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Meet the Irish Hand Grenade

(We know what you’re thinking, and yes, Marcus is standing on a box.)

Known as the “Bonus Kid” for the way he pulls down Knockout/Submission/Fight of the Night bonuses, UFC welterweight Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis will face Jess Liaudin at Saturday’s “Rapid Fire” event, where he’ll try to extend his 10-fight win streak to 11. Besides the fact that he’s been undefeated since losing to Melvin Guillard on the TUF 2 finale in November 2005, and the fact that he’s Irish, we don’t know too much about the guy — luckily, MMA Madness’s new interview with Davis sheds light on the rising star, revealing him to be a humble but entertaining dude. (Kind of like the anti-Guillard.) Some highlights…

On not being a spoiled bitch:

MMA Madness: Being undefeated in UFC competition, how many fights do you think it’ll take before you earn title consideration?
Marcus Davis: I’m patient so I don’t really care (laughs). I fight to fight. I’m 5 [UFC] wins in a row, about to be 6, so if I get up to 25 wins, at some point, I’ll get a title shot. If I don’t get one during my career, I’m not gonna look back and say I should have had one. I’ll just say “geez, I had a great time doing that.” I won’t have any regrets and I’m in no rush.

On his (and Tim Sylvia’s) origin story:

It was 1995 and Tim and I were doormen together at a bar. I became the GM of the bar and so I had all the doormen going to a boxing and MMA school inside a Gold’s Gym. I made it mandatory that the doormen go there to train. Tim was a real big guy, about 235 pounds and playing semi pro football, but he needed to learn how to throw some hands. So I started working with Tim and he said he wanted to try the Pancrase stuff. He did three or four of those, ended up meeting Pat Miletich, and that’s how it all started…after Tim left, I was still training boxing. I wanted to do some MMA stuff too so I went out, trained with Tim, met Miletich, and decided that I wanted to do this.

On his last UFC win against Paul Taylor:

I’m a much better grappler than the guys he’s fought and the guys he trains with. All the UK grapplers are way behind the ones in the United States. It’s like going to Japan and they’re still wearing Wrangler Jeans and listening to disco. That’s where they are when it comes to the ground game.

By the way, Jess Liaudin’s nickname is “The Joker.” With that in mind, we have to give the fight to the Irish Fucking Hand Grenade. (Unless, of course, Liaudin catches him in the jumping guillotine…)


And So It Begins: UFC Files First Lawsuit Against Randy Couture

(Couture and a pre-Headblade Dana White.)

The Las Vegas Review Journal has reported that lawyers for Zuffa have filed suit alleging that Randy Couture’s comments about the UFC have led to significant financial losses for the company, and that he is in breach of his contract. The lawsuit is complicated by a “conspiracy” charge, claiming that other people worked with Couture to intentionally inflict harm on the UFC, and the breach-of-contract refers specifically to a stipulation that prohibits him from engaging in “direct or indirect competition” with the UFC for a year after he leaves the organization. Couture’s sponsorship of a team in the IFL may violate this, and Zuffa is seeking an injunction to prohibit him from continuing his participation. According to the article, “The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $10,000 and states that the amount of both compensatory and punitive damages would be proven at trial.”

Said Dana White:

“What’s really tough for me, to be honest, is we have been friends for a very long time,” White said. “The hard part is that he is not living up to his obligations. Captain America is not keeping his word.”


Next UFC Fights Booked for Thiago Silva, Rashad Evans, Mac Danzig?

(Remember this? Because Houston Alexander doesn’t…)

According to an interview on (translated into English here), undefeated light heavyweight Thiago Silva claims he’ll be fighting Rashad Evans on May 24th. Excellent news, considering that we were just wondering when Silva was going to get another fight, and Evans could really use a definitive beat-down. On Rashad and the rest of the UFC’s LH division, Silva said:

I wanna continue unbeaten, that’s my goal. I know he likes to get down and work on ground n’ pound. He has a heavy hand too, but nothing that scares me. I’ll work on a better way to defeat him, because I wanna fight for the UFC belt this year…There’s a lot of guys that I would like to fight in UFC, but I think I would [like] to fight against Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell, because they like an exchanging fight.

Silva, a former member of the famed Chute Boxe academy, also stated that he’ll be joining the Florida-based American Top Team outfit at the end of the month, where he’ll get to roll with such MMA heavy-hitters as Denis Kang, Jeff Monson, Gesias Cavalcante, Marcus Maximus Aurelio, and Alessio Sakara.

In other news, TUF 6 winner Mac Danzig has been booked to face Mark Bocek at UFC 84, according to The Fight Network. The event goes down April 19 at the Bell Centre in Montreal; it’s been rumored that Rich Franklin and Mauricio Rua will also be on the card, but so far only the Serra/St. Pierre main event seems to be officially confirmed. Bocek, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist from Toronto, had a 4-0 record before entering the UFC, where he suffered a TKO loss to Frankie Edgar at UFC 73 in July, then won a decision against Doug Evans during the undercard of UFC 79: “Nemesis.” In other words, the guy’s no pushover, but he’s about as inexperienced as the rest of the reality show jokers that Mac had to dispose of on The Ultimate Fighter, and the fightin’ vegan should have no problem turning his first UFC lightweight match into a victory.


