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Yoshihiro Akiyama: UFC 100′s New Guy

Yoshihiro Akiyama MMA UFC
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The UFC’s most epic event of the year isn’t really the time or place to trot out unfamiliar faces from regional leagues. And so we have another lonely edition of The New Guys, with only one fighter on the UFC 100 lineup who’s never competed in the UFC before. The good news is, he’s one of Japan’s biggest MMA superstars, and could make a serious dent in the UFC’s rising middleweight division. So without further ado…

?Experience: 12-1 record with 2 no-contests (10 wins by first-round stoppage), with multiple appearances in K-1 HERO’s, K-1 Dynamite!!, and DREAM. Holds notable victories over Denis Kang, Melvin Manhoef, and Kestutis Smirnovas. His only official loss came in his second MMA match against heavyweight kickboxer Jerome LeBanner, who significantly outweighed him. Akiyama most recently defeated Masanori Tonooka via armbar at DREAM.6 last September.

Will be fighting: Alan Belcher (14-5, 5-3 UFC)


UFC and Maxim Team Up to Find Next Octagon Girl

Edith Labelle Logan Stanton UFC ring girls
(The lovely Edith and Logan. Who needs Fabio to have a good time? Photo via MMA Mania.)

If all the fighter appearances, Hall of Fame inductions, grappling superfights, and Kimbo sightings aren’t enough of an incentive to check out the UFC Fan Expo (July 10+11, Mandalay Convention Center, Las Vegas), maybe this will convince you. From

It’s the Ultimate gig in the world of sports modeling, and when The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) decided to search for potential new Octagon Girls™, it reached out to the only magazine devoted to discovering new beauty around the world: Maxim, the largest young men’s lifestyle magazine in America. The result? A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for attendees of the UFC® Fan Expo™ to be on hand when the winner of the first-ever Maxim UFC® Octagon Girl™ Search is chosen at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, July 11th, just hours before the lights go down for the biggest event in mixed martial arts history, UFC 100.

‘Geriatric Peon’ and ‘PauloThiagoSilva’ Win Big in Arianny/Fabio Caption Contest of Doom

After 200+ entries, we’re proud to announce the winners in this week’s caption contest. Are you sitting down?

In first place, winning Greg Jackson/Kelly Crigger‘s new book The Stand Up Game is Geriatric Peon:
Example of dating rule number 1: If you want to know what the daughter looks like when she is older just look at the mother.

In second place, winning Ranger Up’s Team Sityodtong t-shirt is PauloThiagoSilva:
Goldberg: "Fabio with the clinch."
Rogan: "Yeah, this is NOT where Arianny wants to be."

And our runners-up, winning the soon-to-be outdated "Hall of Fame" t-shirt are…

Richard Tucker: "You know, Arianny, you and me aren’t that different. We both care about our appearance, and we’ve both fucked Josh Burkman."

Jugger: "There might have been a small amount of Vaseline applied, but it didn’t change the outcome."

Horror Fighter: The Dream freak show matches keep getting stranger and stranger.

If your name has been called, please e-mail your commenter name, real name, address, and shirt-size (if applicable) to Thanks to everyone who entered!


Michael Bisping Getting No Love From His Peers in Pre-Fight Predictions

(Props: MMA Connected)

Fighters who predict Dan Henderson will beat Michael Bisping, in the above video: Patrick Cote, Gray Maynard, Jon Fitch, Sean Sherk

Fighters who think it could go either way: Wanderlei Silva, Rashad Evans

Fighters who predict Michael Bisping will beat Dan Henderson: "…"   

Of course, when you stack the panel with American wrestlers, you’re bound to get a bias for one side. (I have a feeling that Dan Hardy and Paul Kelly see the fight differently.) But the general reality is, people think Bisping is going to get his ass kicked next weekend at UFC 100. According to MMA Moneyline, Bisping’s odds range from +180 at BetUS all the way to an alarming +240 at BetOnline. Sure, Hendo deserves to be the favorite — but an overwhelming one? I mean, Bisping could shock the world, right?

After the jump: Dan Henderson and Cyrille Diabate talk strategy for the Count.


Video: Catching Up With Anderson Silva

(Props: Sherdog via Bloody Elbow)

If there was a rivalry between Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva leading up to UFC 99, it’s clear that the Spider has no interest in keeping it alive. In this video interview shot at Black House, Anderson insists that his training of Rich Franklin before Ace’s fight with the Axe Murderer was a matter of timing, not revenge. At any rate, he’s got a more pressing issue at hand — preparation for his UFC 101 fight against Forrest Griffin. And can we expect to see Silva to make a run for the light-heavyweight belt if he gets past Griffin? For the thousandth time, no: "Lyoto is the champ, and I don’t have intention of fighting him…I’m Lyoto’s friend. I like him a lot, and I think it’s going to be hard for anyone to beat him. This is Karate’s era, not the normal Karate but Machida Karate." Also, he ain’t got no time for no haters: "Whoever has a mouth can say whatever they want…I’m not worried about what people are saying."


Keep Hope Alive With the ‘Buffer 360′ T-Shirt

(Props: via bismanfightclub.)

