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Chuck Liddell Discusses His Naked Workout Video on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

If you’re wondering why Reebok’s viral ad campaign of famous people working out in the nude featured two athletes (Chuck Liddell, Chad Ochocinco) and an actor (Dax Shepard), the answer is in this video from their appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  First of all, we all know that comedy comes in threes, so there’s that.  Second of all, somebody has to be articulate enough to carry the segment with Kimmel, so that’s where Shepard comes in. 

Face it, if you left the whole thing up to Liddell alone it’d be four minutes of short, mumbled sentences and at some point Kimmel would get frustrated and just flat-out demand to know what’s up with those weird jeans.  That’s why you bring an actor along, people.  He diffuses the situation and takes the pressure off you in his constant, cloying search for love and acceptance.  When an actor is unavailable, a puppy will work just as well and for the exact same reasons. 


At Least Naked Chuck Liddell Is In Good Company

(Some clever son of a bitch is still patting himself on the back for coming up with the title to this video.)

If you need a break from the constant James Toney news cycle, and yet also feel like you still have a lot of unanswered questions after the very disturbing Chuck Liddell naked workout video, boy have we ever got good news for you.  Our friend Steve Cofield, who is constantly scouring the internet for videos of nude male athletes, alerted us to this video of Chad Ochocinco (who non-football fans will remember as that dude who wanted to throw down with Anderson Silva) also working out in nothing but a pair of Reeboks. 

As far as getting people to talk about your low budget ads, this clearly works.  When it comes to actually getting me to purchase a pair of shoes, I can’t think of anything less effective.  Wait, yes I can.  They could have gotten Roy Nelson instead.


Video: This Is How Matt Hughes Came Up, Yo

It should surprise no one to learn that Matt Hughes did a lot of scrapping with his twin brother Mark as a kid.  You put two country boys out on the farm with not much else to do, beating on one another is bound to become the primary source of entertainment.  But just to remove all doubt on the matter, Hughes posted this video of a Christmas morning in the Hughes household circa 1976 to his website. 

At first it’s just Mark and Matt and their older sister unwrapping presents in their pj’s, filled with all the bushy-headed amazement you might expect.  But that’s before some genius gave them various types of boxing gloves, presumably to protect their little hands from damage during the many fights that began erupting as soon as the boys learned to make fists.  The funny part is, watch how quickly a boxing match between the Hughes boys turns into a wrestling match.  It’s like they can’t help it.  Their parents don’t seem too concerned.  They don’t even step in to stop those strikes to the back of the head from Matt’s older sister.  Think of it as quality training for the hard years to come.


The MMA Minute: Volume Two

MMA Minute #2 – Watch more Funny Videos

Good news (for those of you who like watching a dude talk into a camera for short periods of time)! “The MMA Minute” is back for another episode, breaking down all the action from this busy weekend and giving you more insight than you probably needed into my personal life. This time I discuss which organization came out looking like the winner in the showdown between Strikeforce and the WEC, and then I more or less stare awkwardly into the camera until the strain of all the attention becomes too much for me and I burst into tears. That’s what it felt like anyway. Hope you enjoy it.


Video: Diego Sanchez Positive-Thinks His Way Through the UFC 107 Weigh-In

You know how you can tell that Diego Sanchez‘s eccentricity is not an act?  Skip to the 3:10 mark of Dana White’s weigh-in video blog and watch him psyching himself up before he gets on the scales.  Dude is still more than twenty-four hours away from the fight itself at this point, but there he is, gently swaying back and forth while shouting ‘Yes!’ to himself, oblivious to the presence of any other human beings.  Normal people — even normal people who get really into the vague platitudes of Tony Robbins — would probably choose to play it a little closer to the vest.  Maybe they’d just think ‘Yes!’ over and over to themselves, or perhaps mutter it very softly.  Not Diego.  Probably because being embarrassed of his own actions has never even occurred to him.

Also worth noting here is one of B.J. Penn‘s cornermen, who stands just behind Sanchez as he works himself into a frenzy, and at one point glances back at Penn as if to say, ‘You seeing this?’  And yeah, Penn sees it and seems thoroughly unimpressed.  I can’t wait to see who wins the race to the center of the Octagon. 


Diego Sanchez and BJ Penn Have Different Ways of Doing Things

We told you Diego Sanchez was a little bit weird, but you just wouldn’t believe us.  Maybe you’ll change your mind once you see his pre-UFC 107 video blog, in which he plays with an iguana to help his reflexes.  Not that we don’t respect his positive attitude.  I mean, the guy’s car breaks down on the side of the road and he breaks into song.  Although it’s still unclear how he turned that particular negative into a positive.  From what we can tell, it was pretty much all negative.  Sure, he got a ride in someone else’s Toyota Yaris, but those of us who have driven a Yaris know damn well that it’s basically one step up from those Flintstones cars, if that.  At least those things looked heavy enough that you didn’t have to worry about a strong wind sweeping you off the road.

After the jump, we give equal time to some of B.J. Penn‘s annoying thirty second videos.   Because editing stuff together is for haoles, bra.


UFC Highlight Videos: “Life in Technicolor,” “Lyoto Machida: The World Warrior”

(Props: CRE)

The best UFC highlight-reel of the week comes from BH, who has compiled some of the greatest Octagon moments of 2008-2009 (and Nick Diaz‘s 2007 PRIDE fight against Takanori Gomi, for some reason) — into this uplifting clip. Using Coldplay to soundtrack an MMA video is a risky move, but it actually works here, in a "Where the Hell Is Matt?" sort of way. From Akihiro Gono‘s legendary entrance at UFC 94 to the various disappointments of Chuck Liddell — it’s definitely worth a look.

After the jump: A Lyoto Machida-specific highlight reel from firelotus09. Just like Lyoto’s fights, the action doesn’t start right away; if you’re impatient, skip to the 1:43 mark and prepare to be Dragon’d.


Video Break: The Grappling Hour

Man, all this talk about boxers doing MMA is almost enough to make a fella forget about the ground game.  We’ve got the cure for that problem: a bunch of goddamn grappling videos.  Up first, Fedor Emelianenko flings Gegard Mousasi around just for fun.  After the jump, Demian Maia‘s jiu-jitsu highlights are an indispensable part of any grappling examination, Shinya Aoki has a quick one against Marcelo Garcia, plus more.


“Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz” Main Card Fight Videos

(Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock, round 1)

(Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock, round 2)

(Brett Rogers vs. Ron "Abongo" Humphrey)
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The 10 Fastest & Most Furious Knockouts of All Time: Herring vs. Nakao

knockout videos Fast & Furious KO fights Heath Herring Yoshihiro Nakao

#0: Heath Herring vs. Yoshihiro Nakao @ K-1 Premium 2005 Dynamite!! (12/31/05), 0 seconds

Who the hell knows what Yoshihiro Nakao was thinking when he planted a surprise smooch on Heath Herring before their fight at K-1’s 2005 New Year’s Eve show. (Maybe that the Texas Crazy Horse would become blinded by lust, leaving him unable to intelligently defend himself?) Unfortunately, not only is Herring “not gay,” but he resents the implication, and responds by punching Nakao right across his sweet, pillowy lips. Even if the match was ruled a no-contest, it’s still a KO at the 0:00 mark of round 1, earning it an honorary spot on our list of Fast & Furious knockouts. Not since the epic Gracie vs. Howard battle at UFC 3 had there been such a dramatic finish to a fight before it had even technically started. And the nickname “Kiss” still haunts Nakao to this day…