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Nate Diaz Comes In a Half-Pound Over at Fight Night 19 Weigh-Ins, Shortage of All-Night Gyms to Blame?

Nate Diaz
(At least we know his immense musculature isn’t the culprit here.)

Blame it on the late-night munchies if you will, but Nate Diaz failed to make weight on his first attempt in Oklahoma City this afternoon.  The hardcore 209-repper came in at 156.5 for his fight with Melvin Guillard tomorrow night, which is weird since he says in this video that he was down to 157 as recently as Monday morning.  Then again, he points out in this video that the 24-hour gyms in Oklahoma City are total bullshit, so maybe all the running around he had to do in order to find an after-hours workout facility played havoc with his weight loss schedule. 

On his second attempt, Nate was able to shed the half-pound, so consider this crisis averted.  But do we need to point out that this is reason enough to wonder about the guy’s focus for this fight?  And that, if combined with a horrible gameplan, he may be walking into an upset on Wednesday night?  Nah, we didn’t think so.  Full weigh-in results are after the jump.