MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

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Catch the ‘UFC on FX 3′ Weigh-Ins Live Right Meow!

(You see this, right here? It’s like pedophilia gold, son.) 

The weigh-ins for tomorrow night’s UFC on FX 3 card kick off in just a few minutes, so join us after the jump for live results, won’t you? Featuring a rematch of the bodged flyweight tournament semifinal between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson, as well as a sure to be slugfest between Josh Neer and Mike Pyle, the UFC’s return to FX can only exceed our expectations, and might just become one of the sleeper cards of the year.

Bullshit hype aside, come check out the weigh-ins and see what happens.


Video Roundup: 2012 NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships

Hint: This guy does pretty well. Props: The Cornell Sun

Last night concluded the NCAA’s three day tournament for the 2012 D1 National Wrestling Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Given the success that dominant wrestlers have had in mixed martial arts, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be seeing a few of these guys in the cage at some point, so you might as well learn who last night’s big winners were. It’s MMA’s version of March Madness, without the annoying Hooter’s commercials (Unrelated, but why are you giving us that dejected look, Bellator?).

Perhaps the biggest winner from last night was Cornell’s Kyle Dake. The 157 pound Ivy League grappler became the first wrestler in NCAA history to win three national titles in three different weight classes, defeating Iowa’s Derek St. John, 4-1. Cornell would wind up finishing fourth in the team standings with 102.5 points, behind Iowa (107.5), Minnesota (117.5) and Penn State (142), who had already clinched the team title before last night’s finals.

If you want a list of full results, check here, then come back for the videos, courtesy of, after the jump.


Your Daily Dose of Awesome: Quinton Jackson’s PSA for BGD

Anyone who has kids can tell you that it seems no sooner are you finished shelling out a wad of cash on one-and-done Halloween costumes then you’re being bombarded with Christmas wish lists from those little money pits, chock-full of useless and annoying toys that you can neither afford nor should ever consider giving to a child if you are the least bit sane. And before we can even sit down to a nice Thanksgiving meal that eventually erupts into a heated argument over why they let Chaz Bono compete on Dancing With the Stars, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is here to remind us all that the gifts we do receive will likely be worse than even our pathetic standards could have predicted.


Video Roundup: Varner Smashes Jolly, Daley Defeats Fioravanti

Jamie Varner vs. Nate Jolly. Video Props:

In a move that would make Brett Favre proud, Jamie Varner has come out of retirement less than one month after retiring. Last night at XFC 14, Jamie Varner made his comeback fight (?) against 10-3 Tennessee prospect “Ladies Love” Nate Jolly. Seriously, that’s what the guy calls himself. And you thought we were delusional about our sex lives.

Before the fight, Jamie Varner told, “I know this guy is a very, very beatable guy. I’m bigger, I’m faster, I’m better in every position. I’m not too worried about what he brings to the table. If I go in there and perform to even half what I’m capable of, I should walk away with the W.” As you can see from the fight video, Jamie Varner was actually being pretty humble while assessing his opponent’s skills. After putting up nothing resembling a fight, Jolly was taken down and knocked out by the first punches that Varner landed.

It’s good to have you back, Jamie- even if most fans hadn’t even noticed that you left.


Video Roundup: UFC on Versus 4 Pre Fight Interviews

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Rick story, blatantly holding back his true feelings regarding Nate Marquardt.

In preparation for UFC on Versus 4 this Sunday night, Ariel Helwani has been busy interviewing fighters. Since you probably have a major concerns regarding his interviews, I’ll address it now: Nobody gets slapped. For those of you still here, Nate Marquardt and Rick Story don’t exactly speak highly of each other, Christian Morecraft talks beer and Black Sabbath and John Howard talks about the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup.

For more of Ariel Helwani, be sure to check out the pre-fight and post-fight shows on Versus Network, beginning at 8 PM ET and 11:30 PM ET, respectively. You’ll get analysis from Ariel, Todd Harris and Stephan Bonnar. You’ll also get a special appearance by our favorite reader (No, not Cheick Kongo). And also watch the other videos after the jump.


Video Roundup: DREAM 17: “Fight for Japan”

You know, stuff like this. Except moving

Last night, HDNet aired their footage from DREAM’s disaster benefit show, which took place last weekend. Most of you already know what to expect, as results were posted immediately after the event took place, but the fights are worth a quick look. During Aoki vs Clementi Frank Trigg generously guestimated that a half dozen fighters were mentioned as possible opponents for Shinya Aoki. To be fair, that’s about when we stopped paying attention to rumored opponents for Aoki as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have any videos from the bantamweight tournament semifinal matchups. If we find some we’ll get them up. Videos are after the jump.

