He’s Not Deserving of a Title Shot Yet, But Warns “It’s Coming”

Gray Maynard

Next Wednesday Gray Maynard will try to help escort Roger Huerta out of the UFC at Spike TV’s Fight Night 19.  In talking with him for an feature this week, “The Bully” expressed an unwavering desire to stay out of whatever drama may be going on between Huerta and the UFC, but he also expects to put some of his newly-developed skills on display in hopes of getting MMA fans to finally stand up and take notice of him.

When we saw you in your last fight against Jim Miller, you seemed to have really improved your boxing skills, and that surprised some people.

Yeah, I got with a coach, Gil Martinez, who helped coach [Randy] Couture.  I’ve been with him for about a year and a half now.  When I was getting prepared for [Frankie] Edgar I knew I had to get it going.  I’ve been going with him pretty much every day.  He has a small gym and he has a bunch of kids who can really box.  I’ve been going over there and doing drills and training every day.  He’s a great coach.  I was able to do a little bit against Edgar, where that fight was about half stand-up.  It’s slow to develop.  It takes time.


Questionable Strategy of the Day: Diaz Wants Guillard’s Fists

Nate Diaz UFC Ultimate Fighter MMA
(Nate Diaz: Not here to make friends.)

Yesterday we gazed in wonder at the poster for UFC Fight Night 19, which is being headlined, rather improbably, by a fight between Nate Diaz and Melvin Guillard. This new article about the event on doesn’t really explain why the match is getting such a push, but it does provide some insight into Diaz’s current emotional state:

“Finally I’m fighting someone that’s not afraid to stand up with me,” Diaz said. “Melvin’s a tough guy and I know that he’ll want to stand and trade with me. I don’t think the fans want to see two guys holding each other.”

UFC Fight Night 19: Diaz/Guillard Gets Top Billing Over Maynard/Huerta

Nate Diaz Melvin Guillard Roger Huerta Gray Maynard UFC Fight Night 19

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. We just received the above poster image in our inbox, in which Nate Diaz (who’s coming off back-to-back losses to Clay Guida and Joe Stevenson) and Melvin Guillard (cokehead) appear to be headlining the next UFC Fight Night card over top lightweight contender Gray Maynard and Roger Huerta, who used to be the UFC’s Great Brown Hope until he started talking out of turn. Of course, most fans are just going to be happy to see two great lightweight matchups on free TV, not realizing the passive aggressive jab of disrespect that’s going on here. (Honestly, I can’t wait to hear Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg’s spin on why Diaz vs. Guillard is main-event-worthy.) But hey, good luck to Nate — when was the last time a fighter was given a headlining slot and a "win or go home" match on the same night?

UFC Fight Night 19 will serve as a lead-in to the premiere of Kimbo’s House (aka TUF 10). Tickets to the event go on sale this week; the current lineup is after the jump.