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UFC on FOX: An Historic Liveblog

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Alright Nation, we are on the brink of what is possibly the most important event in human history since ever.  We stress the word “possibly” in that sentence, so no silly hate mail about Steve Guttenberg inventing the bench press, or whatever.  And please, don’t talk to us about the historic impact of the so-called “moon landing”.  Everyone knows that the whole Apollo mission was filmed on a sound stage in Arizona.

This historic event will be broadcast live on a major network to a bajillion people, so it’s not even really a contest.  Two large men will fight for money and everyone and their Nana can watch; if Jesus shows up tonight in a tuxedo t-shirt we wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.  It’s such a huge deal that the UFC is basically giving Fox just the tip to see how it feels, airing just one fight off of a pretty sweet ten-fight lineup.

Come around and hang out with us for all the fights, because you know we’re going to have you covered, Nation.  Fights start at 4:45ET on Facebook and, the big-deal television show kicks off at 9ET.

Oh, and hit “Refresh” frequently, since everyone seems to tell people to do that.



UFC on FOX: 15 Things First-Time MMA Viewers Must Know About the Sport

(#6: Junior Dos Santos lives in fire, and has never owned a shirt.)

By Matt Saccaro

Have you seen the commercials for UFC on FOX but are new to the whole MMA thing? From rules to history to notable figures, there’s a lot that new fans need to know in order to better appreciate the sport and not sound like a complete “noob” during the fight this Saturday.

Some of this may seem complicated and intimidating, but it’s really not that hard to understand. So what do you need to know about MMA before you watch UFC on FOX?

Visit for a helpful primer on the sport and the “Velasquez vs. Dos Santos” event on FOX.


UFC 137 Press Conference Notes: ‘TUF Brazil’, UFC’s Hawaii Debut, Silva vs. Sonnen II + More

(“Don’t call me homey, brah.” “Don’t call me brah, homey.” / For more photos from the presser, visit

A lot of interesting developments coming out of yesterday’s “UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz” press conference…

— UFC President Dana White confirmed that the first international edition of The Ultimate Fighter will be in Brazil, not the Philippines as previously reported. White described TUF Brazil as “a done deal,” though other details, including its host and where it will take place, haven’t been locked down yet. The series will air in Brazil, and possibly on FUEL TV in North America. White also said that the UFC will be actively working on booking “as many [events] as we possibly can” in Brazil.

— Meanwhile, the UFC is also working on putting together their first event in Hawaii, which is slated for 2012, and could be held at an outdoor venue. In the past, the UFC had been hesitant to promote a show in Hawaii due to an exorbitant promoters’ tax the state required, but that situation was later “fixed”, and rumors of a UFC show at the Aloha Bowl have circulated for the past two years.

— While only the main event is guaranteed airtime during the one-hour UFC on FOX 1: Velasquez vs. Santos broadcast on November 12th, Dana White confirmed that the entire supporting card will be viewable on Facebook and Notably, that includes the possible #1 lightweight contender match between Clay Guida and Ben Henderson.


‘UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos’ TV Promo [VIDEO]

(Video props: JREYNOSO)

Does Cain Velasquez really deserve the title of “Baddest Man on the Planet,” previously vacated by Fedor Emelianenko? To make it official, he’ll have to defend his heavyweight title on November 12th in Anaheim against Junior Dos Santos, who has dominated a laundry list of contenders and veterans to get his title shot — and he’ll have to do it on network television. God damn, what a fight. And we appreciate the choice of music for the promo; they’re playing up the “MMA is the sport of Satan” angle, but, y’know, in a subtle way. Sorry Stemm, thine days are numbered.


Report: UFC Heading to San Jose for ‘Velasquez vs. Dos Santos’ in November

Cain Velasquez UFC MMA photos Junior Dos Santos
(The phrase “f*cked with the wrong Mexican” comes to mind. Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly)

Lorenzo Fertitta has revealed that Cain Velasquez‘s first heavyweight title defense against Junior Dos Santos is slated for UFC 138 (November 19th; HP Pavilion; San Jose, CA), according to a new LA Times report. It would be the UFC’s first event at the “Shark Tank,” which has been the longtime home-base for Strikeforce events. It’s a natural fit, considering Velasquez’s affiliation with San Jose’s American Kickboxing Academy.


Attention Gamblers: Junior Dos Santos Is a Slight Favorite Over Cain Velasquez

Junior Dos Santos Cain Velasquez UFC 131
(I’m only giving this face-off a 6 out of 10, since Velasquez didn’t have his championship belt with him, and his teammates weren’t in the background throwing middle-fingers at the crowd. Props:

With Cain Velasquez‘s shoulder injury taking him out of action for all of 2011 (so far), Junior Dos Santos was forced to keep busy with a coaching gig on The Ultimate Fighter and a #1 contender fight against Brock Lesnar Shane Carwin. Any number of misfortunes could have befallen Cigano in the interim, but he managed to keep his spot at the front of the line, and will face Velasquez later this year in the heavyweight title fight that should have happened all along. (By the way, Velasquez’s return on October 8th in Houston isn’t guaranteed yet, due to his health status.)

Between Velasquez’s long injury layoff and Junior’s outstanding body of work in the UFC — culminating with a three-round drubbing of Shane Carwin on Saturday that saw JDS out-strike and then out-wrestle Carwin — the oddsmakers are looking very kindly upon the Brazilian challenger. At this point, Dos Santos is a -120 favorite in the fight, compared to Velasquez at -110.