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Matt Hughes Won’t Engage in Bowling-Related Hypotheticals

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Now that UFC 98 is only ten days away, it’s time to bring out the hard-hitting questions, like if Matt Hughes and Matt Serra were neighbors, and they were just regular guys and not fighters, would they get along, and who would win at bowling? That Pulitzer-worthy line of questioning came from ESPN: The Magazine‘s usually-capable Ryan Hockensmith (who maybe forgot that Serra already beat Hughes at bowling during a TUF 6 coaches’ challenge) at a press conference held yesterday, and while the Terror tried to see the humor in it — even suggesting a reality show based on the two Matts as neighbors, which I would totally watch — Hughes can’t be bothered. "Who cares who would win in bowling?" he says. "To be honest, whoever’s gonna win in bowling is whoever is luckier that day." Hockensmith had prepared a follow-up question about go-kart racing, but wisely kept it to himself.

More choice quotes from the press conference are after the jump, courtesy of MMA Mania


Even on Twitter, Dana White Is Kind of Abrasive

Dana White UFC Twitter
Reed Harris Twitter WEC
Yet another example of how Dana White’s personal style is different than that of other sports team/league owners: Here are the most recent Twitter updates from Dana White (yes, he has a personal account separate from the UFC’s official feed) and WEC general manager Reed Harris. Reed’s could have been written by any middle-aged father, while Dana’s could have been written by any tit-groping frat boy. And while most UFC fans don’t have a problem with that, several sports journalists have called Dana’s immature, hostile persona into question recently.

Tonight’s episode of ESPN E:60 (7 p.m.) delves deeper into the issue — who is this wild-ass motherfucker, and would the UFC be better off with an actual grown-up in charge? If you missed the preview, click here. And check out another excerpt from the show after the jump, where Dana lays into Tito Ortiz for being his first business mistake, and Tito claims he’s fought "some of the best world in the men…and beat ‘em!" Seriously.


Back at the Bottom, Gabriel Gonzaga Slated to Face Tuchscherer in August

Chris Tuchscherer Brock Lesnar MMA UFC 102
(Blonde ambition: Chris Tuchscherer with his road-dog Brock Lesnar. Photo courtesy of snbcmma.com.)

Though Gabriel Gonzaga is one of the most fearsome can-crushers in the sport, he has repeatedly struggled against high-level competition during his tenure in the UFC. Now coming off a knockout loss to Shane Carwin at UFC 96 — his third defeat in his last five fights — Gonzaga may be getting his "win or GTFO" matchup. MMA Weekly reports that "Napao" and UFC newcomer Chris Tuchscherer have agreed to face each other at UFC 102, which is scheduled for August 29th in Portland.


UFC 100 Poster: The Epic Version

UFC 100 poster
(Click image to see it up close.)

The original UFC 100 poster may have looked killer on its own, but that wasn’t good enough for lookoutawhale, who created this alternate version made up of poster images from past UFC events (as well as random photos of Tank Abbott and the Jim Brown/Bill Wallace commentary team that slipped in by accident). T-minus two months, people…


Tim Hague: UFC 98′s New Guy

Unlike recent UFC events that have featured a horde of fresh talent, there’s only going to be one unfamiliar face at UFC 98 later this month: King of the Cage heavyweight champion Tim "The Thrashing Machine" Hague, who will be appearing on the "Evans vs. Machida" undercard against leg-kick-artist Pat Barry. A native of Edmonton, Hague has built up a 9-1 record, with seven wins by stoppage within the first two rounds, and notable victories over Ruben "Warpath" Villareal and Sherman Pendergarst. He most recently competed at a Raw Combat event last October, where he avenged his sole career loss to Miodrag Petkovic. He’s also strong as hell. But judging from the above highlight reel — which actually shows Hague getting his ass kicked for the first 48 seconds — could he be too unseasoned to make an impression in the UFC?


Videos: DREAM ‘Super Hulk Tournament’ Promo, The Serravlog Takes Manhattan + More

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At least DREAM knows that their "Super Hulk Tournament" is a cartoonish freak show. Judging from the comic-book-style promotional clip shown above, they’re taking it about as seriously as we are. I don’t speak Japanese, but I was able to gather the following from context clues:

Minowaman is a big fan of Kinnikuman, and vice versa.
Hong Man Choi was relatively normal-sized as a child, but started to look like a Korean Rocky Dennis by the time he was a teenager.
Jose Canseco is a filthy Communist.
Jan Nortje is an ex-convict. If I had to guess, I’d say tax evasion.
— Like many Africans, Sokoudjou has the ability to speak to giraffes. His KO of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at PRIDE 33 was so beautiful it made Harrison Ford cry. (Ford is referred to here as "Indy Jones.")