All videos courtesy of Fight Video MMA:


Video Evidence: The Weekend’s Knockouts (Literal and Figurative), Plus People Talking

(Guess who’s coming to dinner? PicProps: Cagewriter)

A bit of a slow weekend for those of us out there with more refined tastes, as the K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 Final 16 pretty much dominated the scene. If striking is your bag, you’ll probably dig the video after the jump of some guy named Gago Drago knocking out some guy named Su Hawn Lee at that event. Pretty good scrap, there. On the MMA front, reports are all but confirming Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader will happen early next year and that after UFC 125 Antonio McKee might have to go to church and pray for the eternal soul of Jacob Volkmann.

Also after the jump, one more K-1 knockout, a short clip of Tim Hague handling Travis Wiuff at AMMA 5 north of the border, Arianny Celeste talks to an extremely creepy-voiced dude from MMA Digest, Evan Dunham shows off his scars and — in honor of his signing — a quick flashback to some of McKee’s best work.


Foreign People Wrestling – It’s So Hot Right Now

(Props to Yahoo’s Maggie Hendricks and the Dog’s Jordan Breen for the public Twitter convo that turned us on to the unadulterated awesomeness of Senegalese wrestling. Vid: YouTube/mbourencouleurs)

This just in from the CagePotato Fashion Desk: What’s the hottest trend for fall? Foreign people wrestling on exotic, faraway shores. Don’t believe us? Behold the above video, where two dudes in their underwear wrestle in the grass in a packed soccer stadium somewhere in Senegal. Do we have any idea what’s going on here? No. Do we know who these guys are or understand the rules? No. Does any of that matter? Absolutely not. When the guy allegedly named Papa Sow jacks up the guy named Paul Maurice with an insane Randleman-on-Fedor-style slam, that’s a language everyone understands.  Or maybe it’s Maurice who does the slamming, who cares?

When Papa Sow –– or Maurice — responds to the victory by sprinting across the turf into the arms of his crew while the crowd absolutely loses its fucking mind? That’s pretty awesome too.  Honestly though, those guys need some T-shirts with their area code printed on them if they want to be taken seriously as a fighter’s entourage. Be sure to stick around to the 1:40 mark for the slow-mo, back-and-forth replays of the takedown while the announce team breaks it all down. We assume whichever one is the Senegalese Joe Rogan is probably saying the guy in the black trunks should’ve used more leg kicks.

After the jump, a trailer for a (we think) legit documentary about what happens when a bunch of Bolivian peasant women stop being polite … and start a professional wrestling federation.


Chuck Liddell Discusses His Naked Workout Video on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

If you’re wondering why Reebok’s viral ad campaign of famous people working out in the nude featured two athletes (Chuck Liddell, Chad Ochocinco) and an actor (Dax Shepard), the answer is in this video from their appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  First of all, we all know that comedy comes in threes, so there’s that.  Second of all, somebody has to be articulate enough to carry the segment with Kimmel, so that’s where Shepard comes in. 

Face it, if you left the whole thing up to Liddell alone it’d be four minutes of short, mumbled sentences and at some point Kimmel would get frustrated and just flat-out demand to know what’s up with those weird jeans.  That’s why you bring an actor along, people.  He diffuses the situation and takes the pressure off you in his constant, cloying search for love and acceptance.  When an actor is unavailable, a puppy will work just as well and for the exact same reasons. 


At Least Naked Chuck Liddell Is In Good Company

(Some clever son of a bitch is still patting himself on the back for coming up with the title to this video.)

If you need a break from the constant James Toney news cycle, and yet also feel like you still have a lot of unanswered questions after the very disturbing Chuck Liddell naked workout video, boy have we ever got good news for you.  Our friend Steve Cofield, who is constantly scouring the internet for videos of nude male athletes, alerted us to this video of Chad Ochocinco (who non-football fans will remember as that dude who wanted to throw down with Anderson Silva) also working out in nothing but a pair of Reeboks. 

As far as getting people to talk about your low budget ads, this clearly works.  When it comes to actually getting me to purchase a pair of shoes, I can’t think of anything less effective.  Wait, yes I can.  They could have gotten Roy Nelson instead.