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The 10 Greatest UFC Events of All Time (#10-6)

The UFC’s first 132 events have given us over 15 years worth of legendary battles, shocking finishes, and historic debuts. With UFC 100 coming up on July 11th, we decided to do some digging and pick out the 10 most monumental events of all time. So join us as we step into the way-back machine…


#10: UFC 13: Ultimate Force
5/30/97; Augusta, Georgia

Notable fights: Tito Ortiz vs. Wes Albritton, Randy Couture vs. Tony Halme, Randy Couture vs. Steven Graham, Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbott 
Lowdown: It may have seemed like just another night of cage-fighting at the time, but we now look back on "Ultimate Force" as the event that gave us the debuts of three enduring legends: Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and Joe Rogan. In addition to the main-event slugfest between Vitor Belfort and Tank Abbott (which the Phenom won by TKO in 53 seconds), Lucky #13 featured a four-man "lightweight" tournament for fighters below 200 pounds, and a heavyweight bracket for 200+ pounders

Just 22 years old at the time, Tito Ortiz made it to the lightweight finals after crushing Wes Albritton with ground-and-pound in a show-opening alternate bout; unfortunately, he later succumbed to a guillotine choke by tournament winner Guy Mezger. Randy Couture was more successful. The former collegiate wrestling standout and U.S. Olympic team alternate swept the heavyweight tourney by choking out Tony Halme and stopping Steven Graham via strikes. And yes, the dude from NewsRadio was handling backstage interview duty — who knew he’d turn out to be the most insightful and entertaining commentator in the sport?


Videos: Tito Ortiz Talks Future Plans, UFC 101 Preview + More

(MMA Fanhouse)

In this installment of the Tito Ortiz Talks About All the Cool Stuff He’s Got Planned, None of Which Will Actually Happen Show, the Huntington Beach Bad Boy discusses the fight league he’s not starting with Strikeforce called Punishment Fighting Championship, and his not close-to-finalized fight deal with Strikeforce. Honestly, we hate posting these Tito-related non-stories, but maybe some of you are interested in his continuing plunge into irrelevance. Anybody?

After the jump: A flashy little trailer for UFC 101, and a new career-spanning Dan Henderson highlight reel from Machinemen.


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ktfo on "Bob Sapp Re-Evaluates Life After Breaking Toilet": yup, you know its fake cause bob sapp won

El Famous Burrito on "Lee Murray Breathes The Air of a Free Man For a Few Fleeting Moments": Of course they didn’t go for that trade. It was complete shit. England has to sweeten the deal: Lee Murray for Mohamed Karbouzi + 2 terrorist prospects to be named later. I hear there’s this kid in Uzbekistan with a 100-mph Molotov Cocktail Curveball.

Kevin Marshall on "Lee Murray Breathes The Air of a Free Man For a Few Fleeting Moments": @UFC fan
"and we give a fuck…whyyyyyy?"

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Jon Jones Doesn’t Think Lyoto Machida Is Christ or Bruce Lee

Jon Jones Andre Gusmao UFC MMA
(Bones puts a hurtin’ on Andre Gusmao at UFC 87. Photo courtesy of MSNBC.)

Saying you have Anderson Silva figured out? Old and busted. Saying you have Lyoto Machida figured out? New hotness. In a recent interview with USA Today (via MMA Mania), undefeated light-heavyweight prospect Jon Jones flexed his trash-talk muscle for the first time:

“I think Machida is getting a lot of hype, and I know he has lots of big wins over a lot of big fighters, and a lot of experience over me. I don’t think he’s Christ; I think he’s very beatable. They’re looking at him and his karate like he’s Bruce Lee. He’s not Bruce Lee…I honestly believe that a great Muay Thai champion will beat a great karate fighter any day; it’s been proven on lots of occasions.

Frank Lester, Mike Ciesnolevicz, Tim Boetsch Released From the UFC

War Machine Frank Lester UFC MMA
(War Machine, Unidentified Mayhem Monkey, and Frank Lester: Worst game of FMK ever.)

It seems that an insane amount of heart doesn’t necessarily guarantee job security if you can’t win fights. After being choked out by Nick Osipczak at the Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale — which followed a TUF 9 run where he beat Kiel Reid and Dave Faulkner and lost twice to James WilksFrank Lester has been cut by the UFC. The Team Quest fighter’s pro record dropped to 3-3 after his most recent loss. Godspeed, young shadow-boxer.