Matt Hughes in Los Angeles

Matt Hughes

Literary giant Matt Hughes is in Los Angeles this week hawking his autobiography “Matt Hughes – Made in America”. I caught his interview on the Mark and Brian show over at 95.5 KLOS this morning, where Hughes chatted about having “farmboy strength”, his kids, his allegedly hot wife, eating carbs, and his future plans. While nothing in this interview blew my skirt up, hard-core Hughes fans might want to check out the podcast when it goes on line – most likely later this week. Matt also took calls from listeners and dished out sage advice, like this piece of wisdom to one 14-year-old aspiring fighter:

“Never take a fight you don’t think you can win.”

Um, no shit. Guess that’s his farmboy smarts coming into play. The former champ also confirmed again that he will fight for another year or two, but is taking some time off right now. If you do check out the podcast, be ready to cringe at Mark and Brian’s idea of witty, as well as their absolute zero knowledge of the sport.


UFC Cuts More Fighters


Over at ProElite there’s a list of additional fighters on the losing end of the “TUF 6” stick that have been cut by the UFC. We mentioned Richie Hightower and Dorian Price already. Joining them are John Kolosci, Paul Georgieff, Dan Barrera, Blake Bowman and Billy Miles. ProElite states:

This is a large amount of cuts so close after a TUF season has ended. The combination between casting inexperienced fighters coupled with welterweight being the UFC’s deepest division is the likely reason behind the high number of cuts.

Hightower was a quarter-finalist and his agent, Ken Pavia (there he is again), has stated that Richie will be back and it seems the plan is for him to go get some quality fights under his belt at 170 – he used to fight at 240 – and then try to come back to the UFC. It didn’t take long to find a home, because Hightower has already signed with the Palace Fighting Championship joint in California.


Exclusive Video Interview With Joanne of the MMA Girls


If you’re a regular CagePotato reader, you probably know about our savage crush on Joanne of the MMA Girls, whose UFC prediction videos and girl-on-girl training clips never fail to make us feel light-headed. Well check this: We e-mailed Joanne a bunch of questions to get to know the girl behind the teddy-bear, and she was cool enough to answer them all in video form. You already know that she’s an ace when it comes to predicting fights — now get ready to learn about where she likes to party in Orlando, her hard times as a Domino’s Pizza order-taker, and what she would do to Angelina Jolie if given the chance. Come on…you know you want to click that play button.

Thanks again to Joanne and the MMA Girls crew! For more good stuff, check out: — their official page — be their “friend” and check out more pics of the girls
MMA Girls on — the latest vids, all in one place


This Bud’s For UFC

(It was either this or a picture of a beer bottle.)

Just two weeks after the UFC debuted its first big-name sponsor, with Harley Davidson taking the center of the Octagon at “Nemesis,” MMAPayout reports that a sponsorship deal with Budweiser may be close to being finalized. From Adam Swift’s report:

Negotiations reportedly began as part of the UFC’s negotiations with CBS. Once the CBS deal stalled, conversations continued between the UFC, Budweiser, and Spike TV…UFC President Dana White has been adamant in recent media appearances that the company is on the verge of landing several blue chip sponsors. Budweiser, on the heels of Harley-Davidson, would certainly fit that bill and silence much of the criticism directed at the UFC for its failure to lure mainstream sponsors.

The collapse of the CBS deal is a gut-shot, to be sure, but a sponsorship from the King of Beers would be a fantastic consolation prize, considering that the UFC will remain ghettoized to some extent as long as its biggest sponsors are Xyience and Mickey’s Malt Liquor. It’s understandable that large corporations would want to take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to associating themselves with blood-sports, but there’s no denying the UFC’s reach among young men. On the other side of the coin, a Bud sponsor in the UFC’s corner would probably give them more juice the next time they try to negotiate with a television network. As the biggest name in MMA, the UFC deserves Budweiser. Let EliteXC have Mickey’s Big Mouth. As for the IFL? We’re thinking Natty Light.

By the way, those Bud girls at the top of this post may look hot now, but in 20 years they’ll look like this:



Week in Review: Don’t Like the ‘Roids, but the ‘Roids Like Me


— The UFC went on a frantic fight-booking spree.

— We played an extremely respectful game of FMK.

Rob Emerson and Melvin Guillard had a contest to see who could be the biggest douchebag on Earth. Rob won, but just barely.

Ali Sonoma got even hotter.

Shamrock vs. Shamrock is definitely happening…eventually.

— We questioned the credentials of Quinton Jackson and Shawn Tompkins.

— We gave props to fighters with good musical taste.

Roy Nelson and Kendall Grove had a lot of interesting things to say about the IFL’s organizational problems and weed, respectively.


Knockout of the Day: Anthony Johnson vs. Chad Reiner

Okay, so Tommy Speer’s next opponent isn’t a total can. In fact, Anthony Johnson looked pretty damn promising in his Octagon debut at Ultimate Fight Night 10 (6/12/07), disposing of Chad Reiner with a 13-second knockout that should have made it onto our list. Reiner left the UFC directly after this fight and has since gone 3-0 in smaller shows.


Tommy Speer to Return at UFC Fight Night?


Building on an already impressive card that includes fights between Stephan Bonnar and Matt Hamill, as well as Kenny Florian versus Joe Lauzon, the word is that April 2′s Ultimate Fight Night 13 will include the first post-TUF appearance by finalist Tommy Speer. He’s expected to fight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (4-1, 1-1 UFC), a 23-year-old Californian whose last fight was a submission loss to Rich Clementi at UFC 76. Similar to the Alexander/Irvin situation, this matchup seems set up to develop Speer and get the farmboy an impressive win. Johnson has never won a fight by submission, and shouldn’t throw Speer anything on the ground that he can’t handle.

Elsewhere in the UFC…