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Are Cautious Fans to Blame for UFC 154′s Slow Ticket Sales?

(Yes, Georges, your knees are fine, and you can still curtsy like a little princess, we get it.)

According to a new report by the Vancouver Sun, UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit (November 17th, Montreal) is suffering from slow ticket sales, with large groups of seats available less than three weeks out from the show. Though the UFC still expects a capacity crowd at the Bell Centre, it’s a noticeable shift from the promotion’s four previous stops in Montreal, three of which set UFC attendance records. According to UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright, fans may be spooked by the UFC’s recent injury apocalypse, which absolutely destroyed their July stop in Calgary:

There’s been many examples over the last several fights — UFC 151 and 149 in Calgary is a good example of it — where fighters got injured and there were changes to the card. I think there are fans who are saying, ‘You know what? I’m really excited about GSP‘s return and I love the fact that we’ve got (Martin) Kampmann versus (Johny) Hendricks in the co-main event, and we’ve got a bunch of Canadians on the card. But you know what? I bought my tickets 12 weeks out for Calgary and a whole bunch of things happened. I’m going to wait until it’s a little closer’…I absolutely think that you’re seeing that. I think you’re going to see that going forward.”

Sounds like a logical hypothesis to me. I’m not going to go as far as to call UFC 154′s supporting card garbage-ass, but you have to ask yourself — if, God forbid, either GSP or Carlos Condit suffered a freak injury at the eleventh hour, is the rest of the lineup strong enough to soldier on without them? The co-main event of Kampmann vs. Hendricks is solid enough to headline a FUEL or FX card, but would be a tough sell for a pay-per-view headliner at the Bell Centre. And outside of the top two fights, the biggest name on the main card is Mark Hominick, who is riding an agonizing three-fight losing streak, and facing the inconsistent (and not-particuarly-relevant) Pablo Garza.


Damage Control: Four Explanations for Why UFC 140 Hasn’t Sold Out Yet


From the Toronto Sun via BloodyElbow:

Just eight months after 55,000 fight fans filled the Rogers Centre for the mixed martial arts company’s first ever Ontario show, Toronto will host UFC 140 on Saturday night. The fanfare for the event has paled in comparison to last April’s spectacle when the city had been buzzing for months about UFC 129, which was headlined by Canada’s own Georges St. Pierre. But this time around, it is being held at the much smaller Air Canada Centre…Despite the great line-up, there’s been little hoopla over the city’s second ever UFC event, which still has tickets available.

What the hell happened, Toronto? How did you go from a record-destroying immediate sellout in April to a “Good seats still available!” situation in December? On the surface, it doesn’t make much sense. So let’s throw some excuses around…


Want to Buy Tickets to UFC 115? Too Bad, A**hole!!

Chuck Liddell UFCRich Franklin UFC
(The UFC returns to Canada, with a title on the line. Specifically, the title of "Saddest Former Champion.")

UFC fans have responded to the news of UFC 115′s headliner switch with a collective "WHOFREAKIN’CARESGIMMEGIMMEGIMME!" According to a recent update on, their June 12th event at General Motors Place in Vancouver sold out just 30 minutes after the pre-sale began yesterday morning, officially making UFC 115 the fastest sellout in UFC history. The sellout happened long before seats were made available to the general public, so if you’re an average non-Fight Club member, it’s time to get scalped.

On the topic of his new opponent Rich Franklin, Chuck Liddell said pretty much what you’d think he’d say, telling “I’m ready for this fight, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I can’t wait to get back in the Octagon. I can’t tell the fans what happens in the Ultimate Fighter 11, you have to watch the show, but I’ll tell you how this is gonna end, I’m knocking Rich out.” Franklin is coming off his TKO loss against Vitor Belfort in September, while Liddell is riding back-to-back knockout losses at the hands of Rashad Evans and Mauricio Rua. Against Rich Franklin, Chuck will be in more danger to suffer his third straight KO than he’d ever be against Tito Ortiz. But I think I’ve learned my lesson about counting guys out completely.


Well, There Goes Our Plan For How To Get UFC 106 Tickets

(What, you thought she was interested in your personality?)

Disturbing sports-related news out of Philadelphia today, Potato Nation.  It seems a hardcore female Phillies fan in need of tickets to a World Series game offered to get a little too hardcore in exchange for them, and wound up getting busted by some cops with no appreciation of what it really means to love a team.  43-year-old Susan Finkelstein allegedly posted a Craigslist ad rife with innuendo as to what she’d be willing to do to see the Phillies in the World Series, and when undercover officers responded she “offered to perform various sex acts in exchange for World Series tickets.” 

The first thing we did upon hearing about this was to delete our Craigslist ad in which we promised to do “n e thing” for UFC 106 tickets, as long as it didn’t involve taking our shirts off (don’t act like we’re the only ones who are self-conscious about back hair).  But the second thing we did was to stop and think about the serious ramifications that arrests like this could have on the MMA industry.  Anyone who’s ever been to a live UFC event knows that there are a lot of halter-tops on display, and they don’t all belong to wives and long-term girlfriends.  No, some of those women are friends or even acquaintances that male ticketholders are hoping to sleep with.  Sometimes they might even be friends of friends, or hot bartenders who mentioned in passing once how much they’d like to go to an event.  To punish these women for their opportunism is wrong, and it could cut live gate revenues in half. 

People perform sex acts for tickets to sporting events.  That’s just a fact.  Some may be more explicit about it than others, but that doesn’t mean they should go to jail.  It just means they need to learn a little subtlety.