Hot Models Prevent Ugly Scene at UFC Photoshoot

(Props: via MMA Mania)

Man, don’t you hate it when you’re partying at Rehab, just minding your own business, and you see your next opponent by the pool and you need a bunch of hot bikini models to hold you back? Such is the concept behind one of the photoshoots in the UFC’s new magazine (on newsstands now), and we have a feeling that Georges St. Pierre and Thiago Alves won’t be complaining about this particular promotional assignment. To be honest, GSP doesn’t seem too worked up during his staged run-in with Alves — he remains seated in his deck chair, and only requires one model to kind of half-heartedly restrain him — but the brief nipple tweak at 0:48-0:50 tells the real story: It’s time for war, mon ami.

Speaking of the UFC’s welterweight champ and #1 contender, these guys are seriously huge right now. During a UFC media conference call yesterday, Alves said he’s walking around at 191-192 pounds, and could be as much as 195 pounds when he steps into the Octagon on July 11th. GSP currently weighs about 188-190 pounds, and expects to weigh the same on fight day. Said St. Pierre: "I truly believe that in our sport, skill and technique always beat strength and size, so the guy who will win the fight is the better fighter, not the bigger guy."

After the jump: Michael "GQ Smoov" Bisping and Dan "They Made Me Put On This Sweater" Henderson have a tense staredown of their own.


Update: Roger Huerta to Spend His Last 15 Minutes in the UFC Being Smothered by Gray Maynard

Roger Huerta MMA UFC

Remember Roger Huerta? Mexican guy, lightweight, used to bang a lot of hot chicks? "El Matador," as he was known, hasn’t fought since a unanimous decision loss to Kenny Florian last August, due to a falling out with the UFC over a perceived lack of respect and a desire to pursue acting and modeling. (How’s that going, by the way?) Though a previous rumor that he was going to finish out his contract against Sean Sherk at UFC 97 turned out to be nothin’ but wind-piss, the word on the street now is that he’ll be facing undefeated lightweight contender Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 19 (September 16th, Oklahoma City).


Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva Score ESPY Nominations for ‘Best Fighter’

Lyoto Machida MMA UFC
(Click here to cast your vote for this guy. Or whoever you want. No pressure.)

Nominees for ESPN’s 2009 ESPY Awards have been announced, with two UFC fighters honored in the "Best Fighter" category. While Georges St. Pierre was MMA’s only representative last year — he was edged out by Floyd Mayweather Jr., who also won the award in 2007 — this time we have Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva going up against boxing champions Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao. Pac Man will probably take this thing in a landslide, but why not let your voice be heard by voting? Y’know, particularly for Machida, whose innovations in the sport and accomplishments over the last 12 months deserve to be recognized. The polls are open through July 11th, and the Sam Jackson-hosted awards ceremony goes down July 15th at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

No other MMA fighters are nominated for any of the other categories, which is a shame: Couldn’t they have given us some love for Best Upset (Frank Mir over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira), Best Coach (Greg Jackson) or Best Team (Team Kimbo)?


‘angry little feet’ Wins Lyoto Machida’s ‘Karate for MMA’ DVD Set; Round 3 of Pickoff Contest Starts Now!

UFC 100 MMA Brock Lesnar Georges St. Pierre Dan Henderson Michael Bisping Thiago Alves Frank Mir

With 32 total points — thanks to a dominant run during UFC 99 where he correctly picked the winners of every fight — CagePotato reader ‘angry little feet’ has come out on top in the combined UFC 99/TUF 9 Finale rounds of our Lyoto Machida pick-off contest, and has won the Dragon’s "Machida-Do Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" DVD set. Way to go, alf! If you didn’t get the e-mail we just sent you, hit us up at

Now for the rest of you losers: Our second set of the DVDs can be yours if you can outpick everyone else for UFC 100. The lineup is…


Sanchez and Stevenson Top TUF 9 Finale Payouts

Diego Sanchez UFC MMAJoe Stevenson MMA UFC
(Photos courtesy of

The UFC paid out $630,000 in disclosed salaries and bonuses for Saturday night’s Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale, according to figures released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Leading the list are Diego Sanchez — who took home an event-high $115,000 thanks to his Fight of the Night bonus and pack-leading to-show salary — and Joe Stevenson, who came in second place with $95,000. The numbers are below…

– Diego Sanchez: $115,000 (includes $45,000 win bonus and $25,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
– Joe Stevenson: $95,000 (includes $35,000 win bonus and $25,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
– Chris Lytle: $61,000 (includes $18,000 win bonus and $25,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
– Clay Guida: $48,000 (includes $25,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
– Nate Diaz: $45,000 (includes $25,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
– Jason Dent: $41,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus and $25,000 Submission of the Night bonus)
– Tomasz Drwal: $40,600 (includes $7,000 win bonus, $25,000 Knockout of the Night bonus, and 20% of Mike Ciesnolevicz’s to-show money [$1,600])
– Kevin Burns: $34,000 (includes $25,000 Fight of the Night bonus)