Planning on attending UFC 100? If so, we hope you’ve been practicing your Fedor chant. And if you haven’t yet planned your outfit, may we suggest this fetching Obama-inspired Bruce Buffer tee? Rumors of a possible "Buffer 360" at UFC 100 have spread like wildfire over the last few months; if we can hope hard enough and believe boldly enough, then maybe, just maybe, he’ll pull it off. Joe Rogan has claimed that if Buffer lands the full rotation during the event, he’ll shit his pants. What will you do?

(Buy the shirt here. And follow Mr. Buffer on Twitter here.)


Rampage Says He’s Fighting Rashad Evans in Memphis, Baby, In December

(Props: computercowboytv via FiveOunces.)

Allow us to translate for those who don’t speak jive:

Computer: Hey everybody, it’s Computer. You may remember me as the personal assistant from Three Six Mafia’s old reality show, Adventures in Hollyhood. I’m here with my friend Quinton Jackson. Quinton, would you like to say a few words?

Jackson: Hey guys, Rampage here. My friend Computer and I are from the Southern United States; you should already know what that implies. By the way, I punch people in their mouths. I know, it’s not really relevant to the conversation at hand, but I’m a little intoxicated, and it’s what I do.


Win ‘The Stand Up Game,’ Ranger Up’s Sityodtong Shirt In Our Fabio-Approved Caption Contest

Arianny Celeste MMA UFC Fabio

I know what you’re thinking: That’s just too much sexyness for me to handle; I must turn off my computer for a while and walk around the block until my head clears. And Fabio knows you’re thinking that too, and he’s cool with it.

Apparently, the above image was shot during an infomercial-taping for Fabio’s Healthy Planet Protein System, and since we just came into the possession of some very cool prizes, we’re using it as the basis of a caption contest this week.

First up, we’ve got a signed copy of Greg Jackson and Kelly Crigger‘s new book for Victory Belt, The Stand-Up Game, in which Jackson shares his arsenal of striking techniques and methods for developing game-plans; the book even includes a chapter on street-fighting. Also, we have Ranger Up‘s new Team Sityodtong tribute tee to give away. If you haven’t checked out RU’s shirts before, do yourself a favor.

Please submit your captions to the above picture in the comments section below by noon ET on Friday. The best one will get the book, the second best one will get the shirt, and any other runners-up that we deem worthy will get the Hall of Fame. Cool? Well, get goin’.

Jackson's MMA The Stand Up Game book 


Fight-Booking Alert: Diaz vs. Riggs, Swick vs. Kampmann

Nick Diaz Joe Riggs UFC 57Nick Diaz Joe Riggs UFC 57 MMA
(Photos courtesy of

According to a new report on FiveOuncesofPain, a welterweight rematch between Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs has been added to the undercard of Strikeforce’s "Carano vs. Cyborg" event (August 15th, San Jose). Due to the show’s main card featuring as many as three 25-minute matches — the historic headliner, the lightweight championship rematch between Josh Thomson and Gilbert Melendez, and the still-unconfirmed heavyweight title fight between Alistair Overeem and Brett Rogers — Diaz vs. Riggs II may not make the televised Showtime broadcast.

The two fighters first met at UFC 57 in February 2006, where Riggs won a unanimous decision; infamously, they continued their fight later that night at a hospital. Bad Boy and Diesel were both successful at "Lawler vs. Shields" earlier this month, with Diaz choking out Scott Smith and Riggs outlasting Phil Baroni. Considering their tense history and shared love of trash-talk, this should be a great one. No other matches have been confirmed for "Carano vs. Cyborg" besides the ones mentioned above, though Roger Gracie and Erin Toughill are expected to participate.


The 10 Greatest UFC Events of All Time (#10-6)

The UFC’s first 132 events have given us over 15 years worth of legendary battles, shocking finishes, and historic debuts. With UFC 100 coming up on July 11th, we decided to do some digging and pick out the 10 most monumental events of all time. So join us as we step into the way-back machine…


#10: UFC 13: Ultimate Force
5/30/97; Augusta, Georgia

Notable fights: Tito Ortiz vs. Wes Albritton, Randy Couture vs. Tony Halme, Randy Couture vs. Steven Graham, Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbott 
Lowdown: It may have seemed like just another night of cage-fighting at the time, but we now look back on "Ultimate Force" as the event that gave us the debuts of three enduring legends: Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and Joe Rogan. In addition to the main-event slugfest between Vitor Belfort and Tank Abbott (which the Phenom won by TKO in 53 seconds), Lucky #13 featured a four-man "lightweight" tournament for fighters below 200 pounds, and a heavyweight bracket for 200+ pounders

Just 22 years old at the time, Tito Ortiz made it to the lightweight finals after crushing Wes Albritton with ground-and-pound in a show-opening alternate bout; unfortunately, he later succumbed to a guillotine choke by tournament winner Guy Mezger. Randy Couture was more successful. The former collegiate wrestling standout and U.S. Olympic team alternate swept the heavyweight tourney by choking out Tony Halme and stopping Steven Graham via strikes. And yes, the dude from NewsRadio was handling backstage interview duty — who knew he’d turn out to be the most insightful and entertaining commentator in the sport?