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TUF 11 Fighter Rich Attonito’s Guest Blog: Episode 3

Team Liddell fighter Rich Attonito returns again in the newest installment of his Cage Potato guest blog. Read on to find out what it’s like to have John Hackleman and Chuck Liddell whipping you into shape, and how a Jersey boy like Rich would have handled the beef between Jamie Yager and Nick Ring.

We were all called together for a big announcement and we waited patiently in the gym for the arrival of Dana, Chuck, and Tito. When I saw them make their way through the doors and towards us I knew that it was all business just by the way they were walking. I knew that something was up and by the looks of it, it didn’t look good. Tension in the air was thick. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong but I started to rewind my brain to see if I could think of anything I might have done that would get me in trouble. I felt like I was back in high school for a second.

Then Dana asked Chris Camozzi to step forward and delivered the terrible news. Chris had broken his jaw and was no longer able to continue in the competition. He was going home. It was like everyone in the room got kicked in the balls all at once. I felt horrible for him. Chris was one of my favorite guys in the house and I was sad to see him go. He earned his way into the house through a hard fought victory. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to have the opportunity you earned right in front of you, and then see it vanish just like that. Watching Chris leave the gym only reinforced how fragile this opportunity can be and made me feel very fortunate to be in the position I was in. The only question now was who were they going to bring back to replace him?


GIF: Chuck Liddell Suffers Another Mini-Stroke on the Set of TUF 11

(Props: Card on the UG)

Potato Nation, we’ve reached the point where those of us who care about Chuck Liddell’s health and well-being simply cannot, in good conscience, allow him to continue watching MMA fights. The strain is clearly too much for him. We’ve seen it in the past when Liddell has been cageside at UFC fights. We saw it again on last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter.” When Liddell gets caught up in the action of a fight, his neurological system momentarily shuts down and he staggers around like an old man who has been jolted from his recliner by a disturbing dream involving gays and the Korean War. I’m not sure what the exact medical term is for this, but it must be something that’s difficult to pronounce and potentially life-threatening.

What’s really alarming is, this latest seizure was brought on by a close, though not all that action-packed exhibition fight. Can you imagine what will happen if Liddell finds himself engrossed in a particularly competitive title fight? Why, there’d be nothing left at the end but a mohawk and a sweat-stained club shirt.


TUF 11 Fighter Rich Attonito’s Guest Blog: Episode 1

(Rich isn’t looking at you, tough guy. He’s looking through you.)

American Top Team fighter and New Jersey boy Rich Attonito is the latest “Ultimate Fighter” guest blogger for Cage Potato, following in a rich history that features former contestants such as Gerald Harris, Santino Defranco, and season eight winner Efrain Escudero. He’ll be giving us his thoughts and reaction to each episode, so make him feel welcome and remember to check back every Thursday for his inside take on things. To learn more about Rich, and to hear his pretty solid Schwarzenegger/Jersey Shore impressions, watch this short video.  If you missed his elimination fight last night, watch this.

It was 6.00 a.m. when I arrived curbside at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale. The sun was starting to rise and it was the start of another typically beautiful day in South Florida. However, I was about to embark upon an extraordinary journey far from typical. I hugged and kissed my wife goodbye, knowing I was not going to see her for six weeks if everything worked to plan.

Before I knew it the plane had taken off and I was watching the palm trees and beaches shrinking beneath me until they were out of sight. I arrived hours later in Las Vegas, where the sky was covered in dark clouds and rainy weather. I could see snow and cloud cover on the peaks of all the surrounding mountains. The continuous rain seemed to only get worse, creating small floods and soaking everything in sight. This is not the Las Vegas you see on the postcards. It reminded me of the weather I got used to for so many years growing up in New Jersey. I thought to myself that this was great fight weather; it put me in the mood to kick someone’s ass.


5 Important Tips For Mastering Your ‘Ultimate Fighter’ Audition

(Sometimes the difference between making the cut and staying home is all in how you wear your silly hat.)

The time has come once again for the UFC and Spike TV to scour the land in search of MMA fighters who want to be on a reality show and/or need a place to stay for a few weeks. I refer now, of course, to the open tryouts for season twelve of “The Ultimate Fighter” which, Spike announced today, will be held on April 1 at the Omni Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This time around the UFC is looking for lightweights and light heavyweights, and since our vast readership encompasses everyone from angry pre-pubescent boys to confused retirees who are still trying to figure out where the internet keeps its porn, we figured that somewhere in there we’ve got to have some readers who are aspiring UFC fighters. To help these special members of the Potato Nation achieve their dreams, we’d like to offer some tips for a successful TUF audition. You can thank us after you win that six-figure contract and weird cut glass trophy.

1. Have an Interesting Personal Story
If you haven’t noticed by now, reality TV producers are lazy. They don’t want to have to work too hard to figure out the angle on anything, so make it easy for them. Tell them all about your life of hardship and tragedy. Explain that you want to become a UFC fighter because you promised your dying mother you would. Mention the interesting/quirky job you have. Unless you work as a bouncer or bartender. Trust us, they’ve heard that one already. If all else fails, tell them that you think you might be gay. Or an alcoholic. Or a gay alcoholic. They won’t be able to resist putting you in that house.


Some Fun/Weird Facts About the TUF 11 Fighters

Spike TV has released the full roster of fighters for the eleventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” complete with this handy video to help you match faces to names. At the very least they’ve found some guys who look interesting – some in the sense that they have faces like old catcher’s mitts and so must be pretty tough, others in the sense that they just seem like colossal jerks (looking at you, Nick “The Promise” Ring).  But are any of them good enough to be prematurely declared the next Anderson Silva? Do any of them have the potential for complete psychological breakdown that Junie Browning brought to the show? And who, I ask you, will be their “Linderman”?

We don’t know the answers to any of those questions (despite being an MMA news source), but we did learn some interesting factoids about the guys from a press release sent out by Spike TV earlier today. For instance:


The Unpopular Opinion: Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz Are the Best Possible TUF 11 Coaches

(The over/under on how long it will take Chuck to remind Tito of the two times he mercilesssly kicked his ass? Twelve seconds.)

There are a lot of similarities between how I felt when I heard that Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell would coach the next season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” and how I felt when I found out there was no Santa Claus. In both cases, I was initially flooded with overwhelming grief. How could this be, I wondered. What kind of world are we living in? Just when I thought there was something to believe in – be it the promise that Liddell would bow out gracefully at Dana White’s insistence, or the promise that a fat, seemingly immortal man would invade my home in order to give me a Nintendo for getting good grades – it gets snatched away from me.

Those were dark days. Both times I responded by masking my pain with hard drug use and shoplifting, the latter of which, if you haven’t tried it, is a total rush and much easier to get away with when you’re eight years old. But after I got out of rehab and got my life back together, I came to see the positives in each situation. I started seeing them for what they were, instead of what they weren’t. And you know what I found? There’s ample reason to be grateful for this turn of events.

With the Santa situation, I eventually realized that I didn’t have to be good all the time to get presents from some omniscient being; I just had to not get caught by my parents or other authority figures. That really freed up my social life. With the TUF 11 situation, there are also some silver linings worth taking note of…


Hey Roy Nelson, There Is Such a Thing as Too Self-Deprecating

(Okay, that’s just mean. Props: MMA TKO)

If you couldn’t tell by his decision to use Weird Al Yankovic’s "Fat" as his entrance music, or by his constant, unpaid endorsements of Burger King, Roy Nelson is trying to use his corpulent physique to his advantage.  In a way, that’s smart.  If people are going to think of him as the UFC’s fat guy, he might as well embrace it the way Tito Ortiz has embraced being the UFC’s guy who just says stuff

But at a certain point all the jokes about your own shortcomings cease to be charmingly self-deprecating and begin to be a little annoying.  For example, take "Big Country’s" description of himself as "the official UFC suckmeter."  As he told Steve Cofield, "If you can’t get past me, you’ll get that call from Joe Silva saying you can’t fight no more."


Wild Speculation Time: Kimbo Slice’s “Next Step”

(You don’t dress for the job you have, you dress for the job you want: manager of an inner-city Boot Barn location. Everybody has a dream.)

The final episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" season ten, is just a few hours away, and the boys at Spike TV seem like they may be worried that there isn’t enough at stake to make you tune in for the full two-hour show.  To remedy that, they sent out a teaser email promising that Kimbo Slice‘s future will be "revealed" tonight, prompting us to wonder whether this is finally going to be the TUF episode where the guys encounter a gypsy woman on the road during the drive home from the gym and she tells everyone’s fortune by looking at globules of their spit on the pavement (bad news for Wes Sims, he drowns in the Bering Sea this March). 

To further pique our interest on the matter, Ferg himself had this to say:

"Now it’s time for the next step in my career. Everyone will see what that is tonight on Spike. …It’s gonna be good.  Watch the show tonight. You’ll see what’s next for me. All I can say is that somebody’s getting knocked out. …Everybody knows what my stronghold is.  People will be able to see me and judge for themselves."

The weird part is, we pretty much already know what Kimbo’s immediate future holds; he’s fighting Houston Alexander.  So what’s all this next step stuff?  Unless something else happens in tonight’s episode to guide Slice’s life down a dramatically different path.  Something totally insane… 


Kimbo Slice’s TUF Finale Opponent May Be MMA’s Worst Kept Secret

Kimbo Slice
(‘Look dog, I spent five hours baking this loaf of bread. Now you eatin’ it one way or another.’)

Spike TV and the UFC are still trying to play it close to the vest when it comes to who Kimbo Slice will be facing in his official Octagon debut at next weekend’s “Ultimate Fighter” finale. Too bad they’re the only ones concerned with keeping it under wraps. Slice already removed the element of surprise somewhat with a recent Twitter posting, but in an appearance on the “Todd N Tyler” radio show (via Bloody Elbow), Houston Alexander said several times that he’ll be taking on someone named Kevin Ferguson at the event. The hosts of the show naturally follow this statement up with a bunch of lame puns about Kimbo’s name, because they’re radio hosts and a certain number of lame puns per hour is required by their contracts.

In addition to telling us that he is the undisclosed first UFC opponent for Ferg, Alexander also insists that he’s “practicing boxing, takedown defense, it’s just crazy.” Man, that is crazy. It’s almost like he’s preparing for a fight with both stand-up and ground aspects. Though, Mr. Alexander, allow us to make a suggestion: kick him in the leg. Over and over again. The TUF editors have basically begged you to.


TUF 10’s Abe Wagner Has Irrefutable Proof That Matt Mitrione Is a Faker

He may not look like much.  He may have terrible takedown defense and he may speak in a monotone voice that makes him sound like a robot that is slowly running out of power.  But “Ultimate Fighter” season ten heavyweight Abe Wagner is one perceptive son of a bitch.  While everyone else in the house traded unfounded speculation about whether Matt Mitrione was faking the whole ‘hurt brain’ thing, Wagner did some sleuthing that turned up incontrovertible evidence, and he shares it with us in his Fight Magazine blog:

“I wasn’t personally very convinced of his head injury and thought he was continuing to play the game the way he had been up to this point. A prime reason why I felt that way was he came up to me eating peanut butter M&M’s and asked me if it was normal for them to be delicious or if his brain was really that messed up. This was obviously a joke because everyone knows that peanut butter M&M’s are delicious. In my experience people with real brain trauma have no humor; it just doesn’t occur to them. So that he was able to make jokes with me made me think that his head injury wasn’t in fact that bad.”

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution rests. 

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly scientific, but it’s still very difficult to argue with.  Who makes it all the way to adulthood without finding out that peanut butter M&M’s are delicious?  Some people learn it on the streets, some in an uncomfortable talk with their father, but by a certain age, everyone knows it.  Oddly though, his take on Mitrione and peanut butter M&M’s was somehow not the strangest moment in his post-episode blog.  No, that happened when he got around to discussing the chicken prank and its aftermath: