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Medical Science Heals Urijah Faber’s Hand, Second-Graders Heal His Soul

As part of his ongoing attempt to Twitter the shit out of his recovery from a broken hand suffered in the WEC title fight with Mike Brown, former featherweight champ Urijah Faber recently posted pictures of his brand new working hand.  No more sickeningly crooked bones for “The California Kid.”  Now it’s just a few stitches and some painful memories.  Thanks, science. 

But lest his spirits get down after the decision loss followed by surgery and physical therapy, he got a ‘Get Well’ card from Mrs. Hilsabeck’s second-grade class.  Sweet, right?  But to the kid who wrote “You are the best!” right there in the middle – you just refuse to accept the updated rankings, don’t you?  Nothing but a bunch of nuthuggers in Mrs. Hilsabeck’s class.