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UFC Hands Over Production Duties to Absolute Moron


Fresh off the heels of their translator debacle, the folks at Zuffa have put someone with no experience and arguably no talent at the helm of their production: you. Last night via Twitter, Dana White announced the launch of the all-new, a wholly interactive alternative to the standard pay-per-view experience.

Online viewers are able to switch between six live camera angles at any time, which will prove pivotal should Anderson Silva decide to unveil his latest dance moves once again. Advanced features like picture-in-picture and the option to watch up to four angles at once let you customize how the action is presented. Beyond the ability to listen en Español, those who grow tired of hearing Goldie and Rogan’s banter can change the sound over to either fighter’s corner. Similar to the “mic’d up” feature used sparingly in early UFC events, you’ll get to listen first-hand to the pearls of wisdom coming from coaches and cornermen, which is actually a pretty cool feature so long as it isn’t Nam Phan dispensing the advice.