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Cain Velasquez to Alistair Overeem: Don’t Take My Title Shot, Bro

(Hand shake deals ain’t what they used to be.)

Remember when UFC President Dana White said that former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez “deserved” the next shot at current kingpin Junior Dos Santos after Cain steamrolled Antonio Silva at UFC 146? Well, Velasquez certainly does and he seems upset over the buzz about Alistair Overeem leapfrogging him that has circulated recently.

When Alistair broke all of our hearts by failing a drug test and becoming ineligible to challenge Dos Santos (who won the belt by stopping Velasquez) and then was suspended from competition for a year, we figured he’d have to get back in line, at least a little bit, for a chance at UFC gold. But The Reem has been taking the Chael-lite approach to getting a title shot, ie. talking smack about the champion.

Overeem recently said that he feels Dos Santos is ducking him. Dos Santos didn’t take too kindly to that assertion, especially since it was Overeem that managed not to show up to fight when they were originally slated to face-off.

Junior’s anger at Alistair has gotten to the point where he’s expressed a preference to fighting the dangerous Dutch kick boxer next instead of Cain. Velasquez doesn’t have all that Brown Pride just to stand aside and let Overeem talk his way into a spot he earned so when the former champ visited The MMA Hour Monday, he let his feelings be known.


Brock Lesnar Would Like to Go Ahead and Denigrate Shane Carwin’s Accomplishments If You Don’t Mind

(Maybe Lesnar should not have eaten those brownies that Eddie Bravo gave him before coming to this event.)

The heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin at UFC 106 is a little less than two months away now, and we all know what that means: it’s time for Lesnar to rev up his dismissive trash-talk machine, which is what he affectionately calls his brain.  Talking to the Las Vegas Sun, Lesnar advanced the theory that since the only high-profile fighter Carwin has beaten was Gabriel Gonzaga, he’s really only 1-0 in his MMA career, I mean if you think about it, so there’s really nothing to worry about against him.  Then, as if that weren’t dickish enough, he went and said this about old Hulk Hands:

“He’s a tough guy and a wrestler. But he’s a Division II national champion — enough said.”

Well, looks like Lesnar just exposed himself as a Division-ist.  Look, he’s not saying those Division II champs are all bad.  Some of his best friends are Division II wrestlers.  He’s just saying that there are certain things they don’t get to do, like be the UFC heavyweight champ or ride in the front of the bus.