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Natasha Wicks Proves That a Job as an Octagon Girl Isn’t a Golden Ticket, After All

Natasha Wicks UFC ring girl
(Natasha Wicks, pre-UFC makeover. Photo courtesy of Calvin Dakari, via Model Mayhem.)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent more time than you’re comfortable with imagining the glamorous life of a UFC Octagon girl.  In our minds it involves a lot of sitting around at Vegas hotel pools, fending off awkward advances from Mike Goldberg, and taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone.  A charmed life, indeed.  But judging by Ariel Helwani’s interview with Natasha Wicks, the newest addition to the UFC’s stable of professional hot chicks, it’s more like a part-time job among other part-time jobs.  In addition to filling Edith Labelle’s empty seat at UFC events, Wicks says she also works as a go-go dancer at the Wynn and as a caddy for local golf courses:

You actually caddy for golfers?
Yeah. I’m not just sitting in the cart like, ‘Hee hee.’ I actually do my job.

Do you suggest what kind of clubs they should use?
Yeah, sometimes. I’m not the best. I’m actually really bad at golf. It’s like the one thing I can’t pick up. I can pretty much pick up anything. Usually if I try something, I’m usually extremely competitive, and I like to try new things. But golf for some reason, for me, it’s just like I have goofy arm or something. I feel awkward-looking. I’m just impressed when people hit it. I’m like, ‘Wow, good job!’ So I’m probably even a better caddy, just because every time they even just hit the ball, I’m so impressed.


Because Arianny Celeste Can’t Fall in Love With You If She Doesn’t Get to Know You

(Arianny Celeste and Matt Leinart mimic emotions together.)

If you’ve ever thought that a radio hosting gig was your key to scoring chicks, then you’ve obviously never met Steve Cofield.  But if you want to try it out anyway, while also getting close to UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste in order to dazzle her with your smooth voice and razor wit, this is your chance.  Cofield is hyping a charity auction to host an hour of radio with Arianny, Dana White, Chuck Liddell, or a bunch of other MMA stars on ESPN 1100 in Vegas.  The proceeds from this auction and radiothon go to benefit the cancer foundation The Caring Place, so it’s all for a good cause.  

The best part though, is that this could finally be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make an impression on Arianny (or Chuck Liddell, if you are a chick who has somehow not already slept with Chuck Liddell).  Just in case you win the auction, here’s our step-by-step instructions for wooing Arianny during your hour of radio time together: