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Matt Mitrione Says He’s Not Crazy, But He Must Allow The World To Believe That He Is

Matt Mitrione Ultimate Fighter 10
(‘Anybody want to go throw some furniture off the overpass?’)

You might think that you know what Matt Mitrione is doing when you watch him on “The Ultimate Fighter,” but the truth is he is straight playin’ ya’ll.  That’s the message in his Fight Magazine blog, where he once again insists that nothing is as it seems in his world, and everything is done for a reason that only makes sense to him.  In the case of last night’s episode, the reason is purely for his own amusement, because his mind is too damn active to allow him to just sit around and act like a normal human being.  It’s a blessing and a curse, people:

As far as talking about voices in my head it was kind of a joke. Nobody here likes me so let’s see what I can do to freak out the camera people. I was going stir crazy. I had no other friends in the house at the time except for Darrill and I couldn’t really tell Darrill what I was doing at the time. It was my own personal joke. It was a way to keep myself entertained. I have a really active mind and I can’t sit around and stare at the other people in a house. I gotta stimulate myself. When I was in the cage and I told T and Rashad that I had a conversation with my wife in my head I was trying so hard not to laugh as I said it.


Exclusive: Dana White Talks UFC 104, Says Kimbo Slice Preferential Treatment Rumors Are “Crock of Shit” Interviews Dana White – Watch more Funny Videos

The last time Cage Potato sent one of our wily female correspondents to interview a UFC star, it very nearly ended in a sexual assault.  But undaunted, we decided to try again when we heard Dana White would be at the recent “Ultimate Fighter” tryouts, and fortunately for our enthusiastic young interviewer DW is no “Rampage” Jackson.  In this exclusive video interview the UFC prez calls accusations that the UFC gave Kimbo Slice preferential treatment a “crock of shit,” saying that Kimbo had his manager present at his TUF fight, which he claims isn’t necessarily all that special, but no entourage and certainly no phone calls home.  White blames it all on Roy Nelson, but “Big Country isn’t the only one singing that song.  As for his remarks about TUF not being over till it’s over, well, I think we all know what that means: Poppa Slice is going to get to bang again, eventually.

All this, plus commentary on UFC 104, Junie Browning’s departure from the UFC, and what prompted Jackson’s supposed retirement from the UFC in this exclusive video interview.  Enjoy.



Videos: Henderson Speaks, Natasha Wicks Sluts It Up For Halloween, + More

If you were hoping that Dan Henderson‘s contract negotiation breakdown with the UFC would lead him to abandon his patented understated, laconic style in favor of calling Dana White a stingy bastard and accusing Anderson Silva of shucking and ducking, you’re about to be disappointed.  In his latest interview, Hendo confirms DW’s characterization of the talks as having reached a stalemate, but says he still thinks he’s worth more and can get more than what the UFC is offering him, and dammit, come February he’s fighting somebody, somewhere.  Dan has a good point when he says he’s not too keen on seeing a guy who he beat, and who has never even fought as a middleweight in the UFC, jump ahead of everybody else for the title shot.  But hey, like Vitor Belfort already said, he’s just working from the neck down like everybody else in the UFC.

After the jump, Natasha Wicks tries on the five best/sluttiest Halloween costumes she can find, and "Rampage" Jackson puts in overtime busting Rashad Evans‘ balls on tonight’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter."


Tiki Ghosn: “We Can’t Fight For Them”

(Tiki vs. Robbie Lawler @ UFC 40, 11/22/02. What? He just got cut. And Rasputin just got a little wet.)

If you were listening closely during last night’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," you might have heard Team Rampage assistant coach Tiki Ghosn commiserating in the locker room with a frustrated "Rampage" Jackson after yet another loss.  Tiki doesn’t exactly seem like he’s in the kind of friendship with Jackson that would allow him to question the coaching strategies that led them to this point, so instead he joined in on the bitch session by throwing his hands up and saying, "We can’t fight for them." 

That’s true.  The only problem is, Tiki has never won a fight in the UFC.  Not once in his eleven-year, 11-7 career.  He’s had four fights in the Octagon and lost them all.  He’s never even made it into the third round of a UFC fight, if we want to get technical.  That’s not to say that he necessarily sucks.  He did beat pop sensation Genki Sudo in his pro debut, and he’s currently riding a two-fight win streak.  But lest Tiki be allowed to go around disparaging the abilities of the Team Rampage UFC hopefuls as if he’s some kind of future hall of famer, we thought a little Tiki Ghosn career primer was in order.  Enjoy.


“Rampage” Jackson Cries Editing Foul, Says Coaching Is Stupid Anyway

("What the hell he need the stool for?")

By now, anyone watching this season of “The Ultimate Fighter” has been forced to confront two questions: ‘Is “Rampage” Jackson the worst coach in the history of the show?’ and ‘Doesn’t that bother him?’  The former light heavyweight champ has been pretty mum about the show’s portrayal of him so far.  Instead he’s been busy feuding with Dana White and retiring from fighting in order to focus on his acting career, so it makes sense that he might not be sitting down with Tiki Ghosn and a bowl of popcorn every Wednesday to see how the show has turned out. 

But after last night’s episode again showed a disinterested ‘Page who can’t even be bothered to check on his unconscious fighter after the team’s fifth straight loss, Jackson took to his blog to issue a response:


Brock Lesnar No Longer Bothering to Make Any Sense At All

Brock Lesnar gym
(‘Oh, that? It’s an allegory for how we train around here. Or, wait, when it involves an animal does that make it a fable? Hold on, let’s ask Tuchscherer.’)

Sometimes I get the feeling that Brock Lesnar is actually a really smart, articulate guy, but he has a vicious sense of humor that makes him want to say the most ridiculous things he can think of just to see if anyone has the balls to call him out on it.  Chances are, no, they don’t.  So he just keeps talking and things keep getting weirder.  The latest such example comes from a Yahoo! Sports article that attempts to get inside Lesnar’s head by eating lunch with him at Subway.  Naturally, there’s all the usual smack talk about Shane Carwin’s lack of difficult opponents and that adorable little Division II national wrestling championship that he won.  But there’s also this bizarre quote when Lesnar gives his take on TUF 10′s recent Kimbo Slice-Roy Nelson fight:

"It looked like a couple of high school kids, a barroom brawl.  The fat biker dude took his vest off and put ranch dressing on his (chest)."

In a perfect world, the interviewer would have countered that statement by asking, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’  But sadly, ours is an aggressively imperfect world, so that probably didn’t happen.  Instead, we’ll go ahead and ask.  WTF, Brock?  What is that even supposed to mean?  Ranch dressing on his chest?  What kind of bars are you hanging out in, anyway?


Six Million People Watched Roy Nelson Beat Up Kimbo Slice

Roy Nelson punches Kimbo Slice
(Props: MMA TKO)

As expected, last night’s Kimbo Slice/Roy Nelson fight drew a record-breaking audience to Spike TV’s “Ultimate Fighter.”  While the entire hour averaged 5.3 million viewers, the actual fight portion of the show pulled in, according to the press release sent out by Spike, “a staggering 6.1 million viewers” for what was a predictable and not terribly exciting one-sided victory for “Big Country.”  That pummeling now holds the distinction of being the most watched UFC fight ever on Spike TV, so it sounds like somebody really does owe Nelson a Double Whopper with cheese.  And God help you if he finds a pickle on there.


Roy Nelson’s Twitter Is Trying To Tell Us Something…

Roy Nelson Twitter status

Judging by his Twitter updates, Roy Nelson is really looking forward to tonight’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," perhaps so much so that he’s willing to spoil it for all 180 of his followers (and oh yeah, CagePotatoMMA is among that lucky few).  So what exactly should we take from this cryptic missive?  Let’s see if we can deconstruct these three sentences and find out what it is "Big Country" is really trying to say:

- Roy’s reference to Babe Ruth — not the candy bar — is clearly an attempt to distract fans from his own physique by reminding them of a great athlete with an even less impressive body than his own.  It’s kind of the same trick that girls use when they surround themselves with hideously-dressed bridesmaids on their wedding day.


Faulty Comparison Alert: Elite XC’s Use of Kimbo Slice ? UFC’s Use of Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice The Ultimate Fighter
(In the sculpted chest hair battle, it’s already Kimbo: 1, Roy Nelson: 0)

If you were surprised how quickly Dana White changed his attitude about Kimbo Slice once the opportunity for the UFC to make money off the internet-brawler-turned-bread-getter presented itself, then congratulations, you have only just now discovered the sport of MMA, the UFC, and the business of fight promotion.  Welcome, we’re glad to have you.  Those of us who have been following this stuff in general, and Dana White specifically, saw this change of heart coming.

But over at Yahoo! Sports, Kevin Iole seems blown away by what he refers to as a “double standard” in the way the UFC is hyping Kimbo Slice.  Iole criticizes the UFC’s use of Slice for “exhibiting much the same behavior that Elite XC and promoter Gary Shaw were so roundly criticized for,” and also calls out White for giving Kimbo at least one more fight in the UFC after the show concludes, “regardless of the outcome of the show.”

On the surface, this seems like a valid criticism.  White used to say that the only way Kimbo would get in the UFC was to win a season of TUF.  Now it seems like it was enough just to show up.  But there’s still no comparison between how EliteXC pushed Slice and how the UFC is doing it.


Roy Nelson: What a Bully

What you see here is a video from the Grappler’s Quest IV 8-man absolute division tournament finals.  Roy Nelson got there by beating Frank Mir via points in the first round, then Brandon Vera via kneebar in the semis.  In the finals he met a very pumped up Diego Sanchez, and although Nelson’s cardio begins failing him about halfway through the match, his size and strength advantage helps him toss "The Nightmare" all over the mat, effectively negating Sanchez’s positive mental attitude with sheer burlyness. 

Remember, this was back in 2003.  That’s the same year Kimbo Slice began to get his internet brawl on.  Does it put things in perspective to remember that back when Kimbo was throwing haymakers against nightclub bouncers in somebody’s backyard, "Big Country" was running through a grappling tournament full of UFC fighters, despite getting so exhausted that the expression on his face alone made onlookers want to vomit?  Yeah, probably.  Kimbo may have gotten the equivalent of an online associates degree in grappling via his recent crash courses, but Roy has a goddamn doctorate in this stuff.

Just for the sake of contrast, check out the video after the jump.  If Nelson doesn’t get tomorrow night’s "Ultimate Fighter" match-up to the ground right away, Greg Jackson is going to end up wondering why he even bothers to come up with gameplans for these jokers.