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Culinary Union Rep Crashes NSAC Meeting Wed to Encourage Commission to Pass ‘MMA Bill of Rights’ in Nevada

(In their defense, though, only the ones that made offensive jokes on Twitter about rape and called into work sick with a cracked skull.)

A somewhat bizarre incident from today’s Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting occurred when Culinary Union research analyst and union campaign organizer Chris Serres addressed the governing body to ask them to consider passing an “MMA bill of rights,”¬†¬†similar to the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act.

Serres, whose union is currently embroiled in a publicized work and pay dispute with the Fertitta-owned Station Casinos in Las Vegas and has spearheaded several of the labor group’s smear campaigns against the promotion, spoke to the commission today under the guise that he was approached to do so by “an anonymous group of fighters and managers.” It’s more likely that the move was simply just another shot fired in the war between Unite Here! and the Fertittas.


Union in Labor Dispute With Fertitta-Owned Station Casinos Launches Formal Antitrust Complaint With FTC About Zuffa

(Apparently, you don’t f*ck with a union spurned.)

Culinary Workers Union Local 226 — the group that is battling Station Casinos to unionize its hotel and casino workers — launched a new salvo against the casino’s owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who also own a majority stake in the UFC and Strikeforce yesterday by firing off a letter of complaint to Federal Trade Commission Director Richard Feinstein in which they request that the FTC launch an investigation against Zuffa for what they deem as “a violation of anti-trust laws.”

According to the complaint, sent to today by the union, Zuffa’s practices of buying out the competition like they did with PRIDE, the WEC, WFA and Strikeforce, their institution of champion’s clauses, automatic contract renewal clauses and guaranteed first negotiation periods in fighters’ contracts, their control of fighter image and likeness rights in perpetuity and their refusal to co-promote all put artificial restraints on athlete movement, depress pay and stifle competition.


Six Likely Candidates for MMA Fighter Union President

“My thoughts concerning the state of Wisconsin repealing the collective bargaining rights of public employees? I’m glad you asked…”

Several recent, seemingly unrelated news stories in the MMA world have shared a common theme- unions. It’s the lobbying efforts of one union, Dana White insists, to blame for the UFC’s failure to gain a foothold in New York. And some pessimists credit a fear of unionized fighters–more than simple altruism–for Zuffa’s decision to provide accident insurance for its fighters. With all of the talk about a potential MMA Fighters Union, we took a moment to ponder who’s likely to throw their hat in the ring for union president…