After the jump: In the latest installment of Matt Serra‘s UFC 98 video blog, Matty does a media day in New York on two hours of sleep; as usual, Ray Longo is dragged along for comic relief. Also, Sean Sherk‘s workout at API is so intense we threw up just watching it.


The Santino Defranco ‘TUF 9′ Blog #5: Booze-Lag

Frank Lester The Ultimate Fighter UFC

In which Santino calls B.S. on Michael Bisping‘s jet-lag excuse, shares some insight on Frank Lester (pictured above, with jacked-up teeth), and hints that we’ll soon be seeing one of the biggest turncoat-acts in TUF history.


I am not so sure Captain Britania had suffered the amount of jet lag as he would lead us to believe. I mean, seriously, we had been filming for two to three weeks by that point and all the other coaches of the land of the rising Brit had figured out their sleeping schedules just fine. Booze-lag would be my assumption, as we had heard of him being in bars/clubs quite frequently from reputable sources…our coaches! Not all of them, but a couple. The best part of hearing about the head UK "piss-artist" (look it up as it has a different meaning in the UK as what you are thinking) is all the run-ins he had with our Jiu Jitsu coach, Pancho. Pancho, or Pantcho as he would end up spelling it (he’s right off the boat and doesn’t exactly have the best understanding of our language) got into a verbal joust with "Michael Bitchbing," as Pantcho would say, and almost got into a bit of a fist-a-cuffs exchange one night at a club.


Video: A Little Taste of Dana White on ESPN “E:60″

Here’s a preview of the segment ESPN’s "E:60" program put together on UFC president Dana White.  DW told Steve Cofield he expected it to be a hatchet job that portrays him as "a foul-mouthed lunatic," and judging from this clip he decided to battle that perception by swearing and talking about what an idiot Tito Ortiz is.  ESPN’s Tom Farrey tells MMA Fanhouse that it’s not intended as a Dana White takedown, even calling the UFC prez "fascinating."  Of course, they also interviewed Ortiz, Pat Miletich, and Loretta Hunt for this story, so it’s not going to be all positive.  As long as he gets out of there without calling the interviewer a pussy or questioning his sexual orientation, I’d say this has to be considered a success.  The show is scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 12.


Heads Up, Potato Nation: Commenter Registration Starts Now!

riot fight
(Can’t we all just get along?)

Ah, fighting. When it’s done by highly-skilled mixed martial artists in a regulated environment (or by bearded old people, like in the photo above), it can be divine. But when it’s done via the keyboards of Internet trolls in our comments sections, particularly when it distracts our regular readers from intelligent discourse — and especally when it’s done in all caps — it can be really fucking annoying and counter-productive. That’s why CagePotato has taken the long-overdue step of requiring commenters to register.

As you’ll see when you try to add comments to this, or any other post, you’ll be prompted to "Login or register to post comments." The process takes about 15 seconds, and it’ll be worth it, we hope. No more of this anonymous-poster bullshit, and if we don’t like you anymore, we’ll just block you. We hate to put restrictions of any kind on your enjoyment of CagePotato, but it seems inevitable that when you have a popular website, the idiots will eventually find you. To everyone that’s been with us for a long time, thanks so much for your patience.


Matt Serra UFC 98 Vlog #2: The Terra’s Trip to the Bahba

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Matt Serra gives us even more Long Island flava with this lastest installment of his videoblog, in which the Terror is tapped for a random drug test ("testin’ positive for espresso and marinara sauce"). But before he pisses in a cup, Serra has to make sure his fade looks tight n’ right at his barber shop, where the proprietor predicts an eight-second tapout victory for the hometown boy: "I say we take that awm back to New Yawk widdus." Later, Matt makes some appearances at his jiu-jitsu schools and runs into Pete Sell wearing the same shirt as he is, despite Sell’s efforts to make sure that wouldn’t happen. Finally, Matt explains that the videoblogs don’t show all his training, because Hughes "might have a computer in that barn of his." It’s probably a good thing the cameras are following Serra for this match instead of Hughes; we’re assuming that Serra’s colorful interactions are more entertaining than a week of Bible studies and hog-slopping.