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Here We Go Again: UFC Banned From German TV

(Don’t do it, Paul! Think of all the impressionable German children! Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

Those wacky Germans are at it again, Potato Nation. It wasn’t enough that the UFC had to put up with all manor of ill-informed, reactionary nonsense when they held their first event in Germany last summer. Oh, no. Now they’ve been banned from German TV for the “unacceptable” level of violence in their broadcasts. Since the UFC has been broadcasting on German sports television channel DSF for roughly a year, it seems odd that they’d be banned only now, especially when their programming is completely unchanged. That’s pretty much the exact position of UFC UK president Marshall Zelaznik, who told

“The Bavarian state office for new media has approved UFC programming on DSF twice on separate occasions in the past,” said Zelaznik. “That is why we deem the sudden ban unusual as the content of our programming has not changed. We have also had a commission for youth protection in the media review the situation and they deemed the broadcast legal if televised after 11 p.m.”

So what’s Germany’s problem with MMA, you ask? Well, aside from a vague belief that it will somehow damage the minds of their youth, they also seem really hung up on the whole ‘hitting a man when he’s down’ thing. In its statement explaining the UFC ban, the BLM (which, in German, apparently stands for Bavarian state office for new media) cited certain “breach of taboos” such as “punching a downed opponent.” Also, remember that article from Der Spiegel describing the Brock Lesnar-Randy Couture bout:


Yeah, Cheick Kongo Has a Bit of a Size Advantage Over Cain Velasquez

Cheick Kongo and Cain Velasquez UFC 99 presser
(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 99 press conference set.)

For all our talk about how far superior Cain Velasquez‘s wrestling is and how that might make all the difference in his fight with Cheick Kongo at UFC 99, it’s worth noting that Kongo is one big dude, and that often tends to help in fights, especially in the heavyweight division.  I mean, just look at the success of Tim Sylvia, such as it is/was.  That wasn’t all pure talent and genius career moves, people.  When it comes to keeping Velasquez at a distance and avoiding the takedown, it also helps that Kongo has the wingspan of a freaking condor.  Is it possible Kongo could just stay on the outside and use a combination of jabs and groin kicks to take Velasquez out of his game?


When It Comes to MMA and the UFC, It’s Still the 90’s in Germany

(Wandy and Rich can’t even get an open workout in without being bothered by this crap.)

Oh, Germany.  Your fashion sense and taste in music aren’t the only things that often trend about a decade behind the United States.  Your media coverage of the first German UFC event this weekend is equally outdated, raising all the same arguments and accusations that our media did back in the dark days of MMA.  The only difference is, when our media blasted the UFC for putting on brutal, bare-knuckled brawls with a dearth of rules to protect the competitors, it was actually true.