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Blame Canada: Brock Lesnar Charged Thrice in Relation to Hunting Trip

brock hunting
(Hey amigo, don’t forget to bag the stool. I’ll be making salad as a side tonight.) 

One minute it’s an emergency NSAC meeting, and now this. Don’t worry folks, the charges facing former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will not affect his December 30th battle with Alistair Overeem at UFC 141, but Lesnar is now a fugitive in a country where sodomy is legal nonetheless. The charges aimed at Brock stem from a recent hunting trip he took to Alberta; I’ll let explain:

A recent hunting trip to Alberta has landed former WWE and Ultimate Fighting Champion Brock Lesnar in some trouble.

Fish and Wildlife officers confirmed the international celebrity has been charged with three counts in contravention to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Act.  The charges came before Medicine Hat Provincial Court Thursday morning and include improper affixation of tags, spoilage of skin and edible flesh and possession of a controlled animal.

Neither Lesnar, nor his co-accused Chad Stryker, appeared in person in court.  Their matter has been put over until January 19th.

Phew. At first, the charges don’t sound that bad. That is, until you consider the fact that the controlled animal in question was a Garthok.


UFC 129: ‘USA vs. Canada,’ All Over Again

UFC 129 poster Georges St-Pierre Jake Shields Jose Aldo Mark Hominick

UFC 129 lineup USA vs. Canada

Thanks to the handy flag icons on Wikipedia’s UFC 129 lineup page, I was just reminded that nine of the 12 bouts at this Saturday’s “St-Pierre vs. Shields” event — all seven prelims and two of the five main card fights — will be contested between an American and a Canadian. In that respect, it’s an unofficial sequel to UFC 58: USA vs. Canada, which took place on March 4th, 2006, in Las Vegas, and featured eight such fights. The Americans took that event 5-3, capped off by Rich Franklin’s dominant title defense against David Loiseau in the headliner. (Coincidentally, Georges St. Pierre and Mark Hominick were also on that card, scoring victories over BJ Penn and Yves Edwards.)

Now the Canadians have a chance to even the score on their home turf. So how will it shake out? Well, I might have a couple of opinions on the subject…