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Gracie Who? The Bravo Breakdown: Ultimate Fight Night 24 Edition

Remember, kids: drugs are evil, and will only hold you back in life. (VidProps: TwisterEddie)

Ok, since you bitches obviously wanted to hear from Eddie B himself, he’s obliged you with this fifteen-minute analysis of the Twister from Saturday night. Some of you my find it of interest, since Eddie shouts out Rener and Ryron like everything is all Kool & the Gang, and he addresses that rumor that some of you have mentioned about this being a move from amateur wrestling, of all places. Honestly, now, submission wrestling? That’s just crazy talk.


The Gracie Breakdown: UFC Fight Night 24 Edition

If you think Twister is just a fun game to play drunk and naked, then #YouDontRoll.

In the interests of edifying our readers, we’d like to present you with the latest edition of the Gracie Breakdown.   We can’t have our readers being “that guy” that boos when fighters stop hitting each other and start rolling around on top of one another all gay and stuff.

True story: we overheard a guy at a bar explaining that the Gracie family is famous for their groundbreaking style of “Mexican wrestling.”  If you overhear someone drop a nugget of wisdom like that inside an establishment that shows UFC events *and* they serve alcohol, we recommend the following course of action:  buy that asshole a beer, buy one for yourself, and try to write down everything he says for the rest of the night.   Sure, you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime, but sometimes you owe it to yourself to sit on the beach and watch that moron pull up license plates and stingrays.
Anyways, watch Rener and Ryron analyze the historic Twister from UFN 24, then leave your newly-enlightened comments below.


‘UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis’ Aftermath Part 2: Tactics make a guest appearance.

“What’s wrong? You’re not upset about that whole ‘stand and bang’ thing, are you?”

Odds are good that last night’s fights didn’t play out exactly as you’d envisioned them. Whereas many thought the headliner would be decided by a strict adherence to fundamentals like boxing and wrestling, the allure of the card’s other fights was their potential for wild, unrestrained fisticuffs . Whether we simply expected a couple of slugfests based on previous fights or due to outright lies, last night’s competitors exercised some unexpected caution and took a more thoughtful approach to victory.


‘UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis’ Aftermath Part 1: Davis Wins In Un-Bonesman-like Fashion

Future champ? Pffff…Davis didn’t even have the courage to challenge a teammate after his victory.

Oh, fans, why do we do this to ourselves? We’ve been here so many times before, yet we never learn our lesson. We’ve declared the Brock Era, the Machida Era, and the Bones Era, but the only era we’re really in is one of unrealistic expectations. With his win over Lil’ Nog last night, Phil Davis extends his record to a perfect 9-0, with five of those victories coming in the past thirteen months, but it isn’t enough, is it? No, not when some of the most recognizable faces in the sport are created in 12 short episodes of reality tv. Not when Jon Jones violently takes the belt at the age of 23. Last night Phil Davis struggled with his takedowns. His standup still needs work. He failed to rag doll Nogueira and put him away with a freshly minted submission. He looked {gasp} like an evolving fighter.

Not long ago it would have been enough for an up and coming prospect just over two years into his career to take out a highly respected MMA veteran on the sport’s biggest stage, but that’s not the world we live in. Maybe there were just too many similarities between Davis and Jones to let the comparisons slide. They’re both young fighters with very impressive wrestling. They were both undefeated (yeah, screw that Hamill thing) headed into their last fight on short notice against a far more experienced Brazilian legend. Yeah, they even kind of look alike too. What we saw last night is that there’s only one Jon Jones, but that doesn’t mean “Mr. Wonderful” didn’t display the qualities that make a champion.