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UFC 101 Video Hype: Forrest on Anderson, BJ on Kenny

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Coming off a painful loss against Rashad Evans in December, you’d think that Forrest Griffin would want a tune-up match before stepping into a another dangerous fight. Yet Griffin sees his meeting with Anderson Silva at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia) as "an opportunity to really test yourself, just as a person, as a man, as anything." Griffin’s gameplan will rely on some pace-pushing and "intelligent aggression." As for his chances against the Spider, Forrest is reliably humble: "Am I the guy to beat Anderson Silva? Why not? Somebody’s gotta do it. Might as well be me."

After the jump: BJ Penn discusses coming back after his own devastating loss, and says he should have poisoned Kenny Florian‘s food when he had the chance.


Rock-Bottom Alert: MMA Fighter Aaron Brink to Be Featured on ‘Intervention’

Aaron Brink Intervention Preview – Watch more Funny Videos


Aaron was a mixed martial arts champion, but at the height of his career he started working in adult films. Through the porn scene, Aaron was introduced to crystal meth. His daily habit took over and he lost both his film and fighting careers. He now spends his days using drugs and watching porn for hours on end, and his wife is at the end of her rope.

For the unfamiliar, Aaron Brink was a very promising heavyweight striker who fought at UFC 28 against Andrei Arlovski (who was also making his UFC debut that night) and was once paid $250,000 for beating Mike Bourke. For some reason he started doing porn just as he was finally getting his first decent win streak together, and unfortunately got into drugs. A contract with New Era Fighting that would have potentially paid him a cool million to beat Kimo Leopoldo never panned out, and he hasn’t fought since March 2007. His episode of Intervention (which you should be watching anyway) airs on A&E this coming Monday at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT. Video of the Brink/Arlovski fight is after the jump.


Videos: Grapplers Quest Superfights @ UFC Fan Expo

Last weekend, Grapplers Quest hosted a two-day submission grappling tournament at the UFC Fan Expo. Videos of the event’s headlining "superfights" were posted to their YouTube channel yesterday, and if you’re a fan of crazy, high-level, top-of-the-food chain jiu-jitsu, you need to check them out. Above: Shooto legend Rumina "Moon Wolf" Sato ties Cobra Kai instructor Ulysses Gomez into a knot. After the jump: UFC lightweight Joe Stevenson falls short against Bill "The Grill" Cooper, and EliteXC/Bellator vet Wilson Reis can’t quite figure out 22-time Grapplers Quest champ Jeff "Pipelayer" Glover. Also, a 49-pound feature that’s surely a Superfight in the eyes of their parents.


Fedor to the UFC? Not as Long as Contract Terms Are ‘Unacceptable’

In a new interview with Bas Rutten on “Inside MMA” Fedor Emelianenko talks about his toughest fights, his friendship with Josh Barnett, and whether he’ll eventually end up in the UFC, as Dana White has predicted.  Fedor seems like he’s in no hurry to sign on the dotted line, at least at the moment.  He calls the contract terms he’s been offered “unacceptable” and admits that he’d like to fight a big, “serious” guy like Brock Lesnar, though perhaps not enough to make himself an indentured servant to the UFC:

“At the present time, I don’t think so, I don’t think you’ll see me in the UFC, just because the terms, and the manner in which those terms are offered, are not acceptable today.”

Looks like the ball’s in your court, DW.  Do you make the man a better offer, or at least be a little nicer to him?  Or do you just wait him out and figure sooner or later he’ll have to sign unless he wants to drift off into irrelevance, which he may very well be willing to do?

After the jump, Josh Barnett answers some viewer emails and tells us the one thing he knows he can beat Fedor at: drinking contest.  Christ, how can you not love Barnett?     


‘SCM’ Wins Lyoto Machida ‘Karate for MMA’ Pickoff Contest by the Narrowest of Margins

UFC 100 poster Lesnar Mir GSP Alves Henderson Bisping

The UFC 100 installment of our pickoff contest came down to a two-man dogfight between SCM (aka 831 Son) and Arejay (aka RJeezy), who both produced scores of 17, picking every fight correctly except Coleman/Bonnar and Lawlor/Dollaway. As we wrote in the announcement of the contest’s final round:

In case of a tie, we’ll give the DVDs to the picker with the most 3-pointers (winner/method/round predicted correctly), though you should still tell us how long the shortest fight will last, in case the three-pointer thing is a tie as well.

