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WEC Videos: Dana White Shocks His Sons, Urijah Faber Ain’t Skurred


You can pretty much skip past the first nine minutes of Dana White’s latest WEC blog, in which DW talks to reporters, puts on a seatbelt for the first time in his life ("It doesn’t feel good!"), bitches about his schedule to Coach Rashad Evans, and talks charity with Al Bernstein. The real important stuff comes at the end, where we get a closer look at Dana White as a father. Basically, he treats his sons like he treats his employees — busting their little balls and putting the shock pen on them when they’re not paying attention. (There’s a great "David After Dentist" moment at 9:12, where one of his boys says "I hate that shock pen! It scares the crap outta me! It feels like I’m a dead man now!") Anyway, those kids will grow up to be very well-adjusted, I’m sure of it.

After the jump: With all the nuthugging we’ve been doing on Mike Brown lately, you may have forgotten that there’s another guy in the main event of Sunday’s WEC show. In this video feature, Urijah Faber talks about his motivation to get revenge on Brownie and his preparation for their rematch. As for this gameplan this time out? "I may try to catch him with that same elbow again," Faber says.


Frank Trigg vs. Josh Koscheck On for UFC 103

Josh Koscheck MMA UFC

Sources have confirmed to MMA Junkie
that the rumored bout between returning welterweight contender Frank Trigg and perennial threat Josh Koscheck will indeed take place at UFC 103 (September 19th, Dallas); bout agreements have been sent out are expected to be signed shortly. Though his last two UFC appearances resulted in first-round rear-naked choke losses to Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre, Trigg is now on a four-fight win streak, including wins over Edwin Dewees and Falaniko Vitale. Koscheck is coming off an upset knockout loss against Paulo Thiago to UFC 95 in February, and needs a win to still be considered one of the best 170-pounders in the division.

UFC 103 will come just three days after UFC Fight Night 19 (September 16th, Oklahoma City), which will serve as a lead-in to the season premiere of For the Love of Kimbo.

In other fight-booking news…


Kimbo Slice in the UFC: First Look

Kimbo Slice UFC The Ultimate Fighter
(Props: "ZzFDKzZ" on the UG)

Holy crap, you guys…this is really happening.

TUF 10 is scheduled to premiere September 16th, directly following UFC Fight Night 19.


Bisping and Henderson to Fight for Middleweight Title Shot at UFC 100

(Relax, Mike — you can’t catch it just by touching him. Photo courtesy of

According to the Manchester Evening News, the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter: U.S vs. U.K. will be fighting for more than brgging rights during their clash at UFC 100.

Michael Bisping is aiming to be the first Briton to win an Ultimate Fighting Championship world title – and he could do it in front of a sell-out MEN Arena crowd. The 30-year-old from Clitheroe has been promised a shot at the mixed martial arts organisation’s middleweight crown if he comes through his clash with Dan Henderson in Las Vegas on July 11. "Michael will fight Henderson at UFC 100 in Vegas, and the winner will get a world title shot," a UFC spokesman said. "And if that winner is Michael, we intend to take the fight to Manchester, just down the road from where he lives.

Mauricio Rua Agrees to Take His Next Loss This Fall

Chuck Liddell Mauricio Rua MMA UFC
(Shogun‘s hands are so heavy, he can barely lift them by the end of round two. Photo courtesy of ESPN.)

Did all our hand-wringing change nothing? According to reports today from MMA Weekly and SuperLutas, Mauricio Rua has signed a bout agreement to be the first challenger for Lyoto Machida‘s light-heavyweight title, in a fight that will come sometime this fall — most likely at UFC 104 in Los Angeles. How official is this news? Well, the UFC hasn’t announced it yet, and Machida has only put a question mark over the photo of Rampage on his website. But it’s looking like a done deal, unless Machida has a crisis of conscience and refuses to sign his own bout agreement, on the grounds that all Shogun did to deserve a title shot was beat up two broken-down former champs who came in with an average age of 41.5. Unfortunately, Machida seems like one of those "I’ll fight whoever the UFC puts in front of me" type-guys, so there you go. Don’t hurt him too bad, Lyoto…


Videos: ‘UFC 99: The Comeback’ Preview, Faber vs. Krazy Horse

(Props: MMA Mania)

Rivalry is the over-arching theme in this in-depth video preview for UFC 99 (Cologne, Germany; June 13th). First we have Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva, with much being made of Franklin’s decision to train with Wandy’s anti-BFF, Anderson Silva. Ace considers the Axe Murderer to be just as dangerous now as he was in PRIDE, and looks forward to a stand-up war. Wanderlei just wants to get past Franklin so he can settle up with Anderson once and for all.

