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Coming Soon to a Douchebag Near You: The Octagon National Tour

A rare photo from the Cage Potato staff Christmas party.

When it comes to fan interaction and brand building, the UFC is rewriting the book for sports promotions. Between broadcasting fights on Facebook, their latest Twitter crusade, their ever-growing Fan Expo series, and even some brave fighters doling out their phone numbers, the opportunities for fans to connect with fighters and invest themselves in the world of MMA are plenty. Continuing in that mission, the UFC has launched the “UFC Octagon National Tour”.

Overall, this sounds like a pretty cool chance to meet some fighters, get some autographs, and pick up some UFC schwag. The tour will jump around the country, often making pit stops at large festivals like Bonnaroo and the X-Games. If you’ve ever attended any MMA-related event, you know all too well the type of sophisticates that turn out. For every educated fan, you have two guys in chromed-out Ed Hardy shirts talking about how tough Kimbo Slice is. One component of the tour sure to bring out the meatheads is the competitive physical fitness tests. Fans can weigh-in and test their might at pull-ups, vertical jump, and punching strength. Better than simply flexing their barbed-wire tatted biceps for those in attendance, competitors will be given a stats-card designed for Facebook posting so all of cyberspace can taste their machismo.

Any bets as to which member of the Potato Nation will post the highest scores? A schedule of upcoming tour dates and locations is after the jump…