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Video: Dana White Talks UFC 104, “Rampage” Jackson, Fedor + More on Jim Rome


Yesterday we told you about Dana White’s attempt to liken Fedor Emelianenko’s management to local shakedown operation, and while that was all good fun, there was definitely more to his appearance on ESPN’s "Jim Rome Is Burning."  Say what you will about Jim Rome’s douchey used-car-salesman-meets-strip-club-owner persona, he’s more knowledgeable about MMA than most mainstream sports commentators, and he takes the sport seriously rather than treating it as a fad that will be gone as soon as the kids today discover this new roller derby craze. 

Again, though, DW can’t help but insist that a fight between bros-for-life Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida is a very real possibility at light heavyweight.  No matter how many times they say they won’t do it, Dana can’t let it go.  You know what?  I think those two should break down and do the fight.  On one condition: Dana White must fight Herschel Walker.  And yeah, I know Walker has a Strikeforce contract, but that hasn’t stopped Alistair Overeem from doing whatever the hell he wants.


Dana White Switches Up His Anti-Russian Rhetoric Just Enough on Jim Rome’s ESPN Show

(Dana White and the UFC’s Chief Financial Officer, Bobo, share a laugh over M-1′s contract demands.)

One of the things you have to like about Dana White is that when he gets in front of a national audience, he really steps up his trash talk game.  When it’s just the MMA media, sure, he might recycle the same tired phrases and well-worn burns, but talking to ESPN’s Jim Rome today, he brought out some new material with regards to those M-1 Global jokers and their absurd demands during the UFC’s Fedor negotiations:

"Fedor’s not afraid to come over and fight or do any of that stuff.  He’s got nutty managers.  These guys are from Russia, coming to America trying to strong-arm us into some deal we won’t want to do.  Go do that to the butcher down the street in Russia.  It won’t work over here in the United States."

Please, tell me I’m not the only one who feels like launching into a U.S.A chant right now. So let’s see, instead of calling Fedor’s management a bunch of greedy, crazy Russians, they’ve now become "nutty" Russians who are trying to run some sort of MMA-themed protection racket.  Nice little paradigm shift, DW.  Just one more reason why it really sucks to be a Russian butcher.


Dana White’s ESPN Appearance: Just The Important Shit

If you watched Dana White on ESPN “E:60” last night, you may be asking yourself, what happened to that hatchet job he was so convinced they were doing on him?  Turns out it was a pretty fair, though not all that groundbreaking a look at the UFC president, focusing on the evolution of the UFC and some of his more aggressive business strategies.  Here’s him going back and forth, yet again, with Tito Ortiz, in which Ortiz’s verbal dyslexia rises to the surface and Dana screws up the phrase ‘I couldn’t care less.’ (Dammit Dana, when you say ‘I could care less,’ you’re implying that you care and are thus using it to mean the exact opposite of what you intend.  Come on, you’re better than that.)

There’s more after the jump, including DW’s take on boxing, why he’s not a pro fighter himself, and the internet war with Loretta Hunt.