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CagePotato Open Discussion: With the Reebok Deal a Bust, Where Do We Go From Here?

(If you’re the UFC, I guess the answer is “Not for your fighters.” HI-OH!)

By David Golden

A week has passed since the pay structure of the UFC’s exclusive Reebok sponsorship was made public, and the immediate reaction to the deal from both fighters and fans seems to be…let’s say less than positive. Matt Mitrione and Brendan Schaub were among the vocal minority who seemed completely shocked by the figures, and it’s easy to see why. The structure of the deal effectively turns off an important revenue stream for many fighters and gives them a stipend that is predetermined and minimally effective in many cases. Making matters worse, outside brands have not only been banned as sponsors from UFC events but will no longer be able to participate as vendors at UFC fan expos.

This might have been the saving grace for some fighters hoping to bring in additional income, but that outlet has also been blocked. There has been talk of some secondary sponsorship coming some time down the road but all signs point to that being controlled by the UFC as well. If there isn’t an opportunity for fighters to source their own sponsorship or at least make the money they believe they are worth, then this deal could turn out to be disastrous for the UFC.