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A Fix For TUF 9 Is Right Under the UFC’s Nose

(High on the list of the last places you want to see Demian Maia: mounted on top of you.  Photo courtesy of NBC Sports.)

The UFC seems committed to offering the remaining “Ultimate Fighter” coaching spot to the winner of the Rich Franklin-Dan Henderson bout at UFC 93 this weekend, despite the fact that neither of them seem excited about getting the job, least of all Franklin.  That makes for not only an anti-climactic main event (just picture Franklin, if he wins, standing in the Octagon afterwards and making a face like your dad used to when you’d give him a tie for Christmas every year), but it’s also likely to carry over into making the inevitable season-ending coach fight into something of a bore.

The hell of it is, the solution to this problem is right in front of the UFC, and it’s Demian Maia.  He wants a shot at Michael Bisping, and probably wouldn’t mind the low pay and Vegas exile that comes with the coaching job.  What’s more, Bisping can’t seem to stop talking about Maia despite the fact that a fight with him isn’t on the horizon at the moment.  

Just check his comments to the UK’s Telegraph in a story published yesterday:

Rising star Damian Maia [sic], a submission expert with great striking skills, unbeaten in 10 fights, has been making loud noises within Bisping’s earshot.
“I don’t like the sound of those noises, and I will pacify him,” said Bisping. “Damian is a really nice guy, a gentleman and a sportsman. He wants to go as far as he can in this sport.  …A lot of people seem to want to call me out. I don’t want to sound arrogant but they get beaten or knocked out when they come up against me. Damian is a submission expert, but he won’t get me down, and he’ll get knocked out. He’ll just have to get to the back of the queue for now.”

Christmas with the Coutures

(Here comes the pain, Whoville.)

Yeah, that’s Randy and Kim Couture enjoying the hell out of themselves at their Christmas costume party.  Combat Lifestyle was there and captured the magic in a photo album you really should take a look at. 

While there is absolutely no way I can go to sleep tonight without having a nightmare about Randy the Grinch up there, I do have to admire his willingness to go all out and his attention to detail.  Not only did he do the whiskers, he did the creepy long eyelashes too.  That’s a man who is committed to his costume.  We also gotta give respect to Shawn Tompkins, who nailed the "dick in a box" thing perfectly…


The Natural’s Wife To Go Pro

(“My wife can kick your ass!”)

We already know that Kim Couture, nineteenth wife of champion Randy Couture and VP of Xtreme Couture, will be in an amateur fight this weekend that will roll on HDNet. Her opponent has now been named – Allison Clarkson. And what will Kim do for an encore? Go pro in April!

While on Fight Network Radio, the hottie chatted about an upcoming Portland, Oregon event where she will battle Jessica Cruz – also making her professional debut – on April 5th. The fight will be promoted by real estate agent/fighter Chael Sonnen and the Full Contact Fighting Federation. Also, Kim has recently said she wants to fight on a card with her husband, so we’ll see how that shapes up – hopefully not as some lame tag-team promotion. She first started fighting as a stress-reliever, but apparently she’s good at it:

“I run all of the businesses, so it’s a good stress-reliever for me,” she said. “After a hard day’s work, it’s great to relieve some stress and punch something.”