SCM had four three-pointers, compared to Arejay’s three threes, meaning that SCM is the big winner, and will get a copy of Victory Belt’s "Machida-Do Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" 4-DVD box set. So, SCM, please e-mail with your address, and we’ll get the set right out to you. And props on predicting the length of the Lesnar/Mir fight within three seconds, even if it wasn’t the shortest fight of the night. Thanks to Victory Belt, and to everyone who played. You’re all winners in our book.


CagePotato Power Rankings Updated

Georges St. Pierre UFC MMA
(Photo courtesy of

In the wake of UFC 100 — and UFC 99, the TUF 9 finale, the Bellator finals, and the last Strikeforce show — we’ve updated the heavyweight, light-heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, lightweight, and pound-for-pound lists in our Power Rankings section. Some notable changes:

— Due to recent accomplishments, Georges St. Pierre supplants Fedor Emelianenko as the #1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Over the last two years, GSP has taken out Josh Koscheck, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, and Thiago Alves. In the same time frame, Fedor has beaten Matt Lindland (middleweight), Hong Man Choi (freak), Tim Sylvia (fat slob), and Andrei Arlovski (glass chin).

Urijah Faber and Thiago Alves fall out of the P4P top ten, while Jake Shields and Dan Henderson come in. I’d still give the #11 spot to Faber, with Gegard Mousasi directly behind him.

Diego Sanchez, Rich Franklin, Hector Lombard, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Nick Diaz enter the rankings, either for the first time or in new weight-classes. You’re welcome, guys.

Give ‘em a look and let us know what you think.


The Lyoto Machida “Karate for MMA” Pick-Off Contest: So How’d You Do? (Pt. 2)

Brock Lesnar Frank Mir UFC 100
("And another thing: I’m drinking Jose Cuervo tonight because Cazadores won’t pay me, and I’m going to see a matinee showing of Up tomorrow because fuck Tarantino." Photo courtesy of

Aside from Mark Coleman rising from the grave to win a decision over Stephan Bonnar, and Tom Lawlor punking CB Dollaway in 55 seconds, there weren’t many major surprises at UFC 100 — so we’re expecting some impressive scores for the final installment of our ongoing pick-off contest. If you kicked ass with your UFC 100 predictions, please share your total in the comments section below. We’ll be verifying the top scores soon and announcing the second winner of the Lyoto Machida "Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" DVD set in a couple days. Click here for a cheat sheet on the results, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Note to ‘PauloThiagoSilva’: We still have a Sityodtong t-shirt waiting for you, so hit us up at if you want it.


UFC 100: Liveblog of the Century

Brock Lesnar UFC 100 MMA Logan Stanton
(Uncontrollable giggling is probably not the reaction Brock had in mind when he got that tattoo. Photo courtesy of MMA Junkie.)

Maybe you’ve been a fan since Gerard Gordeau kicked Teila Tuli’s teeth into the second row. Maybe you’ve been a fan since Griffin and Bonnar threw down at the first TUF finale. Maybe you’re here because "UFC 100" has been a Trending Topic on Twitter all day. Whoever you are, we welcome you.

The menu for tonight: Brock Lesnar seeks Ultimate Validation against the man who humiliated him in his UFC debut. Georges St. Pierre meets the strongest, hungriest, scariest challenger of his title reign. Dan Henderson defends his country’s reputation against the British Invasion. A semi-famous blonde will hold a ring card and blow kisses to the camera. Smart-ass fans may or may not chant "Fedor!" after the final match. Minds will be blown, hearts will be broken, pants will be shat. Are you ready? Are you ready?

Round-by-round updates from the pay-per-view broadcast are after the jump. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest. Start stretching, Bruce


UFC 100 Undercard Results

Tom Lawlor UFC 100 Just Bleed
(Now all he needs to do is fight CB Dollaway with one boxing glove. Photo courtesy of the UFC 100: Weigh Ins set on Combat Lifestyle.)

Spoilers after the jump…


‘Rampage’ Jackson Nearly Impregnates Unsuspecting Male Fight Promoter

Quinton Rampage Jackson Dana White UFC 100
(The man must be stopped. Photo courtesy of the UFC 100: Weigh Ins set on Combat Lifestyle.)