In a card that’s moderately stacked with names like Mirko Cro Cop, Cain Velasquez, Cheick Kongo, and Caol Uno, it’s suprising that Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy is being treated like the co-main event here. But these two got beef. Hardy thinks Davis is a fake Irishman, and Davis thinks Hardy is a douchebag with a stupid red mohawk. Will their combined hatred produce a Fight of the Night?

After the jump: Some vintage California Kid from December 2005, in honor of his rematch with Mike Brown being just nine days away


Yes, There Will Be a ‘UFC 2010 Undisputed’

Forrest Griffin UFC Undisputed 2009Georges St. Pierre UFC 2009 Undisputed

With UFC 2009 Undisputed an unqualified success both here and abroad, we won’t be seeing five year gaps between UFC video games anymore. Dana White announced at last night’s 2009 Video Game Awards on Spike that next year would see the release of UFC 2010 Undisputed — which gives THQ one year to add heel-hooks and gogoplatas to the game and figure out how to animate Clay Guida’s hair. Of course, there should be a new crop of fighters in the 2010 edition as well. For those of you who have been furiously playing UFC 2009 Undisputed since its release, what other improvements would you like to see?

If you’re curious, the video after the jump shows you how to construct Fedor Emelianenko in the game’s "Create a Fighter" mode — though maybe he’ll be an official playable character one of these years


The Ultimate Fighter 9.9 Recap: In Your Face

Michael Bisping Damarques Johnson MMA UFC TUF 9
("Back, and to the left…back, and to the left…")

With Jason Pierce pulled from the competition due to a combination of staph infection and bitchassness, Team USA needs to replace him with one of their eliminated welterweights. Mark Miller tells Dana White that he’s down to fight, but he has a broken nose ("It’s just a nose, I’m not getting any prettier"), and privately he wonders if he’s ready, since he hasn’t been able to train since his last fight. Frank Lester wants it bad, but his face is an absolute mess, with two black eyes, an aching nose, and a row of missing teeth.

Santino interrogates Pierce about why he isn’t fighting. Pierce claims that he totally tried to stay in the competition, but Dana looked at his leg and said he couldn’t fight — which is not exactly what happened, and the guys know it. Damarques thinks Pierce should be stripped of his TapouT gear. Lester furiously shadow-boxes.


With Machida on Top, Is the UFC’s Light-Heavyweight Division Still ‘Stacked’?

Lyoto Machida Rashad Evans UFC 98 MMA
(Lyoto may have put an entire weight class to sleep on Saturday. Photo courtesy of

Over the last couple years, we’ve heard the same lines repeated about the UFC’s marquee weight-class: The light-heavyweight division is freakin’ stacked. Eight or nine of the top ten 205′ers in the world live there. It’s a shark tank, where any fighter could be champion on any given day. But after Lyoto Machida dethroned Rashad Evans in a lopsided sparring clinic at UFC 98, it suddenly didn’t feel that way any more.

If Machida can defeat Quinton Jackson later this year — and there’s no reason to think he won’t, since Jackson’s increasingly one-dimensional boxing style is virtually tailor-made for Machida — he’ll establish an Anderson Silva-like dominance over the light-heavyweight division; the contenders in his weight class will appear relatively weak since nobody can touch him. Or maybe the UFC’s light-heavyweights really have gotten weaker. Let’s run it down…


Bizarre Call-Out of the Day: Mark Coleman Knows Lyoto Machida’s Weaknesses

Mark Coleman UFC MMA
(Photo courtesy of The Sun.)

Thanks to his befuddling style and tendency to make opponents look like total amateurs, Lyoto Machida has never been one of those guys who other fighters like to call out. But a champion needs contenders, and if Quinton Jackson can’t figure out how to beat the Dragon later this year, someone will need to step up. Enter Mark Coleman. LatestMMANews chatted with the UFC Hall of Famer following UFC 98 and passed along these quotes:

“I’ve been training hard with “the Cat” and I feel confident that I know what [Machida's] weaknesses are, and how I can exploit them should we meet in the cage. In my past fights I relied on my wrestling too much and it showed. Now I know that the key is good cardio and a sound stand up game, which I have now. I don’t think Machida has faced a wrestler of my caliber before and I think stylistically I match up with him perfectly…